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Horizons Chapter 7 Laurier to Alaska Dispute


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Canadian History 1896 - 1903
Boer War
Naval Dispute
Manitoba Schools Act
Alaska Boundary Dispute

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Horizons Chapter 7 Laurier to Alaska Dispute

  1. 1. Emergence of modern Canada 1896 – 1914
  2. 2. The Laurier Era • Macdonald dies in “office” June 6, 1891, he had been Prime Minister for almost 19 years, and had served as leader of the opposition. • Wilfred Laurier, a Liberal is elected as Prime Minister in 1896 • He used the Manitoba Schools Question to gain votes, by promising to address the problems in Manitoba for French speakers. He was able to get many voters in Quebec to support his campaign for leadership. • But when he became PM, he did not change the policy for French language instruction, he only offered protection for religious instruction.
  3. 3. Military Protection • As part of the British Empire, Canada relied on Britain to provide military protection. British troops were stationed in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Esquimalt. We know they were welcomed into ‘high society’ events in Victoria, as suitable immigrants to remain in Canada • Britain wanted the support to go both ways. In return for protecting Canadian interests, Britain wanted Canada to send troops (soldiers) to fight in South Africa against the Boers (early Dutch colonists in South Africa). English in Canada supported sending troops, French did not. Why send their sons to fight Britain’s imperialist war?
  4. 4. Naval Service Act 1910 • As tension increased in the lead up to WWI, Britain called upon Canada to provide money and ships to ensure Britain’s naval supremacy. • French Canadians wanted Canada to build its own navy ships, that could be “lent out” to Britain, but would provide Canada with its own navy. • Laurier compromised with the Naval Service Act, promising to build Canadian war ships, while borrowing a couple from Britain in the meantime. Canada would lend their new ships to Britain in times of need. By 1914, start of WWI, Canada still didn’t have its own ships.
  5. 5. Alaska Boundary Dispute
  6. 6. Alaska Boundary Dispute Settledin1903 • When the US had purchased Alaska from the Russians in 1867, there was not a firm border between Alaska and Canadian Territory. • When the Klondike Gold Rush began, the division between the US and Canada needed to be settled. Canada wanted to be able to move gold and supplies without having to cross into US territory, as most of the transportation networks were via the Pacific. • An appointed tribunal led by a British judge settled in favour of the Americans, cutting off half of BC coastline off from access to the Pacific. • dispute/
  7. 7. Reciprocity pg 254 • Define “reciprocity” and explain the “pros” and “cons” • Definition: an exchange of goods and services between Canada and the US - where taxes & tariffs would be eliminated to make prices similiar in the US and Canada