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Grupo 1. england

  1. 1. Barn owlCan be found in the 5 continents. It has an average height of 35 cm.
  2. 2. Canada gooseIt is distributed by Canada and the British Isles.
  3. 3. Aquatic warblerIt is a bird that lives in Europe and Africa. It is a small bird of average height of 12.5 cm
  4. 4. FirecrestIts a very small bird, migrating flocks often and share with the other species.
  5. 5. GadwallIt size is half the male has got a black and gray plumage.
  6. 6. Hen harrierLives in Europe and America. It is between about 40-50 cm and the the size of their wings 125 cm.
  7. 7. Iceland gullDespite its name, doesnt live in Iceland but in Greenland and northern Europe. Its appearance is white and gray.
  8. 8. OspreyBirds prey of medium size spans all continents except Antarctica.
  9. 9. Common frog Is an amphibian. Is common in Europe live in damp places much of his adult part passes on the ground but when you attack gets into the water.
  10. 10. Common toad Is a very common animal in Europe in places with degree of contamination
  11. 11. Nattejack Can survive in fairly dry areas but having at least one adult pool measuring 6 to 8 inches.
  12. 12. Palmate newt Is an animal that from Felorvary to May makes 100-300 eggs
  13. 13. Smooth newt Is of salamander family and live in most of Europe.
  14. 14. Great crested newt Urodela is one of the most common in Europe. Has a crest of skin from neck to tail.
  15. 15. Common lizard Reptiles with some remarable fossil forms.
  16. 16. Smooth snake Do not have legs and are very elongated
  17. 17. Red squirrelThe red squirrel is one of the best known species worldwide and lives in Europe and Asia the deer
  18. 18. CervidsIs a ruminant . Its size is variable, being the largest elk (up to 450 kg), and the fawn or South American pudu, the smallest, with aboutand live in europe and america
  19. 19. ErinaceinosCommonly known as sea urchins with spines.
  20. 20. Common hamsterAlso called the European hamster or pig rye, is a species of rodent family Cricetidae miomorfo own in Europe. Subespecies.1 not recognized is often considered a pest offarmlands, 2 and has been trapped for their fur.
  21. 21. FerretThe domestic ferret is amustelid subspecies of the polecat. Other mammals of the family Mustelidae also have the word "ferret" in their common names. For example, a rare and protectedAmerican polecat known as black-footed ferret.