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Case study google_mobile_ads_corcoran

  1. 1. CASE STUDY | GOOGLE MOBILE ADS Corcoran Drives App Downloads Through Advertising on Mobile Apps Realizing Dreams for Living AT A GLANCE The Corcoran Group has grown and evolved since it was founded in 1973 by Barbara Corcoran. Initially serving only Manhattan and Brooklyn, over the years Corcoran has Goals expanded into other luxury markets in the Hamptons and South Florida. It is now the • Grow audience for their new largest real estate firm in New York City with over 2,000 agents in more than 25 iPhone app and increase offices across its various markets. downloads Technology Thought Leadership Approach • Google Mobile Ads on Apps A true technology innovator in the real estate targeting iPhones on the industry, Corcoran launched one of the first real Google Content Network estate websites, back in 1995. Today, it is an award-winning industry resource, attracting over 3.5 million unique visitors per Results month. • Click-through rates (CTR) 8 to 10 times higher than desktop campaigns Staying one step ahead of the competition, • Drove an estimated 20% of Corcoran saw the opportunity to use mobile apps as total app downloads a key marketing tool moving forward. In 2009, they developed a location-based mobile app to offer their clients rich location information such as nearby properties for sale or rent, open houses. “Developing a mobile app was really quite a natural fit,” explains Matthew Shadbolt, the Director of Internet Marketing who manages Corcoran’s online advertising strategy, “We are in an industry that’s all about location, location, location. We want Corcoran to be accessible to our clients wherever they are.” Corcoran further populated the app with local lifestyle and neighborhood content, providing users a real sense of what it’s like to live in the area, complete with shopping, nightlife and dining experiences. Additionally, Corcoran made it easy for users to get in touch with an agent directly from the application. The Power of Online Corcoran has an integrated marketing strategy that relies on both print and online advertising. The ability to measure online campaigns with Google AdWords has really demonstrated the power of online advertising. “Performance of print is hard to track… online advertising allows much better tracking and intelligence,” says Christina Lowris, Corcoran’s Executive Vice President of Advertising and Marketing. To build out their mobile app audience, Corcoran knew that online advertising would play a crucial rule in getting downloads for their mobile app. Shadbolt decided to extend their existing AdWords strategy to the mobile platform. “We knew that mobile [advertising] was going to be part of our strategy to grow our app user base. When we started developing our iPhone app, we were already thinking about how to promote within mobile.” © Copyright 2010. Google is a trademark of Google Inc. All other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.
  2. 2. CASE STUDY | GOOGLE MOBILE ADS Optimizing for Apps About Google AdWords Based on Google Analytics data, Corcoran saw that the majority of their apps users Google AdWords™ is a were based in the New York area. Shadbolt set up a geo-targeted mobile ads performance-based campaign in AdWords for the New York City metro and targeted iPhones to promote advertising program that downloads of their new app. enables businesses large and small to advertise on Google Taking advantage of the entire and its network of partner websites. Hundreds of Google Content Network, thousands of businesses Shadbolt tested mobile ads worldwide use AdWords for placements across search, text, image, and video ads content, and apps networks. Shadbolt discovered that mobile image banner ads on priced on a cost-per-click mobile apps performed the best, “CTR was off the charts in terms of impressions (CPC) and cost-per delivered." impression (CPM) basis. Built on an auction-based system, Additionally, AdWords provided Shadbolt the right performance information to AdWords is a highly optimize their campaign, "we were able to shift ad dollars on the fly, allowing us to quantifiable and cost effective capitalize on what is absolutely working. I'm really impressed with the flexibility about way to reach potential what's possible with Google." customers. For more information, visit Impressive Results Tracking results from Corcoran's online campaign show that investments in mobile have paid off. “CTR with Google mobile ads [for apps] is consistent and often even better that what we currently see online [on desktop],” Shadbolt says, “CTR when compared to desktop is on average 8 to 10 times higher.” With the app being used over 50,000 times and downloads pacing about 1,000 per week, even more notable was the number of conversions. Shadbolt explains, “generating a number of clicks was great, but even more impressive, was the direct effect on app downloads.” With an estimated 20% of Corcoran app downloads coming from the Google AdWords mobile apps campaign, Shadbolt is thrilled, “we’ve had a lot of fun doing the [mobile] ad campaign and are happy with how it’s transitioned,” says Shadbolt, “It complements everything that we are doing.” Corcoran continues to be at the forefront of new ideas, looking to experiment with advertising real estate listings in mobile apps. “We are learning that [mobile] is a very powerful approach to marketing the properties themselves,” says Shadbolt of their desktop search ad campaigns. “[Since] we’ve seen a really positive response from advertising on [mobile] apps, [we] hope to develop a similar strategy with [property] listings.” © Copyright 2010. Google is a trademark of Google Inc. All other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.