Fractured Fairytails


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Fractured Fairytails

  1. 1. FRACTURED FAIRYTALES.It is a sunny day. A hooded girl is crossing the Unicorn’s Road.Suddenly, an old man appears and says to the girl: “You will havean adventure with white end and black beginning”. The girl hatesthe puzzles, for this reason she pull out a knife and subjugate tothe soothsayer. She continue walking by the Unicorn’s Road untilarriving to the Weavers’ village. As soon as arriving she see aherd of people, but…they are people?!!They’re look like animals!!
  2. 2. A “rabbit-man” takes a step forward and says: ”I’m the mayor ofthe village”. The girl and the mayor began to speak. In thismoment the girl decides to go to the mountain of fire to defeatthe bloodthirsty dragon to break the curse that has prisoners tothe people of the village of weavers and makes them in animals.Suddenly the girl shouts to the air: ”Dragon!!! I promise to killyou!!!”. She walks and walks until, 3 days later arrive to themountain of fire.
  3. 3. Suddenly, the girl remember the prophecy. The sky is BLACK!Yet the girl rather than intimidate will go ahead.They spenthours and the girl was still climbing until they reached the top,and all he saw was a huge mass with wings that missed firethrough the mouth.The dragon!!The girl rushed on the with theknife in the hand with intention to kill him.
  4. 4. A fierce battle but in the end both died. The people freed fromthe curse. But the struggle didnt end there as the Dragon andthe girl were found in the sky.And continued this infinitestruggle that lasted until the end of time.A WHITEfinish. BY JUAN RAÍNDO RECONDO 2ºB THE ETERNAL PROPHECY