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Verbal phrases

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Juan Carlos Núñez Cardoso Cód.: 1070611821
  2. 2. A verbal phrase is the combination of a main verb and one or more auxiliary verbs. Verb phrase = main verb + auxiliary verbs links (optional) a primary verb in no personal form (infinitive, gerund or participle)
  3. 3. Verb phrases with infinitive and present participle can take the place of nouns. Verbal present participle phrases used as nouns are also called gerundias phrases. Infinitive verb phrases can act as adverbs. Verb phrases with the present participle or past participle can act as adjectives, and in this case also called participle phrases. Verbal phrases that are not essential to the meaning of the phrase are separated by commas.
  4. 4. They are waiting for the rain to stop. Why is she staying at home? Jack is not taking any breaks.
  5. 5. Shanon will meet us there. Will you help us? He can speak more than ten languages. Should I call you?
  6. 6. They have replaced all the locks. My brother has been working there for over five years. They have not seen it.
  7. 7. Was it baked? His heart was broken.