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  1. 1. London
  2. 2. London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. This city is one of the most populated cities of Europe. This city has 7,512,400 habitants. London's population is composed of a wide range of ethnicities, cultures, and religions, and in the city speak over 300 languages.
  3. 3. Places and monuments to visit. Tower of London : is a historic fortress and scheduled monument in central London, on the north bank of the River Thames.
  4. 4. Big Ben: is the nickname for the great bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster.
  5. 5. Trafalgar Square : is a square in central London.I t is a tourist attraction; and one of the most famous squares in the United Kingdom and the world.
  6. 6. Abbey Road: is a thoroughfare located in the borough of Camden and the City of Westminster.
  7. 7. St Paul's Cathedral: is the Anglican cathedral on Ludgate Hill in the City of London and the seat of the Bishop of London.
  8. 8. Tower Bridge: is a combined bascule and suspension bridge in London, over the River Thames. It has become an iconic symbol of London.
  9. 9. Buckingham Palace: is the official London residence of the British monarch.Located in the City of Westminster, the palace is a setting for state occasions and royal hospitality.
  10. 10. You can also visit some museums such as: British Museum, Science Museum, Natural History Museum,National Maritime Museum and Royal, National Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum, among others. You can not leave London without visiting other places and monuments like these: Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Parliament Square, Hyde Park, Regent's Park, The Mall, Piccadilly Circus and so on. Walking through the downtown districts of Westminster and the City becomes a great appeal to the senses. Thousands of pubs, dozens of theaters, hundreds of parks, markets such as Covent Garden, nightlife and shopping areas of the West End.
  11. 11. Important people that born in London. Charles Darwin Charles Dickens
  12. 12. William Shakespeare Isaac Newton
  13. 13. Amy Winehouse Lady Diana
  14. 14. Leona Lewis Prince Charles Oliver Cromwell Oscar Wilde Elizabeth Taylor Coldplay
  15. 15. You have to visit London because it is one of the most important city in the world with a great social, racial, cultural mix, etc.. We can also look beautiful monuments and places of interest, you can also walk for its beautiful and different streets and we can highlight its fantastic underground network and its double-decker buses. There is a great nightlife, you can also attend various shows. People seem to be polite and friendly. Another thing to note would be the price, though a bit high, it is worth. Why you should visit London
  16. 16. Come to London and discover the greatest beauty imaginable. Fall in love with their neighborhoods, their squares, its parks, its museums and monuments, its people, their all. Centuries back in time and blend between sensations. Stop dreaming and discover for yourself the most beautiful dream on the Thames at the feet of his unattainable Big Ben!
  17. 17. London with all five senses…. look, listen, touch, smell and taste
  18. 18. LONDON María Gracia Barranco Garés & José Antonio Llamas Carmona