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Wug2012 microsoft improving data management payroll and accounting


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Descubra como Microsoft ahorra dinero simplificando su operación SAP en contabilidad y nómina con la solución Winshuttle.

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Wug2012 microsoft improving data management payroll and accounting

  1. 1. October 16-17
  2. 2. Improving Data Management, Payroll,and Accounting at MicrosoftTrevor Geiger HDM Process LeadCheryl Wold Senior HDM AnalystTuesday, October 16th
  3. 3. Agenda• Introduction• SAP at Microsoft• Headcount Data Management• Challenges• Identifying areas of implementation• Data entry process changes• ROI• Conclusion
  4. 4. SpeakersTrevor Geiger Cheryl WoldHDM Process Lead HDM Senior Analyst6 years with Microsoft 7 years with Microsoft6 years SAP experience 5 years SAP experience1 ½ years WS experience 2 years WS experienceFishing, hunting, reading, Golf, running, reading,enjoying the “lake season” Steelers
  5. 5. SAP at Microsoft• SAP 6.0 – HR Module: • HeadCount Data Management • US Payroll • Accounting Services – Finance Module: • Compensation & Benefits
  6. 6. What Our Group Does• Where are we located?• Who do we work with?• What are our goals?• What we do in SAP?
  7. 7. Challenges?• Too many requests/not enough time• SOX controls• Too much manual data entry• SAP upload restrictions
  8. 8. Identifying Areas of Implementation• Repetitive transactions – Requests from others – Daily audits – Manual entries/projects – SAP uploads• Complex SAP entries• Cross group utilization
  9. 9. Data Entry Process Changes• Customizable – Individual Infotypes • Select Infotype and Subtype using Direct Selection window – SAP vs. WinShuttle• Winshuttle changes – runSHUTTLE vs. transactionSHUTTLE – (aka RUNNER vs TRANSACTION)
  10. 10. Data Entry Process Changes (cont’d)• Scripting – Standard SAP wizard scripting – Unconventional scripting• Streamlining data templates
  11. 11. ROI• Correcting WinShuttle manual time• Identifying ROI by admin only – Demo• Excel macro
  12. 12. Conclusion• WinShuttle vs. SAP vs. manual• Ongoing review of WinShuttle scripts• Expanding to other groups
  13. 13. Questions
  14. 14. Thank you