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Résumé (Dorothy Parker)


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One of Parker's most famous poems, based on her experience in attempting suicide the fist time by slitting her wrists in 1923

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Résumé (Dorothy Parker)

  1. 1. Juão Maya presents
  2. 2. RÉSUMÉ A poem by Dorothy Parker
  3. 3. NOTES ON “RÉSUMÉ” This little eight-line poem is one of Parker’s most famous, based on her experience in attempting suicide the first time by slitting her wrists in 1923.
  4. 4. The last line – “You might as well live” – is exactly what her friend Robert Benchley said to her at the time. It serves as the punch line or the reversal “point” of the classical epigram, with a switch to a resigned or unconcerned tone of voice contrasting with the methodical catalog of suicide attempts.
  5. 5. The theme of “Résumé” is death and suicide and the poem is fairly obvious in being a laundry list of suicide methods. But the theme could also be life, for it is too much hassle to cause death -- and Parker says in her poem that trying to commit suicide is harder than living.
  6. 6. RÉSUMÉ
  7. 7. Razors pain you;
  8. 8. Rivers are damp;
  9. 9. Acids stain you;
  10. 10. And drugs cause cramp.
  11. 11. Guns aren’t lawful;
  12. 12. Nooses give;
  13. 13. Gas smells awful;
  14. 14. You might as well live. MUSIC “Aria” – Goldberg Variations J. S. Bach Glenn Gould, piano Images from internet