English Final Project III


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English Final Project III

  1. 1. Merry Christmas MERRY CHRISTMAS Unit 1; New Friends, New Face Unit 2; Express Yourself! Unit 3; What do we Need? Unit 4; Around the World Unit 5; Vacation! Unit 6; All about You. Members: Juan Vera, José Martinez and Suanalyn Varela
  2. 2. Unit; Personnel Juan Vera My name’s Juan Vera you can call me Juancho. I’m from Maracaibo  originally. I’m 18 years old and. I study Accountancy at URBE. My favorites hobbies are listen some music and playing soccer I love the pizza, chocolate , fries, and the popcorn My dreams are trips to Spain and Italy, visit the Eiffel tower in France. I want to graduate from Accountancy school and be an excellent professional.
  3. 3. My name is Jose Martinez, I have 19 years, studying industrial engineering in URBE, My favorite game is baseball, I like to travel and have many friends. In the future I would like to be a great professional and a family. Unit; Personnel José Martínez
  4. 4. Unit; Personnel Suanalyn varela Hi, There!! My name’s Suanalyn varela you can call me Sunny I’m from Maracaibo originally. I live in Maracaibo in coromoto. I’m 18 years old and. I study social communication at URBE. My favorites hobbies are listen to music, check Facebook everyday, watch TV and send messages for to my cellular phone.
  5. 5. Unit 1; New Friends, New Face First Name: Demetria Devonne Last Name: Lovato Hart Age: 18 years old City: Texas Country: United States Language: English Occupation: Student and Actress Interest: I enjoy listening to music(pop, rock and dance) going to the movies, and traveling. E-mail address: demilovato@gmail.com Message: Hello! I am a very special girl and I like meeting new friends and thank you all.
  6. 6. Unit 2; Express Yourself! 5.SMILE 4.YELLL 6.HAPPY 7.CRY 3.FROWN2,BORED 1.EMBARRASSED
  7. 7. Unit 3; What do we Need? Santa Claus and Christmas Meat and poultry Ham chicken ham bread Vegetables olives onion potatoes grapes nuts pasas it came ponche cream champagne Fruit Drinks Meat and poultry = cakes Drinks = hot chocolate cup
  8. 8. Unit 4; Around the Word In the world Christmas is celebrated And the arrival of Santa Claus
  9. 9. Unit 5; Vacation! This is a place where you can spend a spectacular day with your family. Six things you should wear to be comfortable in this place: 1.-Jacket 2.-Gloves 3.-Eating 4.-Water 5.-Vitamin 6.-Shoes
  10. 10. Unit 6; All about You. She is a girl who in his free times devotes herself is to composing songs and some of his favorite puzzles are to dance, to sing, to play tennis, to touch piano and the important for her is to act in series for young.
  11. 11. Well this level three helped me learn more about how to upload videos for web sites to the blogger, also helped me to interact and exchange ideas with my classmates and all the things learned from my pretty teacher Reflection Juan Vera
  12. 12. Reflection José Martínez With This level. I'm learning a lot, more words from another language, I meet new people and exchange ideas. In each unit I learned something new.