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  1. 1. SELF MASTERY: THINK BETTER, LIVE BETTER Paralysis by analysisBy Ryan Charles Reyes Who among you would like to be great? You cannot be great when you keep asking yourself average questions because it is given, when you ask your self average questions, you will give average answers. You want to be better? Then ask better questions because for sure, your mind will give you better answers. NOCHAMPIONHOWEVERGREATHEIS,CANENDURE,UNLESS THAT CHAMPION EXPERIENCES SOME SORT OF VICTORY.
  2. 2. SO WHERE TO START? GOAL SETTING The first and most important step is to set a goal for yourself. Here are some tips to make your goal more achievable instead of just a dream: example gym even if you read all the books , watched all the videos, but if you don’t flex that muscle there will be no progress. S – make it Specific. A good goal is very definite. i.e. Increase my barbell Snatch to bodyweight (90kg) by the end of the year. M – is for Measureable. Using my previous example, I have done that by setting a weight goal to beat. If I lift that weight I have accomplished my goal. A – is for Achievable. It would make little sense for me with my body type and experience with Olympic lifting, to try to beat the world record for my weight class at 187kg. R – is for Realistic. While an eventual goal of 1.5 times bodyweight may be achievable, for the next year it will be impossible. Hoever, my goal of a bodyweight snatch won’t be. T – is for Time based. By setting a deadline for your expectations you drastically increase your chances of success. THINK BETTER, LIVE BETTERBy Rico Ruiz  Most people are not aware of the importance of thinking better, gaining a better perspective, being in a positive state, as the main source of what eventually dictates the kind of life they will be living. At the end of the module, you will: 1. Be aware of the importance of their thoughts being the sole origin of their quality of life. 2. Be able to identify which of their dominant thoughts are shaping the life they are living currently. 3. Be able to shift these disempowering thoughts to empowering thoughts. Critical Mass!!! LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!
  3. 3. When we think of body language, or nonverbals, we think of how we judge and understand others. We tend to forget, though, the most important person we need to judge and understand... ourselves. This module provides some startling insights about body language that not only influence how others perceive us and how we perceive others, but also how we perceive ourselves in shaping our minds to think better, behave better and achieve greater in making our lives better BODY LANGUAGE By CK Agbayani SHAPING WHO YOU ARE AND WHO YOU CAN BECOME At the end of the module, you will: 1. Understand the importance of non verbal communication in effective leadership 2. Identify and understand different types of body language 3. Learn “power poses” that will help the participants be empowered in doing tasks in life and in GFI that will shape who they are in the future 1. Meet the world’s most advanced super computer: YOUR MIND. Establish the importance of the power of the human mind. 3. There are two types of wolf in our heads. EVIL WOLF : GOOD WOLF, which one wins? The one we feed the most 4. THE SHIFT: Shifting from disempowering though to empowering thoughts ask empowering questions to get empowering answers. 2. Thoughts become things Circumstances trigger thoughts Thoughts trigger feelings Actions determine outcomes. 5. THE LENS: We see the world not as how it is but by how we see it. Change your perspective Nothing has meaning except the meaning we connect to it. EMPOWERING THOUGHTS EMPOWERING FEELINGS EMPOWERING ACTIONS EMPOWERING RESULTS EMPOWERING LIFE DESTINY “UPANG ITO AY MAKAMIT MO MAGSIKAP KA, SIMULAN MO!!!!!!
  4. 4. A. Your body language shapes how you perceive others and yourself. Within less than a second, people make snap judgements or first impressions of who we are. Warmth and competence, account for about 80 percent of our overall evaluations of people and shape our emotions and behaviors toward them and vice versa. B. Your body language shapes your outcome C. Body language shapes who you are and who you can be “Our bodies change our minds, and our minds can change our behavior, and our behavior can change our outcomes.” 1. Your body language changes how you think and behave a. According to a research from Harvard University, your posture affects how confident you feel. We brought people into the lab and had them spit into a little vial to get baseline testosterone and cortisol levels. Then some of them would do high-power poses for two minutes and some 2. Your body language changes your outcome a. The high-power poses caused a decrease in cortisol of about 25 percent and an increase in testosterone of about 19%. The low-power poses increased cortisol about 17% and decreased testosterone about 10%. On the gambling task, 86% of the high-power posers chose to take the risk, compared with 60 percent of the low-power posers. Power posing has a significant role in empowering people to start simple and difficult tasks and responsibilities by faking it until you make it. 1. Complete the phrase “Act as if...” by answering with “I am ________.” Make sure that you describe a GFI achievement or goal. would do low-power poses for two minutes. Then we gave them $2 and the chance to roll a die and win $4. And we had them answer questions about how powerful they felt. After 15 to 17 minutes, we’d take a second saliva sample.
  5. 5. 2. Show the three (3) “2 Minute Power Poses”, including the best times to use them to perform specific tasks and duties in your GFI business This module aims to show the role of excuses in one’s journey towards success. This module covers a step-by- step guide towards identifying the natureof“excuses”andidentifying those that hinder growth and discover steps towards making progress and overcoming those excuses. At the end of the module, you will: 1. Identify different levels of excuses and its effect on the 3. Demonstrate and do the 2 Minute Power Posesthen say your “I AM” statements Excuses or Progress?By Judith Emily Tiamsim thinking process. 2. Analyze the quality of your excuses whether legitimate or illegitimate ones. 3. On Practical Application: Learn new ways on how to consistently challenge oneself to identify excuses and overcome them by creating habits for progress. A. The NATURE OF EXCUSES Excuses can be seductive. And when someone loads up an excuse with sophisticated sounding reasons, they seem so legitimate. B. EXCUSE-MAKING SKILLS
  6. 6. C. VIDEO watch?v=MzpWT66Km8E You will face challenges and hardships in life. There are no magical fixes. Are you willing to progress? Are you willing to move forward? Are you still going to live a life of EXCUSES? Are you choosing to live life on purpose to serve your Creator and be in service to many? EDITOR: J.B. SURITA LAY-OUT: GENELYN JAVIER We are all meant to shine as children! Let your LIGHT SHINE! Closing Activity: Face a partner, stand up and hold your sheet of excuses declaring to each other: NO MORE EXCUSES!!! I CHOOSE TO MOVE FORWARD!!!! EVENT PHOTOS