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  1. 1. Cheeked: New shopping experince Avatar with changeable and selectable Filter items A wish-list/closet that keeps track of items likes and will update when items go on sale The ability to rate each item, with each rating the filter becomes more tailored to the user. Making it so one never has to leave the page to continue shopping.
  2. 2. The Team GM at Commercial Casting (manufacturing) with 50+ employeesRussell HartmanCo-Founder Television Producer on a variety of reality television programsJuan Carlos LugoCo-Founder
  3. 3. Market: $26 Billion in online clothes sales Quarter Online sales Online clothing sales Q1 2010 33.9B 4.4B Q2 2010 32.9B 4.2B Q3 2010 32.1B 4.1B Q4 2010 43.4B 5.6B Q1 2011 38B 4.9B Q2 2011 37.5B 4.8B Q3 2011 36.3B 4.7BWith Online sales increasing and a Clothing industry increasing with population growth, the market it is a market with fierce competition, but Prime for growth.
  4. 4. Competitors: Current online retailers Amazon, Buy, Ebay  Potential Entrants  None have consumer  Continual entry of small profile pages retailers  Current product  The availability of the 15 suggestions consist of minute website allows what others have bought for continual entry of after viewing. store front websites. Their Advantages  Our break in Ability  Large following existing  Visual filters.  Optimized process  Allowing the same 15 control minute enter into business
  5. 5. Value to Consumer Cheeked amazon Ebay 15 Minute Web storeFiltering Already set to Designers, Visual Filtering, Only one gender, doesnt price and no catalog, designer, filter designers gender search heavy articles and only styles limited styles Price Market Typically under Biding, name Market market their priceBenefits Saves time Saves money Saves money, Direct from Makes Very quick and Designer shopping easy return personal. policy,
  6. 6. Value to Vendors 15 minute Cheeked Amazon Ebay siteCost Free to small .99 per sale $16-300, plus Monthly fees, designers, plus other small fee per budget needed Pricing seller fees, or product, of marketing unavailable for 39.99 a month premium item larger seller at plus other, Pay display on this time. for page when advertisements searchedBenefits Specific Ease of use, Large More loyal marketing to Huge exposure exposure, users. specific users. Supply and demand profitably
  7. 7. User Acquisition Word of Mouth  Use of small  Fashion & Viral, Blogs, designer sites designer Twitter and as promoters schools and Facebook network pages. advertisements Direct Email  PR  SEO and  Buzz organic search marketing Markups
  8. 8. Business Model Consumer/ User created pages Transactions of sales. vendor give custom Commission taken. Acquisition suggestions Paid vendor Higher tendency for Transactions processed pages for larger purchases and funds collected and Designers. Personal Page disbursed to vendors. creates a home base for preferred return of users.Additional future models: Expansion to alternate industries Computers, cars, events,activities, possible profile advertisements