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  1. 1. Knowing What You Want to Have Without Any Idea Who You Want To Be BE DO HAVEBy Mr. CK Agbayani We all have dreams and goals we want to have. However, what if it turns out that you have everything but you’re not happy with who you’ve become? This module enables the participants to discover who and what they want to become, do and have in their lives and provide them a way to get what they want to have by focusing on getting who they want to become. At the end of the module, the students will: 1. Understand how we can get what we want to have by doing what we need to do – Become the person we want to be. 2. Discover all the things we want to HAVE and DO and the person we want to BE. 3. Declare who they want to BE in front of a live audience.
  2. 2. BE DO HAVE By Mr. CK Agbayani The BE, DO, HAVE Principle and BE, DO, HAVE vs DO, HAVE, BE vs HAVE, DO, BE Knowing What You Want to Have Without Any Idea Who You Want To Be Make a list of the following a. 35 things you want to HAVE before you leave this world b. 30 things you want to DO before you leave this world c. 30 things you want to BE before you leave this world 1. idealization 2. visualization 3. VERBALIZATION 4. MATERIALIZATION Formula for Success in Life BE x DO = have THINK ARE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WHO YOU ARE AND WHO YOU WANT TO BE... IS WHAT YOU DO. Who do you want to BE in the next 3 months? From your “BE, DO, HAVE List” , pick your Top 3 for each and declare it.
  3. 3. My Decisions, My Power Button! By Ms. Judith Emily Tiamsim There are always options given and decisions made on a daily basis. This module aims to show the correlation between an individual’s emotional state and the capacity to make powerful decisions, thus will affect results. It will also show key steps on how to turn one’s power button (the capacity to decide) to be able to live in accordance to one’s highest principles and values and achieve the results that you want--- even in the midst of challenges. It aims to address concerns such as: How can I still make a powerful decision even when I am in crisis? How can I be energized even when I’m in a negative situation? Key steps on turning one’s power button on include the following: 1) Be committed to an “empowering state” you want to experience daily. 2) Listing down of Personal Development Goals (and other types of goals as homework) and 3) Timeline for each goal. The session will be concluded by working on the goals and timeline through scrap book creation and an accountability agreement for follow-through. How do I turn it on or when is it turned off? In moments of decision is your destiny shaped. AT THE END OF THE MODULE, YOU will: A. Understand the role of decision-making in achieving what they want B. Be given practical steps in turning the power button on even during challenging situations C. Discover strategies on conditioning oneself to be on an empowered state daily to be able to make powerful decisions D. Identify an approach to follow-through and achieve what one is committed to accomplish A. Intro a short clip of Liz Murray’s Breaking Point of Decision-Making (From Homeless to Harvard)
  4. 4. B. Introduce the role of powerful decision- making by showing principles the principles behind (such as being on a daily empowered state- power button on) and how one can access them C. Activites: 1. Writing Exercise 2. Scrapbook Construction DECIDE WHAT YOU TRULY WANT. • Students will make a list of their personal development goals. • Each goal will be written down on each neon strip glued on their page. • Under each goal will be the time frame as to when do they want to achieve it. • They will have to note down what type of state they are committed to be to be able to achieve it (for ex. dynamic, happy, generous, etc) • Students will be asked to share the experience. • Make a list of STATES you are committed to experiencing daily • Create a sentence next to each describing how you will be doing it (one-liners) • Students will be asked to share and there will be facilitation during the shares. Materials needed: “post- it” or neon strips for all students, glue, cut-outs of a clock . My Decisions, My Power Button! By Ms. Judith Emily Tiamsim
  5. 5. 3. Follow-through I. Evaluation: II. Duration: Accountability commitment, at the end of their scrapbook/page, they will write down the name of the person whom they are accountable for in realizing all these goals. IF that person is present, he/she can ask the person to sign the page. This module covers once again, basic and simple definitions or insights of big words such as SUCCESS, GOALS and PURPOSE, to help us answer that question and give better meaning and fulfillment to our journey in life. Outcomes will be measured through shares and the accountability agreements with the students’ agreeing partner. Follow-throughs will be given via OTE community fanpage as well. OVERVIEW: We will be attempting to answer this profound question How long will each segment of your session take? Introduction of principles- 10 minutes Writing Activity- 10 minutes Scrapbook Construction – 10 minutes My Decisions, My Power Button! By Ms. Judith Emily Tiamsim I MATTER: MY PATH MY PURPOSE By Mr. Mike Yulo At the end of this module it is our hope that you: 1. Discover what SUCCESS means and actually elevate their standards about it 2. Will be aware of the clear difference between a GOAL and a PURPOSE 3. Discover your purpose in wanting and doing things 4. On practical application, make your goals, plans and actions more significant by the clarity of your purpose, or teason by asking WHY they want to accomplish and do these things 5. Congruence between what they want, why they want it and how they’re going to go about it.
  6. 6. I MATTER: MY PATH MY PURPOSE By Mr. Mike Yulo SO WHAT IS SUCCESS? “Despite my Successes, Why do I still feel Empty?” I FIND THIS INSIGHT VERY TRUE…  Like Robinhood, his goal is to acquire gold, why? so he can fulfill his purpose. His purpose is to help the poor, and become a hero. ON THE OUTSIDE EVERYTHING LOOKS “A OKAY”, “PERFECT” BUT ON THE INSIDE, YOU’RE IN QUESTION, “WHY IS IT LIKE THIS?” - “SOMETHING FEELS WRONG.” OK, LET’S CHECK OUT WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A GOAL To help us answer these questions, we must clearly define what “Success” is first, more importantly what it means to you. It has been said that life holds no meaning, except the meaning you connect to it. Simply put, a GOAL is answerable to the question WHAT, followed by the question WHEN. While a PURPOSE is almost always answerable by the question WHY and is most likely followed by the question FOR WHO. “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it” - Maya Angelou
  7. 7. HOW? STEAL IT FROM THE RICH!?  I MATTER: MY PATH MY PURPOSE By Mr. Mike Yulo HE HAD A GREAT PURPOSE, HE HAD A WONDERFUL GOAL, ACQUIRE GOLD AND THAT’S ABOUT RIGHT. BUT HOW HE DID IT, DIDN’T QUITE FIT IN WITH MY VALUES, I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU BUT FOR ME… DAPAT TAMA! If you were a creator and you made toys, what’s the purpose of the toys you make, if not to make a child happy? Accumulating wealth from making children happy thru toys, is that something wrong? But acquiring great wealth by making people happy and forget about all their problems thru drugs? Now, that’s something wrong. Now let’s go back to the toys, imagine you created one, and you made a child smile because of your creation, would you be pleased? YES!!! Why? If not because it served its purpose well. A CLEARLY DEFINED GOAL CAN TAKE YOU PLACES, A CLEARLY DEFINED PURPOSE CAN BREAK BOUNDARIES! – MIKE YULO “Your commitment to personal development will not only take you to the top, it will also empower you to take others with you” --- Chief