How managers become leaders v2


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How managers become leaders v2

  1. 1. + How Managers Become Leaders The seven seismic shifts of perspective and responsibility From the Harvard Business Review June 2012
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. + From leading a function to leading an 3 enterprise To make the transition successfully, executives must navigate a tricky set of changes in their leadership focus and skills… the seven seismic shifts
  4. 4. + 4 The Seven Seismic Shifts Problem Supporting Specialist Tactician Bricklayer Analyst to solver to Warrior to cast to to to integrator agenda diplomat member to generalist strategist architect setter lead role
  5. 5. + 5 Specialist to Generalist Understand the mental models, tools, and terms used in key business functions and develop templates for evaluating the leaders of those functions.
  6. 6. + 6 Analyst to Integrator Integrate the collective knowledge of crossfunctional teams and make appropriate trade-offs to solve complex organizational problems.
  7. 7. + Tactician to Strategist 7 Shift fluidly between the details and the larger picture, perceive important patterns in complex environments, and anticipate and influence the reactions of key external players.
  8. 8. + Bricklayer to Architect 8Understand how to analyzeand design organizationalsystems so that strategy,structure, operatingmodels, and skill bases fittogether effectively andefficiently, and harness thisunderstanding to makeneeded organizationalchanges.
  9. 9. + Problem Solver to Agenda Setter 9Define the problems theorganization should focus on,and spot issues thatdon’t fall neatly intoany one functionbut are still important.
  10. 10. + Warrior to Diplomat 10Proactively shape theenvironment in which thebusiness operates byinfluencing key externalconstituencies, includingthe government, NGOs,the media, and investors.
  11. 11. + Supporting cast member to lead 11 roleExhibit the right behaviors as a role model forthe organization and learn to communicatewith and inspire large groups of people bothdirectly and, increasingly, indirectly.
  12. 12. + 12 How to Develop Strong Enterprise Leaders At the time of their When their Sometime just first enterprise- Early in their leadership promise before their first level promotion, careers, give becomes evident, enterprise place new potential leaders… give high promotion, send enterprise leaders potentials… rising stars… in units that are… Experience on cross- A position on a senior functional projects and then management team responsibility for them Small, distinct, and thriving Experience with external To a substantial executive stakeholders (investors, the program that addresses media, key customers) such capabilities as organizational design, An international assignment business process (if it’s a global business) improvement, and transition An assignment as chief of management, and allows staff for an experienced them to build external enterprise leader networks Exposure to a broad range Staffed with an experienced of business situations: and assertive team that startup, accelerated growth, they can learn from An appointment to lead an sustaining success, acquisition integration or a realignment, turnaround, substantial restructuring and shutdown