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Mobility solutions client presentation


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Mobility solutions client presentation

  1. 1. MobilitySolutions.Manage IT Complexity.Drive Business Results.Juarez JuniorSystems Architect - UGO
  2. 2. Agenda. The Mobility Challenge Unisys Mobility Solutions Our Approach Why Unisys?2
  3. 3. Enterprise Mobility Challenges. IT Planning Challenges IT Management Challenges •Setting strategic mobility vision while •Addressing proliferation technologies and of standards are rapidly outside personal devices changing accessing corporate resources •Reeling in initiatives underway to maximize •Supporting an increasing benefits number of mobile workers, or large •Establishing a common field/sales force vision of mobility (infrastructure, staff) ownership and scope Challenge of Demonstrating Business Value •Hiring/training staff •Maximizing ROI by unlocking access to key knowledgeable applications and messaging about mobility •Rapidly demonstrating success from mobility technologies investments •Maintaining security and •Translating successful pilots to full scale management issues deployments unique to the mobile3 environment
  4. 4. Challenges Lead to Immediate Solutions. Companies are managing an array of personal devices used by employees—it can be chaos! • Unisys helps clients convert “personal” productivity devices into “enterprise” productivity devices • Unisys helps IT departments keep track of and manage these personal devices • Unisys helps enterprises reduce costs associated with mobile devices as well as enhance their value by enabling secure access to enterprise applications and integrating them into business processes4
  5. 5. Mobility Is More Than … The latest gadgets It’s about being able to work from anywhere, at any time, with any device5
  6. 6. Mobility – The Next Logical Step. The Field is Where You Make Your Money • If your processes fail to follow, you lose money, time & customers • Processes need not be constrained by time, location or device Actively Utilize Mobility in Your Core Processes • Extend your infrastructure & processes beyond your desk • Build a corporate mobility strategy to gain from process mobilization ERP Customer Data SFA Product Info SAP Productivity Data E-Mail Operations Data Intranet6
  7. 7. Complexity of Mobility LandscapeRequires Cohesive Integration. Multiple Device Multiple Network Multiple Mobility Gateway Types and OS Types and Carriers Applications / Data “Application Mobilizer” Sources ERP Corporate or ISP Wireless Email LAN CRM Database Legacy Mobile Data Operator Applications Service Collaboration Security Services Management Infrastructure7
  8. 8. Unisys Mobility Solutions Unisys takes a holistic approach to mobility by offering comprehensive and realistic solutions tailored to each client Unisys understands – because we’ve done it – that Mobility is a difficult undertaking for any organization • Unisys has implemented successfully a full suite of mobility solutions for its global workforce • Field Force Case Study and Mobile access to email and personal information management True global reach • Unisys has real capability on the ground around the world • One company, not a network of affiliates We’ve integrated an Advisory approach into our Transformation and Managed Service offerings8
  9. 9. Mobility Advisory Services Business  Details mobility direction, defines strategy, identifies specific Strategy Architecture mobility opportunities and articulates the architecture required to support the strategy. Service Portfolio  Defines what infrastructure services are required to support Definition business architecture objectives. Infrastructure  Defines how the IT organization ensures they execute their Governance & Strategy mission properly and identifies key controls & measures for Measurement ensuring and verifying delivery. Investment  Provides Guidance on priorities for mobility infrastructure-oriented Strategy initiatives. Infrastructure Infrastructure  Defines how infrastructure technology components fit together to Architecture Architecture deliver core services to the business. Infrastructure Execution  Details how and when a new environment or new approach Execution Plan should be implemented and managed. Planning9
  10. 10. Mobility Transformation Services Start-up phase of project Defines project goals/objectives and test/acceptance criteria, key Scope stakeholders, project team member roles/responsibilities and work plan. In the case of application mobilization work, may use facilitated workshop technique to rapidly identify, clarify and capture use cases. Specification and documentation of conceptual and physical design Design Provide evaluation of alternatives and selection of specific technologies and products required to successfully implement the project.` Build out of mobility solution and test in accordance with requirements and pre-defined acceptance criteria. Develop & Test May include configuration of existing infrastructure elements and lightweight application development. Roll-out of mobility solution across defined user-base; to include user training. Deploy Assumes maintenance and support processes and procedures are defined (either through Unisys Managed Services or client-owned process).10
  11. 11. Mobility Managed Services  Incident and Request Management portion of Service Desk ensures a single point of contact for the client and functions as a coordinator for problem resolution.  Asset/Device Tracking consists of the people, processes, and tools required to Service Desk efficiently manage the wireless assets throughout the lifecycle phases of Required acquisition, deployment, and retirement. Services  Procurement services that source, provision and track wireless devices. Service will provide 24 hour replacement and proof of delivery. Service  Service Portal allows the end user to communicate with the Service Desk via Portal the Internet to submit incidents and requests, as well as, check the status or requests and trouble tickets and view reports. Distributed  Distributed Systems Management provides management of PIM (Personal Systems Information Management) and e-mail accelerator servers to their managed Management server environment.  Wireless Plan Optimization delivers cellular provider cost verification, validation, cost allocation to the user level and optimization of all wireless- Optional Wireless Plan related expenses, including voice, data, and mobility hardware costs. This will Optimization Services aid the client in potentially reducing vendor billing errors and simplify billing data complexity.  Managed Communications Services-Client Provider Management assumes Managed the management of the Client cellular Provider’s relationship on their behalf Communications for cellular service provisioning, change management, and SLA attainment Services reporting.11
  12. 12. Unisys Differentiatorsin Mobility Services Space. Practical point of view based on real world experience • Consistent with accepted “Enterprise Planning” theories • We apply that theory-based framework, but begin with application of knowledge gained from actual engagements Advisory approach integrated into Transformation and Managed Service offerings • Unisys will provide you with the tools to transform and manage your agile environment, or we can handle those chores for you • Boutiques and large consultancies leave it to you to figure out how to utilize their advice True global reach • Unisys has real capability on the ground around the world • One company, not a network of affiliates12
  13. 13. Unisys. The right company to help you connect your business strategy to your mobile IT infrastructure Optimal balance of business value & cost containment Committed to the continuous improvement of your agile IT infrastructure WE “MOBILIZE” YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE TO MEET YOUR BUSINESS OBJECTIVES.13
  14. 14. Mobility SolutionsClient Proof Points
  15. 15. Sanofi-Aventis Client Situation Second largest pharmaceutical group in France; Seventh in Europe; among the top 20 in the world Market capitalisation 43 751 Eur m., with 2003 consolidated sales of 436,8 Eur m. Business Challenge & Objectives Unisys Solution Fully integrate with back-office systems, including Unisys provided the business process consulting, SAP system integration, project management and maintenance and support Eliminate customer data silos Partnered with StayinFront to provide suite of CRM tools Provide anytime, anywhere “availability” via PDAs for the pharmaceutical industry and deep product for110 mobile sales agents expertise. Provide an easy to use user-interface and set of Emphasis on scoping and prototype phase to functionalities understand requirements and ensure adoption. Provide immediate availability of aggregate Accelerated prototype development to 2 months. statistics and reports in flexible formats for review by sales managers and back-office staff Collaborative approach between Unisys and key users to fully define implementation and adoption issues, and develop plans to mitigate them. Business Benefits Fast operational-ization of the company’s CRM vision and strategy Customer database integration and consolidation Improved organizational performance through increased efficiency New reporting capabilities to analyze current sales activity and take corrective actions Broad end-user adoption15
  16. 16. Starwood Hotels and Resorts Client Situation One of the world’s leading hotel and leisure companies, with 105,000 employees 250,000+ guest rooms in 750+ properties in 82 countries Brands include St. Regis, The Luxury Collection, Sheraton, Westin, Four Points, and W Hotels Starwood’s guest loyalty program has more than 15 million members Business Challenge & Objectives Unisys Solution Enhance the guest experience by offering services Wireless LAN Design and Installation such as internet access from guest rooms and Managed Security Services conference rooms Broadband Infrastructure Design and Installation Ensure a high level of guest service and satisfaction Remote Network Management and Help Desk Services Protect network computing infrastructure from Centralized Project Management e business process potential security threats and user misuse consulting, system integration, project management and maintenance and support Business Benefits Increased bandwidth and network reliability for guest users Ability to provide guests with secure high-speed full bandwidth Internet experience New revenue stream from charging guests and hotel franchisees to access the internet Competitive adantage16
  17. 17. Unisys Corporation Client Situation $5.9 B in revenue with 79% of revenue through services. Worldwide information technology services and solutions company; 36,000 people in 100+ countries Highly mobile workforce; 4000 Customer Infrastructure Representatives (CIRs) and devices in over 100 countries Business Challenge & Objectives Unisys Solution Reduce costs and resources in its call center where PDA and laptop devices using wireless CIR calls are received and data is entered into technologies to provide consistent approach SRMS regardless of geography or service provider Improve quality and accuracy of the data collected Leverage many service providers to provide by CIRs and entered into SRMS wireless services on a global basis Improve time accounting and reporting issues. Customized applications to deliver optimal data streams to the PDA Full integration with the proprietary Unisys call management system Post-implementation carrier, device, and Ensure transmission of private, sensitive application management/support services information over public airways is secure Business Benefits >Cost savings associated with a reduction of number of people handling data and associated errors; near-real- time reporting >Greater data accountability and integrity among field force personnel >80% reduction in response times; Time to close out tickets decreased by 71% Call center traffic reduced by 80% >Improved accuracy of customer billings17
  18. 18. U.S. Dept of Homeland Security Client Situation Provides the unifying core for the vast national network of organizations and institutions involved in efforts to secure our nation with over 180,000 employees worldwide, throughout all DHS agencies. More than 87,000 different governmental jurisdictions at the federal, state, and local level have homeland security responsibilities. Business Challenge & Objectives Unisys Solution Secure U.S. border entry points, particularly Turnkey solution - consulting, project management, airports architecture, deployment, support Deploying equipment and personnel is expensive Real-time voice and data access - anytime and anywhere – via Dolphin 9500 Handheld device- Significant variations in environmental logistics per site, require support for cell and 802.11 wireless Microsoft® Windows Mobile™, integrated Wireless Full Area Networking™ (WFAN) with co-located services GSM/GPRS, 802.11b, Bluetooth™ radios Requirement to capture biographic traveler data - Integrated printer & document reader; fingerprint fingerprints, facial images, etc sensor Tightly integrated into existing security model Business Benefits Cost-effective solution for providing anytime, anywhere access for DHS personnel at U.S. airport border checkpoints Small footprint solution for meeting advanced biometrics and wireless functionality End-to-end security ensures data protection and privacy Leverages standards-based components, where applicable, for seamless integration and manageability18
  19. 19. U.S. Golf Association Client Situation Formed in 1894, the USGA serves as the national governing body of golf for the U.S. Sponsors a variety of programs including 13 national championships each year; Writes and interprets Rules of Golf; Funds turf grass and course maintenance practices; Supports grassroots programs through its “For the Good of the Game” initiative Business Challenge & Objectives Unisys Solution Golf Scoring System provides real time scoring Partnership with Intermec Technologies Corp., providing services for professional golf tournaments around 802.11b wireless expertise, along with the mobile the world access points and wireless terminals Custom, non-permanent mobile solutions required Custom designed wireless solution for each for each event tournament, based on physical and logistical Walking scorers must collect, input, and upload requirements information real-time throughout the course for Installs and maintains 175 wired PCs to deliver real each hole and each golfer time scoring information to on-site media, representing Server application calculates information from another 50 laptops and 20 desktops scorers to create key statistics, and then distributes Provides server and application support for the scoring information to hardwired terminals throughout the system tournament Business Benefits Full life-cycle implementation of wireless service and scoring applications for USGA events Streamlined process for updating scoring and golfer information, real-time, and without paper Custom design and application support as needed to support the USGA Scoring System. Proven high reliability and predictable performance19
  20. 20. U.S. Transportation SecurityAdministration Client Situation Responsible for protecting the U.S. transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce; Includes airports, railways, highways, transit, maritime, and pipelines. Over 429 commercial airports serving more than 2M passengers per day Over 6,000 geographically dispersed users requiring mobility services Business Challenge & Objectives Unisys Solution Managing carrier operations and services from Project planning, rate negotiations and service procurement; a large number of service providers provides customer service to streamline and enhance wireless communications services Provide rate standardization and cost management for all mobility services and Created a “Nationwide 500 minute pooled plan” to devices standardize rates, giving TSA the ability to accurately budget Effective lifecycle management of mobility and forecast equipment Developed customized plan for TSA to ‘rent’ cellular Billing management and auditing from service equipment under the managed services model, eliminating providers ownership and disposal of obsolete, damaged or malfunctioning equipment Provide quality customer service for users Consolidated billing and management of daily carrier operations of all cellular services Business Benefits Rate Standardization – eliminate costs from usage overages Cost Savings – TSA will save nearly 30% in the first contract year over the previous carrier billing Overall Program Optimization – Unisys created a database of all active units and associated usage and made recommendations for deactivation or redeployment20
  21. 21. Verizon Wireless Client Situation Diverse work force of approximately 208,000 employees Verizon Wireless serves 42.1 million voice and data customers across the United States. International presence includes wireline and wireless operations and investments, primarily in the Americas and Europe Business Challenge & Objectives Unisys Solution Eliminate inefficiencies between disparate NOC Implement software to integrate several NOC systems and automate processes systems; automate processes; enable access to trouble ticket system via mobile devices Improve response times of field and NOC technicians Non-invasive implementation ensured the workforce remained continually operational Control costs associated with supporting a wireless network and its customers Software’s Presentation Level Integration (PLI) technology automatically navigates the network information systems; identifies the relevant pieces of information, and enters them into the trouble ticket system Business Benefits Savings of several minutes per incident – adding to hundreds of hours/day across all NOC technicians Efficient utilization of NOC resources; less administrative burden; more time for network management Immediate access to information – reduced repair time, especially on high priority trouble tickets Savings on communication costs Immediate updates to the trouble ticket system ensures accurate and timely reporting Significantly better equipment, resource and network utilization21
  22. 22. Thank You.