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  1. 1. I ‘ .5 Q l l football. YOU ílennls- - Play - Play plays plays Correct Correct 0 -: '- . Ürï’ He vldeo games. She rugby. Play Pla)‘ - plays - plays Correct Correct JO . a We the guitar. u: 2 q I-ura 4 ¡- Play ' Play - plays plays Correct Correct - Play - Play plays plays Correct Correct You the piano. They basketball.
  2. 2. g & ¡ ncusn u xnuhrs Mundua: m n. .. ¡ncrnsns m laarn ¡nqllsh W r, u a . .n. .,. ... .,. ¡.. .., »., vall)» . ... ..s. ys .4?“ .1 uma“. nurun PRESENT SIMPLE : forms New English l l" School in NYC Save Up To S960 With No Entry Fea. x ‘un Campaign Ends you hka n; nus í mas ¿Í l! ‘ lmií wa me you ‘ like muy uu
  3. 3. Enmpu l you Example Hal su “ All Correctl Vmw store IS 190% luuwnsnlnnth Keen Wcrklng Men Exercise - JI You (wash) Él? ! Ihe mi un Tuesday I‘. We «wash-l ¡nah me car m Wedmsdnv n. They (wasnlwnnhlna m: un ïbursday in He (msmnmmome ca: on Fnday ‘Jr Sho (wash) menu me cat on Saturday 7! u Mosh) unha ¡he ca: on Sunday
  4. 4. x l lney (sandy) mw Engusn un ‘Iuesday 7» He ¡marquen on Tuesday 3 l r Mesh) wuhma cu! on weanasuay «ws (mohoonkonsmmy m You (washlvfll m She wash) fi 7x Wa (sludyllflá B» II (Cook) neon un Thucsday LH He lsludy) mas Engush m Fnmy m; you (wash) ¡un me cal on Thursday xllThoy (Cook) moi un Wednesaay m She (sludy) ¡mu English m Ïhuvsday El‘ AII Correct! vauv «me rs 100%. K269 Walking Nexl Exslcfie -
  5. 5. no ,1.. . 4.» .41“:
  6. 6. Eumphl ‘mu ‘ Example H- in. - nn l took r. l l m. m. .. l con ‘cock m‘ Tnuzáññ‘: h cookl rm Ñamññy T l u run nunk: 47 All Correct! v "mw. - Kwv www; Nwtl Exuscww «
  7. 7. Your results You answered 9 tasks out of 1o correctly. That is 90%. We call our dog. Emma dreams in the lessons. : They look at birds. John comes home from school. I meet my friends. He repairs the laptop. . _ Walterand Frank says hello. " Correníswalterand Frank say hello. The cat sits under the tree. j: You drink water. e She targets the lunchbox.
  8. 8. Your results Vou answered 8 tasks out of 1o correttly. That is 80%. Ising >sheslngs 0 Iplay -she plays 0 Iread vshe reads (a I go y she goes 0 I ask . she asks Ü I carry - she carries H I enjoy , she enjoys Iwash -shewashs Corredis: I wash A she washes Icall whecalls I cry - she crys» BGÓ Comctis: I cry r she cries
  9. 9. mu». “m”. mw ‘y m-. . in vv- v- n 3. . ,. . .. . ... ...