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November 15th


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November 15th

  1. 1.  What is the event: It’s My Park Day! Where: Bohls Park, 200 Immanuel Road Pflugerville, TX / Connally HS Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm Description of Event: Trash pick up around park. What to wear: Dress for the weather/closed- toed shoes. Website of Event: day/4567547690
  2. 2.  University of North Texas at 9:30, Novemb er 16th
  3. 3. 11/27/2012
  4. 4. University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
  5. 5.  UMHB has just under 3,000 students on a campus located in Belton Texas. Only about an hour away from Austin. 46% of students graduate within 6 years, and 64%
  6. 6.  Tuition and fees at UMHB total around $24,000, while the average financial aid package is $14,000. Only about 62% of financial aid was met for students who received some sort of aid.
  7. 7.  For 73 consecutive years the University of Mary Hardin–Baylor has produced an outdoor reproduction of the Holy Week. Each year the pageant takes place on the Wednesday afternoon before Easter and is performed on campus in front of Luther Memorial. The Easter Pageant is fully produced by the students of UMHB themselves, including directing, costumes and performances and draws nearly 5,000 viewers each year. In the Spring of 1995, students requested a ceremony to create closer emotional ties to the university. Subsequently, a “Dubbing Ceremony” became part of Welcome Week. Each Fall new students are “dubbed” with a ceremonial sword by the university administration as “Crusaders Forever.” Prior to the ceremony, students light candles and sing the Alma Mater. Immediately following the ceremony the sophomores ring the sophomore bell the number of years the university has been in existence.
  8. 8. Baltimore, MD
  9. 9.  Johns Hopkins enrolls just over 5,000 students on a medium size campus located in uptown Baltimore. Hopkins has a 92% graduation rate within six years, and has some of the best continuing education for medicine in the country.
  10. 10.  Total cost of attendance for Johns Hopkins would be around $60,000 per year. As you can no doubt guess, nearly all students do not pay that entire cost. Johns Hopkins is a need blind school although it is not classified as such normally. This is due to the schools large international population which is not need blind.
  11. 11.  Eighteen Johns Hopkins laureates have won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, more than any other category. The opportunity to participate in important research is one of the distinguishing characteristics of Hopkins undergraduate education. About 80 percent of undergraduates perform independent research, often alongside top researchers. The school has a large Greek life scene, however it is largely based on academic performance for admission rather than how Greek life operates traditionally.
  12. 12. A resume is a one page summary of yourskills, education, and experience. The resume actsmuch like an advertisement for a company tryingto sell something. The resume is youradvertisement.
  13. 13. Curriculum Vitae  Résumé"a brief biographical "a brief written account of personal, educational, and résumé of ones professional qualifications career and and experience, as that training, as prepared by an applicant prepared by a for a job." person applying for a job.“ More common term in the USAMore common term in the UK
  14. 14.  Many employers will ask for one Think of your CV as a brochure designed to promote you Take some time and effort and create a really great CV - it will be worth the effort In an application form you are limited in what you can say about yourself - you can only answer the questions that are asked In your CV, you are in control. Take advantage of this and show yourself in the best possible light
  15. 15.  Keep a master CV, which is updated  Each time you apply for a cumulatively as you job, make a copy of your progress in your career: master CV:  edit the copy to reflect add to it only when you the specific requirements have new experience or of the job you are achievements to record applying for delete from it only as older items appear less  keep careful records of significant in the light what was submitted for of new experience which vacancies
  16. 16. The past how have you spent your life so far? what have you achieved?The present what are you currently doing? what have you learnt from what you have done in the past?The Future where do you want to end up? how do you plan to get there? It is good to have a career goal. It indicates that you are ambitious and are taking your career seriously. Your goal should be ambitious but achievable. You should be knowledgeable about what your goal entails, and be prepared to discuss it at interview. You should have a realistic plan for achieving your goal The job for which you are applying should be part of that plan.
  17. 17. How have you spent your life so far? schools and colleges attended (with dates) qualifications attained (with dates and grades) employers and job titles (with dates) student/vacation work (with dates)What have you achieved? Do you have any sporting achievements? Do you play a musical instrument? Do you play in a band or orchestra? Are/were you a member of any student clubs societies? Have you undertaken any voluntary work? Have you ever won any prizes or awards? Have you taken a leadership role or position of responsibility with respect to any of the above?
  18. 18. Subject or industry specific skills: For an IT professional you might list the programming languages that you have used - indicating your level of experience in each. If you are a school teacher you might list the subjects and levels at which you have taught.Generic or transferable skills: Can you write well? Can you communicate effectively on the telephone? Can you fit in to their team? Are you reliable? Can you be trusted with money? Do you have any leadership ability?
  19. 19. Use bullet point - or short paragraphs - within each of these sections. Personal Details - simple, factual information. Career Goal - this section is optional but if you decide to include it, be prepared to discuss it at interview. Educational History - bullet point your progress (with dates) Employment History - bullet point your progress (with dates) Skills and achievements - say when & how you have demonstrated these Referees - make sure you ask their permission first Leisure Activities - this section should be kept fairly short unless you have something very interesting to say. Within each section, put more recent items above older ones
  20. 20.  ... so use structure, layout and formatting to help him. Keep the structure, formatting and layout simple, logical and consistent. Use layout such as white space, indentation and bullet lists:  to emphasise important information such as dates  to enable the reader to scan quickly to the information he is interested in. Keep the text of each item brief but self contained. Your CV should normally be no longer than two sides. Do not use a font that is smaller than 11 point Times New Roman (or equivalent) - 12 point is even better.
  21. 21. Communication Management Research Technicalskills skills skills skillsaddress assign collect assemblearbitrate attain critique buildcorrespond chair define calculatedraft coordinate detect deviseedit delegate diagnose engineerlecture direct evaluate fabricatemediate execute examine maintainmotivate organise explore operatenegotiate oversee extract overhaulpersuade plan identify programpresent recommend inspect remodelpublicise review interpret repairreconcile strengthen investigate solvespeak supervise summarise upgradewrite train survey
  22. 22. Creative Financial Sales Teachingskills skills skills skills adviseconceptualise administer clarifycreate allocate coachdesign analyse sell elicitfashion appraise convert enableform audit close encourageillustrate balance deal explaininstitute budget persuade facilitateintegrate calculate highlight guideinvent control satisfy informoriginate compute win over instructperform develop sign persuaderevitalise forecast stimulateshape project train
  23. 23. accurate enthusiastic logical self disciplinedactive experienced loyal sense of humoradaptable fair mature sensitiveadept firm methodical sincerebroad-minded genuine motivated successfulcompetent honest reliable tactfulconscientious innovative resourceful trustworthyenterprising
  24. 24. Candidate 1: Candidate 2: "I gained considerable  "I am good at experience in dealing with dealing with the the public during my summer job as receptionist public” for the Ramada Hotel, Portrush. This involved responding to enquiries on the telephone and registering guests on arrival. I feel much more confident in dealing with the public now."
  25. 25. Candidate 1: Candidate 2: "I want to spend  "Im not really sure what I four years working want to do. I thought about in web design and web design but then I development to get didnt know if there would experience of the be any jobs. Maybe Im more suited to technologies and management." the business. After that I intend to become an internet entrepreneur."