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OOW09 Integration Architecture EBS R12


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OOW09 Integration Architecture EBS R12

  1. 1. Integration Architecture for Oracle E-Business Suite: Technical Insight Neeraj Chauhan – Manager, Product Management, Oracle EBS – ATG Vijay Shanmugam - Principal Software Engineer, Development, Oracle EBS – ATG
  2. 2. Safe Harbor Statement The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.
  3. 3. Presentation Agenda <Insert Picture Here> • Key Integration Challenges • Business Integration Architecture • Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway • Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter • Business Use Cases • Roadmap • Q&A
  4. 4. Key Integration Challenges Source of Truth Provide Services Custom Interfaces Consume Services Security Concerns Fail-safe Integration Monitor & Manage Process Orchestration Process Monitoring Event Driven Integration Complexity Flexible Architecture
  5. 5. Oracle E-Business Suite Business Integration Technologies Web Services Integrated SOA Gateway Integration Repository PL/SQL Interface Concurrent XML Gateway APIs Tables Programs Interface BSO Java APIs eCommerce Gateway Views Business Event System Oracle Workflow J2EE Application Server (Oracle AS)
  7. 7. Oracle Application Integration Architecture Pre-built integrations
  8. 8. SOA Enablement Of Oracle E-Business Suite For Business Integration Architectures Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway / Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter
  9. 9. Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway
  10. 10. Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway Std WS Client Apache Axis Logistics External Web Service service BPEL PM / OSB HRMS SCM Service Service Consume Services Provide Services Integrated SOA Gateway The above reflects Oracle’s current development plans which are subject to change at any time
  11. 11. Business Benefits Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway Flexible Integration Architecture Lower Total Cost Of Ownership  Provide out-of-box Web services  Maximize investment of existing IT  Consume Web services assets  Complements with AIA  Leverage interoperability with standards  Path to Fusion based integration Gain Visibility Into Integration More Interfaces  Monitor integration transactions  Business Events’ – “Subscription Model”  Comprehensive details about integration transactions  Composite services – simplify complexity  More Services
  12. 12. Integration Repository
  13. 13. Integration Repository Your Snapshot with Customization • Catalog of all annotated public integration interfaces • Search / Browse by Product Family / Oracle Seeded Interfaces Interface Type Custom Interfaces (Written by Partners / Customers) • Part of EBS Oracle Seeded Composite Integrated SOA Interfaces Gateway – R12.1.1 Custom Composite Interfaces (Written by Partners / Customers)
  14. 14. Integration Repository Publishing Custom Interfaces HR Annotate Interfaces StandAlone Parser Projects PL/SQL API Reads annotated files and Finance generates Integration Concurrent Program Repository Loader Files Order Procure XML Message Planning Business Service Loader File (ildt) Object Sales Business Event Shipping FNDLOAD Uploads Integration Loader File to Integration Repository Repository Custom interfaces in E-Business Suite
  15. 15. DEMONSTRATION Integration Repository Customization of Integration Interfaces
  16. 16. Set Up & Configure  Download and Install Parser Libraries  Configure the Libraries  Compile the patch installation
  17. 17. Custom PL/SQL API  To be incorporated into Integration Repository
  18. 18. Custom PL/SQL API Annotation  Annotation Template for the Package
  19. 19. Custom PL/SQL API Annotation  Annotation Values for for the Package
  20. 20. Custom PL/SQL API Annotation  Annotation Template for for the Procedure
  21. 21. Custom PL/SQL API Annotation  Annotation Values for for the Procedure
  22. 22. Custom PL/SQL API Annotation  Run the Integration Repository Parser
  23. 23. Custom PL/SQL API Annotation  Generate the ILDT files
  24. 24. Custom PL/SQL API Annotation  Run FNDLOAD to load the ILDT files into the Integration Repository
  25. 25. Custom PL/SQL API Annotation  Navigate to Integration Repository  Login into Oracle E-Business Suite  Oracle E-Business Suite Home Page  Integrated SOA Gateway  Integration Repository
  26. 26. Custom PL/SQL API Annotation  Search by Interface Source = Custom and Interface Type – PL/SQL
  27. 27. Custom PL/SQL API Annotation  Custom PL/SQL API is available in the Integration Repository
  28. 28. Custom PL/SQL API Annotation  Custom PL/SQL API details for the Package level
  29. 29. Custom PL/SQL API Annotation  Custom PL/SQL API details with the parameters and procedures
  30. 30. SOA Provider
  31. 31. SOA Provider Provide Web services Process Orchestration Generate Publish W W W Deploy S S S Invoke Service Enterprise Integration W W W Monitor S S S Authenticate Authorize Process Monitoring
  32. 32. SOA Provider Generate, Deploy Service 1 Generate WSDL 2 Deploy Service 3 Invoke Service
  33. 33. Business Events Published in Integration Repository • Now published in the Integration Repository • Non-intrusive integration capability • “Subscription Model” • Underlying WF_BPEL_Q queue
  34. 34. Composite Services – BPEL Published Integration Repository Coarse-grained abstracted service within which multiple finer-grained services are bonded together to execute in a series • Simplifies business services implementation requiring multiple APIs • Provides flexibility in business integration architecture • Catalog of BPEL composite service
  35. 35. SOA Monitor Insight into SOA Provider transactions • Provides an interface to audit / monitor integrations • Provides easy to configure built-in administrative tool – Full Details Captured – Including Request & Response Payloads – On / Off Switch: Control from GUI – Configurable: In-Memory Cache Size, Flush Interval – Purge Stale Data
  36. 36. SOA Monitor How does it work PROCESS SOA Provider receives SOA Monitor captures SOAP Request SOAP Request details SOA Provider SOA Monitor captures processes error & exception details SOAP Request SOA Provider sends SOA Monitor captures SOAP Response SOAP Response details
  37. 37. Integration Interfaces and Services Web Service Enabled Subscription Model PL/SQL APIs  Concurrent Programs  Business Events  XML Messages (Inbound)  XML Messages (Outbound)  Business Service Objects  Java APIs (Doc Style) Composite Services Just Interfaces  Open Interface Tables  BPEL Composite Services  Open Interface Views (Downloadable)  eCommerce Gateway Interface  Java APIs
  38. 38. Service Invocation Framework
  39. 39. Service Invocation Framework Invoke And Consume Web services Invoke And Consume Service Invoke Web service External Web services Fire Wall Web Service  PL / SQL Request  Workflow WSIF  Forms Reservation Service  OA Framework Web Service Response Packaged Applications Web services Optional Transform-In & Transform-Out BPEL Process as Service
  40. 40. Service Invocation Framework 2 Create Invoker Subscription 2.5 1 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 Enter 3 Create / Use Enter Select Select Test Service Select Port Subscription Invoker Event WSDL Service Operation Invocation Parameters
  41. 41. Service Invocation Framework Key Features • Supports Synchronous Request-Response • Supports One-way/Notification • SOAP Request XSL Transformation (Outbound) • SOAP Response XSL Transformation (Inbound) • Supports custom input headers • Callback to EBS using BES • Supports WS-Security • Manage errors using BES Error Handler process • Testing Framework
  42. 42. Service Invocation Framework Demo Use Case Steps PROCESS Deploy the “Create Deploy the Workflow SDR” BPEL PM process for Response Process processing For Sync Request / Response Create / Use Invoker Create Callback Event Event & & Subscription Subscription Provide XSL Transform Test Service Invocation for Request & & verify the WS Response Response / Notification
  43. 43. DEMONSTRATION Service Invocation Framework EBS – 2 – BPEL
  44. 44. Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter
  45. 45. SOA Principles Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter SOA Concept Oracle E-Business Suite Service Broker: Describe Service’s Location Integration Repository Service Provider: An agent to implement a service Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter Integration Repository Find Register Service Consumer EBS Adapter Client Service
  46. 46. Service Oriented Architecture Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter – Life Cycle Adapter Framework Integrate:Technology Integration Repository Integrate: Content JDeveloper Develop BPEL PM / ESB Orchestrate / Event Enterprise Manager Oracle EBS Security Monitor & Manage Access Control
  47. 47. Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter Integration Solution Overview Oracle SOA Suite PL/SQL API, Views, Business Integration Repository Events BPEL PM BAM Oracle XML & eCommerce E-Business Gateway Suite ESB B2B Adapter Open Interface Table & Concurrent Programs  Leverages Integration Repository  Secured and Trusted Connection  Functional Security Enabled  Application Context Ready  Transaction Support  Customization Support
  48. 48. Leverage Integration Repository XML Oracle E-Business Suite 11i10 Packaged Data File Adapter Live Connection Oracle E-Business Suite XML Adapter Cached Data File
  49. 49. Secured and Trusted Connection FMW: Trusted Client No APPS Schema Password Oracle Fusion Middleware FND Username / Password Oracle E-Business Suite Connection Managed by EM
  50. 50. Function Security Authorization Mechanism User Role Grant Set Permission User Permission API Method User User / Role Role Grant Set Permission (Function) User Permission Role Permission Set Role Role Grant Set Permission Set Role Permission Set
  51. 51. Application Context Ready Order Apps Context Username=“SYSADMIN” Responsibility=“System Administrator” Org ID= “207” Apps Adapter invoke1 PL/SQL Invoke1 Initialized Retains Apps Context across multiple invokes Apps Adapter invoke2 PL/SQL Invoke2 52
  52. 52. Global Transaction Global Transaction Client Partner Link Receive implements Failure Two Phase Commit causes Order Rollback Adapter Partner invoke1 Link1 invoke2 Adapter Partner Link2 Receive Dehydration Store Oracle BPEL PM 53
  53. 53. Customization Support •Custom PL/SQL APIs •Custom Business Events •Custom XML Gateway
  54. 54. Business Benefits Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter Source Of Truth Secured Integration Solutions  Leveraging Integration Repository  Authentication (Trusted Connection)  Supports custom interfaces  Authorization (Execution Privileges) Failsafe Integration Processes Faster Design-2-Deploy Wizard-based intuitive design time  Transaction Control experience  Application Context Oracle E-Business Suite version aware design time Agile and Flexible Integration Architecture
  55. 55. Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter Integration Streams Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter
  56. 56. Business Use Cases
  57. 57. Who’s Deploying Integration Solutions Public | Private | Government Healthcare | Transportation | Education High Tech | InfoTech | Manufacturing | Telecom Federal | State | Local | Defence Drivers: SOA | Agility | Scalability | Visibility
  58. 58. Oracle E-Business Suite Integration Business Use Cases Order to Invoice Procure to Pay Process Process Payroll Hire to Retire Processing Process Process After Sales Sub Service Contracting Process Process
  59. 59. Create Supplier Ship & Debit Request Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway Use Case Inception Integration Administrator Identify / Locate Generate WSDL Deploy Service for API for integration for Ship & Debit Ship & Debit API API Design Integration Developer Create and deploy BPEL process Locate WSDL URL Set SOA Header Read SD input Set SD Get SD Invoke EBS for SDR: Integration for SD Service payload from Request Request API as WS Repository SOAP request file Number Header ID Execution Integration Administrator Trade Management User Initiate BPEL Verify created SD View response in process from BPEL request in Oracle Trade BPEL Console Console Management
  60. 60. Order Entry / PO Acknowledgement Oracle E-Business Suite Use Case EBS Apps DB Oracle, Non-Oracle Mapping / Translation and Legacy Systems Interface Tables For Import Programs – PO Inbound SO Header & Lines Sales Orders <xml> abc </xml> PO Acknowledge xml file PO Acknowledge Outbound Verify and Book Sales Orders
  61. 61. Interoperability Leverage S Apache Axis S S S .NET WS Client S S 3rd Party Standard WS Client
  62. 62. Oracle EBS ISG vis-à-vis Adapter Positioning Integrated SOA Gateway E-Business Suite Adapter SOAP web service Standard JCA service Provided out-of-box from EBS Provided from SOA Suite in mid-tier Provides Interoperability leverage from Provided via Oracle BPEL Process any standard web service client Manager or Enterprise Service Bus Multi service transaction failures need to Multi service transaction failures are be handled explicitly rolled back implicitly via transaction control of JCA framework Consumption of external web services Consumption of external web services for lightweight integration via native is via Oracle BPEL Process Manager or service invocation framework Enterprise Service Bus Integration transactions are monitored Integration transactions are monitored via SOA monitor via BPEL PM, ESB consoles
  63. 63. Next Steps
  64. 64. Out-of-the-box Web services Roadmap SOA Governance Solutions Advanced Customization Advanced Exception Handling And Diagnostics SAML Token Support Java APIs (Document Style)
  65. 65. Out-of-the-box Web services SOA Governance Oracle FMW SOA Governance Suite S S S S S S S = Services
  66. 66. Presentation Summary
  67. 67. Key Takeaways Integration of Truth Source Repository SOA Provider Services Provide / EBS Adapter ExtensibleInterfaces Custom with custom Consume Services Service Invocation Framework Apps Data Source / Transaction Control / Security Concerns Fail-safe Integration Apps Context Function Security SOA Monitor / EBS Adapter with BPEL PM / Monitor & Manage Enterprise Manager Process Orchestration SOA Provider with BPEL PM Process Monitoring Integrates with Oracle BAM Event Driven Integration EBS Adapter with EBS & OSB Standards based / Out- Complements AIA / Complexity of-the-box Flexible to Fusion Path Architecture
  68. 68. Oracle E-Business Related Sessions: Integration Suite Wednesday (14th October, 2009) • Integration Architecture for Oracle E-Business Suite: Technical Insight (S309526) Time: 10:15-11:15 Venue: Moscone West L2 (RM 2008) • Power Session - Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter: Technical Overview (S309530) Time: 13:00-13:30 Venue: Moscone West L2 (RM 2008) • Power Session - Out-of-the-Box Web Services with Oracle E-Business Suite (S309530) Time: 13:45-14:15 Venue: Moscone West L2 (RM 2008)