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Otm con8923 pdf_8923_0001

  1. 1. OTM’s Fleet Module: Integrating with On-Board Trip Computers (OBTCs) P pp Pp Srinivas Rajagopal, Oracle Teresa Shull, OmniSourceAugust 15, 2012 Spencer Blackman, Hitachi Consulting
  2. 2. Introduction to OmniSource• Founded in 1943 • OmniSource buys and sells scrap metal, both ferrous and non-ferrous• HQ in Fort Wayne, IN • OmniSource places scrap containers in• Shipped over 6 million factories, buying the scrap from the factory; or buying the metal scrap from tons in 2010 demolition sites• Acquired by Steel • The scrap is weighed, processed, Dynamics (SDI) in 2007 shredded and sorted at OmniSource facilities • OmniSource sells the ferrous scrap to its parent , Steel Dynamics, and other steel mills, where it is melted and converted into new steel • The non-ferrous scrap, such as copper, is shredded and containerized and increasingly sent to China
  3. 3. Transportation at OmniSource• 1000 Private Railcars • Independent Operator• 387 Outside Carriers • 376 Drivers• Barge operations • 439 Power Units• Export: 5000 TEUs/year • 2143 Trailers• 80000 Shipments/month • 10000+ “Containers”
  4. 4. Solution Scope• Unified transportation platform, intended to replace several legacy systems often divided by mode• Proactive planning vs. post-activity recording• Carrier cost savings, better rate management, automation and visibility/reporting company-wide• Fleet-wise, ability to: – Consolidate duties and enable regional dispatch – Enable proactive dispatch while still allowing for dynamic additions/subtractions as driver activity changes through out the day – Get more thorough equipment tracking and inventory
  5. 5. Integration Overview• Compliance DB (ODS) • EDI Partner: RMI based on Oracle APEX • CarrierWeb links to In-• Industry-specific ERP: SAI Truck Units
  6. 6. End-to-End Process Flow
  7. 7. Dispatch Board
  8. 8. Planned TripsShipments sent to CarrierWebon Driver Commit Shipments deleted from CarrierWeb on Driver Unassign
  9. 9. Event Summary• At-Stop Events – Stop Arrival / Departure – “Delays” (Shipper, Consignee, Live Load) – Errors: Rejected Load, “No Load”• Inter-Stop Events – Breakdowns – Miscellaneous (DOT check, Inspection) – Pre- and Post-Trip Inspections – Fuel Stop – Neutral Scale – Stopoff• Driver Calendar Events – Safety Meetings, Training – Vacation, Holiday, Jury Duty
  10. 10. At-Stop Flow Step 1: ArriveDriver enters Arrival Event and is prompted for Equipment
  11. 11. At-Stop Flow Step 2: Delay / Error (Optional) At the Stop, Driver can go on “Customer Delay”
  12. 12. At-Stop Flow Step 2: Delay / Error (Optional) Delay Event entered in OTM• Detention at Shipper (DSH), Consignee (DCO) or Live Load (LL)• Delay Duration captured as Special Service, copied to Shipment• An Agent calculates delay in Rated Hours and writes to Refnum• Upon Recalc, an Accessorial based on the Refnum Value is applied
  13. 13. At-Stop Flow Step 3: DepartDriver enters Depart Event and is prompted for Equipment
  14. 14. Inter-Stop Delays• Mechanical Breakdown (Box, Tire, Trailer, Power Unit, Misc) – Creates OTM Location record and adds an NFR stop• Pre- and Post-Trip Inspections• Fuel Stop• Neutral Scale• Stopoff• Miscellaneous (DOT Inspection)
  15. 15. Mechanical Breakdown: New Location & Stop
  16. 16. Implementation Challenges• Change Management• Driver Payroll – need to match previous system• Changing EOBR vendors• Regional Fleet “Kingdoms”• Timing of Assign and Commit• “House” Carriers
  17. 17. Thank you!Spencer Blackman Teresa ShullManager – Supply Chain Business Analyst597 5th Ave, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10017 7575 W. Jefferson Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 468-4Phone: 716 308 8886 Phone: 260 969 3500Email: sblackman@hitachiconsulting.com Email: tshull@omnisource.com www.hitachiconsulting.com www.omnisource.com