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  • Q – How many of you have experienced a light bulb that goes off in your head for an idea that seems so obvious after you hear it? Q – What do we call that light bulb ? A – A BFO or a Blinding Flash of the Obvious Here ’s an example in business… A business has been very successful in a territory and then wants to move into another state and run the same successful ads in the new territory. They fail miserably in the new state. Why? Because they go in to the new state and run the business like they are running it in the old territory. They run the same ads but forgot that in the original territory they initially went and knocked door to door and built relationships and then ran the adds. Those things are what the business owner knows but all he needs to do is remember… that is what a BFO is. Q – Does everyone have a pen and paper ? When you get a BFO tonight write it down . Everyone ok with that? Excellent.
  • Where do you get Themes from? Top Priority for the year or quarter If you are in a crisis … You know what your theme is! Your Core Values Top Opportunity to go after Top Issue to Fix Making it work Assess/measure, reward, celebrate
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  • 10:10 am timecheck - 15 min break.
  • And that flight path is people ’s desktops and palmtops. Kumbai meets the pocketprotector – HR and IT have merged
  • Strategic Planning

    1. 1. WELCOME TO FIRST FRIDAYS! Strategic Planning:“Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail!” December 2, 2011
    2. 2. Jim Jubelirer Action COACHCopyright 1993 – 2008 ActionCOACH Ltd Strategic Plan
    3. 3. What you can expect from today’s meeting… BFO’s… Blinding Flashes of the Obvious…What do you do when you get one???
    4. 4. Challenges Successes Essence of Opportunities Planning & BHAG Coaching Issues Core What are theTeam Values Brand RIGHT THINGS Promise to FOCUS on? Leadership Key Thrusts and Capabilities 4 4
    5. 5. “Think Week” -Bill GatesIn Secret Hideaway, Bill Gates Ponders Microsofts Future,Wall Street Journal, March 28, 2005 5
    6. 6. Overview
    7. 7. 2012 – Best Year Ever!First Friday – December 2nd: Strategic Planning OverviewFirst Friday – January 6th: Creating a VisionGrowthCLUB – January 10th: All day goal setting workshop ($249)
    8. 8. Special OfferSign up for GrowthCLUB TODAY and receive:• Strategic planning workbook• Private coaching session prior to GrowthCLUB to review workbook• After GrowthCLUB, follow-on session to clarify goals and measure progressRefer a friend to January GrowthCLUB and your participation at April GrowthCLUB isFREE!
    9. 9. Check outMetrics for Your 6 Focus Areas for a wealth of useful tools and advice
    10. 10. Strategic PlanVision, Mission, and Values (VMV)Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (BHAG)Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT)3 Year Targets1 Year Goals90 Day Action PlansWeekly Action StepsDaily Affirmations
    11. 11. Vision, Mission, Values• Vision – “Financial Security and Peace of Mind for All”• Mission – “To be a well-respected and sought- after Top 100 Coach directly impacting the lives of 10,000 people”• Values – Ownership, Congruence, Constant Learning, Integrity, Balance, Fun, Leverage, Gratitude, and Abundance
    12. 12. INTERNAL L Strengths s Weaknesses sSWOT EXTERNAL L Opportunities s Threats s SWOT Analysis Summary T s y
    13. 13. Goal-Setting Time Frames• 3 Year Targets - Where you want to go• 1 Year Goals - What you want to accomplish• Quarterly Actions - How you will meet goals• Weekly Schedule - When actions will occur• Daily Accountability - Who is going to do what, by when
    14. 14. A $10B Coaching Business?• "I got so into coaching I used all my spare time to get coached,” says Mark Pincus. “If Im going to do anything in this world, I am going to be the best I can be. I just dont understand why you wouldnt give yourself every advantage.”• After losing badly in an online game, he thought, " Wow, I would really pay some money to get some help with this game.”• This insight led to the fundamental business model for Farmville, one of the first Facebook games. Zynga, the company that he founded after having a business coach, is now worth $10 billion, with Marks own net worth over $1 billion.
    15. 15. Passion"You have to find something that youlove enough to be able to take risks,jump over the hurdles and breakthrough the brick walls that are alwaysgoing to be placed in front of you. If you dont have that kind of feeling forwhat it is you are doing, youll stop atthe first giant hurdle.“ George Lucas Film Director and Producer 15
    16. 16. Questions?16
    17. 17. Our Mission: World Abundance Through Business EducationFailing to Plan is Planning to FailFriday, December 2nd, 2011Yes, Your Dreams CAN Come TrueFriday, January 6th, 2011GrowthCLUBJanuary 11, 2012The Greatest Coach Ever! Life Lessons fromDean Smith, Roy Williams, Coach K and Jimmy VMarch 16thCarolina Club (On UNC campus)
    18. 18. About Jim Jubelirer• 25 years in business, $1M+ sales annually• Expert in sales, marketing and leadership – Start-up coach at UNC Venture Launch – Affiliated with Duke Leadership Program, Fuqua Business School – Board of Advisors for Sustainable Brands – Member of angel investment and non-profit groups• Frequent speaker, trainer and facilitator, presented to over 6,000 people• MBA, Cornell BA University of California, Santa Cruz• Certified in Sandler Sales, Strategic Coach, numerous other personal and professional development programs• Married, 1 son, loves tennis, scuba, travel
    19. 19. About ActionCOACH…• #1 Business Coaching and Consulting company in the world• Founded in 1993 by Brad Sugars; self-made multi-millionaire, author, and entrepreneur• 1,300+ Coaches worldwide in 40 countries• Combines the best practices in business and personal development
    20. 20. Coaching Works!• UK Study: ActionCOACH clients averaged a 30% average annual sales growth compared to only 13% in non-coached businesses.• US Study: Coaching clients saw a return on investment of 7.5 to 1, or $7.50 increase in income for every $1 invested.
    21. 21. Business Coaching Programs…
    22. 22. Jim JubelirerCertified ActionCOACH308 West Rosemary Street, Suite 307Chapel Hill, NC 27516(919)