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Clinicas vitaldent jerez

  1. 1. CATEGORIA PUNTUACIÓN FINAL TITULO PSEUDONIMOREVISIÓN 33 Mucous membrane pemphigoid affecting the oral cavity: review MMPBIBLIOGRÁFICA on etiopathogenesis, diagnosis and treatmentREVISIÓN 40 Use of Lugols iodine in oral cancer diagnosis: An overview LUGOLBIBLIOGRÁFICAREVISIÓN 26 Clinical effects and treatment indications of Orthodontic DON CHISCIOTTEBIBLIOGRÁFICA aligner. A systematic review DELLA MANCIA E SANCHO PANZAREVISIÓN 35 Technologies for periodontal tissue repair DENTAL PROJECTBIBLIOGRÁFICAREVISIÓN 38 Effects of lingual anrch used as space maintainer on mandibular SCAMBIBLIOGRÁFICA arch dimension: A systematic reviewREVISIÓN 35 Ferrule effect: A literature review FERRULEBIBLIOGRÁFICAREVISIÓN 43 Interventions for treating oral lichen planus OLPBIBLIOGRÁFICAREVISIÓN 45 Associations between the masticatory system and muscle OBI-WAN KENOBI 2BIBLIOGRÁFICA activity of other body districtsREVISIÓN NO EVALUADO Interventions for replacing missing teeth: antibiotics at dental Marco EspositoBIBLIOGRÁFICA implant placement to prevent complications (review)REVISIÓN 26 TTM ¿Son la recesión económica y el desempleo factoresBIBLIOGRÁFICA predisponentes de trastornos temporomandibulares (TTM)?REVISIÓN 35 J.E.S.U. Estudio metanalítico sobre la aparición de complicacionesBIBLIOGRÁFICA oftalmológicas tras anestesia local odontológicaREVISIÓN 49 PERIO-BACTER-ORAL- Periodontal health status and bacteremia from daily oralBIBLIOGRÁFICA ACTIVITIES activities: systematic review/ Meta-AnalysisREVISIÓN 26 Resinas compuestas reforzadas: una década mejorando DIANA S.BIBLIOGRÁFICA carencias.REVISIÓN 26 Efectos del preparado de plasma rico en plaquetas en la tasa de PLASMA Y GRASABIBLIOGRÁFICA mantenimiento del infiltrado de grasa autólogaREVISIÓN 26 CÉSARBIBLIOGRÁFICA Farmacología aplicada al dolor en endononciaINVESTIGACIÓN 89 Clinical evaluation of Cresco system in combination with Clinical evaluation ofCLÍNICA Osseospeed fixtures: 3 years follow -up Cresco systemINVESTIGACIÓN 67 Clinical Evaluation of Immediate Loading of Screw-Retained WAKARASHI78CLÍNICA Fixed Prostheses Supported by Tilted Implant: A Multicenter Retrospective StudyINVESTIGACIÓN 65 Diagnostic performance of dental maturity for identification of OBI-WAN KENOBICLÍNICA skeketal maturation phaseINVESTIGACIÓN 50 Immediate restoration and loading of Phibo implants in a ODONTOVRCLÍNICA patient with mandibular edentulismINVESTIGACIÓN 50 Orthodontic and Orthognathic management of a patient with DOTTOR CANINOCLÍNICA mandibular asymmetry mandibular-maxillary hypoplasia and DORO anterior open bite; a case reportINVESTIGACIÓN 60 Early oral cancer T1- T2 NO: Correlation between histological ORAL SCCCLÍNICA prognostic factors and prognosis in 121 casesINVESTIGACIÓN 50 A new cheap and fast alternative for implant rehabilitations THE SNAKE IMPLANTCLÍNICA with low quantity of bone: "The snake implant"INVESTIGACIÓN 58 Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS): Long term OSAS "OBSTRUCTIVECLÍNICA efficacy of mandibular antherior repositioner (MAR) in adult SLEEP APNEA patients SYNDROME"INVESTIGACIÓN 92 Study of clinical and radiological extension of biophosphonate- OSTEONECROSICLÍNICA related osteonecrosis of the jaw: diagnostic and therapeutic implicationsINVESTIGACIÓN 67 Acneiform resh due to Epidemal Growth Factor Receptors ACNEIFORM RASHCLÍNICA Inhibitors: High Level Laser Therapy as an innovative approach AND HLLTINVESTIGACIÓN 85 Autologous cell therapy for acceleration of tissue repair in Autologous cell therapy forCLÍNICA human extraction sockets acceleration of tissue repair in human extraction socketsINVESTIGACIÓN 83 In vivo evaluation of different biomaterials for bone grafting in BONE GRAFTCLÍNICA the posterior region of the upper maxilla: A morphological evaluation and immunohistochemical analysis in human
  2. 2. INVESTIGACIÓN 85 Prospective clinical evaluation of 201 direct laser metal CLDLMFCLÍNICA forming (DLMF) implants: results from a 1 year multicenter study on 62 patientsINVESTIGACIÓN 65 Unstimulated whole saliva flow rate, pH, kinematic viscosity CATEMAGGIACLÍNICA and body profiles of healthy young adultsINVESTIGACIÓN 79 Implant placement in combination with sinus membrane Sinus LiftingCLÍNICA elevation without biomaterials: Aone year study on 15 patientsINVESTIGACIÓN NO EVALUADO "Effectiveness of prophylactic antibiotics at placement of Marco EspositoCLÍNICA dental implants: a pragmatic multicentre placebo-controlled randomised clinical trial"INVESTIGACIÓN 84 Aesthetic outcome at maxillary incisors replaced by Single ToothCLÍNICA conventionally placed dental implants and correlation with buccal bone dimensions. A retrospective case seies with a 5 year follow-upINVESTIGACIÓN NO EVALUADO Microbiological profile and inflammatory biomarkers under MicrogingCLÍNICA naturally-occurring and experimentally-induced gengivitisINVESTIGACIÓN 95 Sodium iodide associated to salicyceic acid in the topical SISACLÍNICA management of of chornic oral candidiasisINVESTIGACIÓN 70 Computer assistec dental rehabilitation in free flaps Facial reconstructionCLÍNICA reconstructed jaws. One year follow-up of a prospective clinical studyINVESTIGACIÓN 50 Traumatismos dentales en el medio laboral: descripción Promoviendo la saludCLÍNICA epidemiológica y desarrollo de una guía para mejorar la bucodental de los asistencia inicial y y la derivación a especialistas en una mutua trabajadores de accidentes de trabajo y enfermedades profesionales de ámbito nacionalINVESTIGACIÓN 61 Por la salud bucodental de Enfermedad periodontal y riesgo cardiovascular en la poblaciónCLÍNICA la población trabajadora laboral españolaINVESTIGACIÓN 71 Caracterización de las subpoblaciones linfocitarias en mucosa CERATECLÍNICA oral. Estudio comparativo entre implantes sumergidos yno sumergidosINVESTIGACIÓN 83 Marcello Malphigi Caracterización inmunomorfológica de las lesiones quísticasCLÍNICA maxilares con rasgos de queratinizaciónINVESTIGACIÓN 89 CARIÁTIDECLÍNICA The oral microbiome in health and diseaseINVESTIGACIÓN 87 San PabloCLÍNICA Alternativa a los injertos oseos: implantes pterigoideos y zigomáticosINVESTIGACIÓN 83 Océano, 2011CLÍNICA Management of drooling in disabled patients with scopolamine patchesINVESTIGACIÓN 79 The effect of high-dose xylitol in high risk caries subjects - a 2- Xylitol - gcampusCLÍNICA years randomized clinical trialINVESTIGACIÓN 62 Peri-implant collagen fibers around human Direct Laser Metal SODLMFCLÍNICA Forming (DLMF) dental implants. A light microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) studyINVESTIGACIÓN 55 Clinical use of force plate in the avaluation of the relationship RELIABILITYCLÍNICA between dental occlusion and postureINVESTIGACIÓN 60 Prevalence and distribution of endodontic treatments and apical Prevalence and distributionCLÍNICA periodontitisin an italian population sample of endodontic treatments and apical periodontitisin an italian population sampleINVESTIGACIÓN 58 Lip pressure at rest and during function in 2 groups of patients COSTA TURCHINACLÍNICA with different occlusionsINVESTIGACIÓN 56 Gingival crevicular fluid alkaline phosphatase activity as a non- OBI-WAN KENOBICLÍNICA invasive biomarker of skeletal maturationINVESTIGACIÓN 70 The ephitelial-mesenchymal transition in oral cancerogenesis Oral CancerogénesisBÁSICAINVESTIGACIÓN 70 Radiographic fractal analysis correlates with implant insertion Fractal AnalysisBÁSICA torque in a rabbit trabecular bone modelINVESTIGACIÓN 60 Influence of simulated bone-implant contact and implant OsstellBÁSICA diameter on secondary stability: A resonance frequency experimental studyINVESTIGACIÓN 63 A Finite Element Model to Investigate the Performance of ABBÁSICA Different Orthodontic Devices for Mandibular Distraction Osteogenesis
  3. 3. INVESTIGACIÓN 60 In vitro study of coronal leakage in endodontic treated teeth: ALFAOMEGABÁSICA Three techniques to comparison: Microseal, Thermafil, System BINVESTIGACIÓN 64 Analysis of preclinical animal model of behaviour of MESENCHYMAL STEMBÁSICA mesenchymal stem cells from amniotic fluid scaffolds of CELLS hydroxyapatiteINVESTIGACIÓN 69 Evaluation of the gene expression profile of healthy and MICROARRAYBÁSICA inflamed human dental pulp pbtained by microarray techniqueINVESTIGACIÓN 89 Commitment to the osteoblast lineage is not required for MANNAHUN 1BÁSICA RANKL Gene ExpressionINVESTIGACIÓN 86 The effects of Er: YAG laser treatment on titanium surface MANNAHUN 2BÁSICA profile and osteoblastic cell activity: an in vitro studyINVESTIGACIÓN 94 Implant topography controls the activation of wnt/b-catenin MANNAHUN 3BÁSICA signaling in mesenchymal cellsINVESTIGACIÓN 80 The effects of dentin treatment by er: yag laser on periodontal MANNAHUNBÁSICA fibroblasts and osteoblasts: an in vitro modelINVESTIGACIÓN 91 Pharmacological control of cytoskeletal organitation reverses MANNAHUNBÁSICA the effects of implant surfaces on Wnt/b-catenin signaling and osteoblastic cell differentiationINVESTIGACIÓN 93 Rough implant surfaces protect cells from oxidative stress MANNAHUNBÁSICA through foxO/b-caterin signalingINVESTIGACIÓN 80 Influence of chlorhexidine on the degree of conversion and E- CHX-DC-EBÁSICA modulus of experimental ashesive blendsINVESTIGACIÓN 75 Degree of conversion and interfacial nanoleakage expression of DC-SEBÁSICA three one- step self-etch adhesivesINVESTIGACIÓN 90 Chlorhexidine stabilizes the adhesive interface: A 2-year in CHX- 2YRSBÁSICA vitro studyINVESTIGACIÓN 75 Contraction stress, elastic modulus and degree of conversion of FC-STRESSBÁSICA three flowable compositesINVESTIGACIÓN 75 Contraction stress of low-shrinkage composite materials LOW-SH-STRESSBÁSICA assessed with different testing systemsINVESTIGACIÓN 90 Use of a specific MMP inhibitor (Galardin) for preservation of MMP- GalBÁSICA hybrid layerINVESTIGACIÓN 95 Development of the Foremost Light-curable Calcium lc- MTA bioactiveBÁSICA Silicate MTA cement as Root-End in Oral Surgery. material Chemical-Physical Properties, Bioactivity and Biological BehaviourINVESTIGACIÓN NO EVALUADO Evaluation of over - Etching technique in the endodontically Evaluation of over -BÁSICA treated tooth restoration Etching technique in the endodontically treated tooth restorationINVESTIGACIÓN 88 PYXIS Nuevos cementos de fosfato de magnesio para aplicacionesBÁSICA endodónticasINVESTIGACIÓN 90 Improvement of the long term reliability of Zirconia dental IMPROZIRBÁSICA implantsINVESTIGACIÓN 86 TITANIC Involvement of extracellular HSP72 in wear particles-mediatedBÁSICA osteolysisINVESTIGACIÓN 86 Wear around dental implants: effects of titanium particles on ADHESIÓN FATALBÁSICA osteoblast attachment machineryINVESTIGACIÓN 94 Role of Rhoa/ Rock signaling in contact guidance of bone- ROCK&RHOBÁSICA forming cells on anisotropic TI6AL4V surfacesINVESTIGACIÓN 87 BONE CELLS Uso de la terapia celular en la regeneración-reparación ósea deBÁSICA un defecto cavitario en mandíbula de rataINVESTIGACIÓN 93 DEPAYFIP Ocurrence of cleft palate and alteration of tgf-B3 expressionBÁSICA and mechanisms and the mechanisms leading to palatal fusion in mice following a dietaryINVESTIGACIÓN 60 FAT AND PRP Influencia del plasma rico en plaquetas en las característicasBÁSICA histológicas del infiltrado de grasa autóloga en labio superior de conejosINVESTIGACIÓN 55 Materiales dentales cerámicos: cómo entender su EBORISBÁSICA comportamiento
  4. 4. INVESTIGACIÓN 75 Dr. Bacterio Interacción de bacterias implicadas en la formación de placaBÁSICA dento-bacteriana con superficies de titanio comercialmente puro in vitro y su asociación con la peri-implantitis.INVESTIGACIÓN 75 SURFACEPROTEINSCE Interactions between titanium surfaces and biologicalBÁSICA LLS componentsINVESTIGACIÓN 80 Biological evaluation of bioactive nanohybrid scaffolds for BioEvalDentScaffBÁSICA dentinal engineeringINVESTIGACIÓN 90 Development of collagen-containing calcium phosphate ESFERABÁSICA cements and their application to the fabrication of micro and nanostructured hydroxypatite/collagen microcarriers for bone tissue engineeringINVESTIGACIÓN 89 ACELERACIÓNBÁSICA Aceleración del movimiento dentario ortodóncico mediante la MOVIMIENTO modificación genética, molecular, y quirúrgica DENTARIOINVESTIGACIÓN 90 Estudio experimental de la osteonecrosis producida por ASCENSIÓNBÁSICA bifosfonatos nitrogenados BIFOSFONATOS