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B2 B Carbon Business Development Strategy


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Why is Greening the North American Retail Manufacturing supply base important? The U.S. is late to the party but there are proposals in the nation’s capital seeking at least 17% Carbon Footprint Reduction in 10 years. Both onshore & offshore partners, big & small companies will be impacted. This free (overview) presentation provides a standard business development approach for companies seeking to maintain existing market share are the Green Supply Chain Revolution gains stream. The racers left the starting line July 2010. We hit the second milestone in October 2010 w/ a Presidential Environmental Order. Retail manufacturers and global don’t get lapped as the third milestone approaches this fall.

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B2 B Carbon Business Development Strategy

  1. 1. B2B Environmental Business Development Process John Wilkerson, CPSM, SSMBB Bellwether Services
  2. 2. Overview  Prospecting  Teaming  Qualifying  Proposal  Decision Making  Grow Business  Key Takeaway
  3. 3. Prospecting  Generate new prospects (via referrals, networking, trade associations, conferences)  Marketing value (branding, advertising)  Understand prospects buying process  Look at existing customer base for opportunities
  4. 4. Teaming  Understand internal capabilities  Research marketplace (via referrals, trade associations, networking, conferences, blogs, social media)  Understand external capabilities  Developed targeted solutions
  5. 5. Qualifying  Probe and assess needs with decision-maker  Qualify the buyer  Create a buying vision that maps product / service to business needs
  6. 6. Proposal  Understand value proposition  Demonstrate to decision-maker your ability to meet their needs  Ask for the business  Issue the proposal
  7. 7. Decision Making  Clearly define requirements  Negotiate  Close the sale
  8. 8. Grow Business  Complete the work (deliver the product / service)  Follow-up with the customer  Measure value
  9. 9. Key Take Away  Identify value early  Create strategic vision  Seek teaming partners to expand capabilities  Demonstrate value  Communicate customer satisfaction
  10. 10. About the Presenter: John Wilkerson is Vice President and Global Supply Chain Practice Leader at Bellwether Services, a Strategic Management consultancy providing High Performance solutions across numerous sectors including; Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, CPG, Food, Beverage, Automotive, Logistics, Chemicals, Private Equity, and Electronics as well as Defense, and Healthcare. Wilkerson is a respected industry expert and has extensive operations, analysis, and due diligence experience in Supply Chain, Sourcing, Manufacturing, IT, and Operational Excellence experience. He is a Certified Professional in Supply Management and Lean Six Sigma Master Black belt TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP RESOURCES: HTTP://WWW.ENVIRONMENTALLEADER.COM HTTP://GREEN.YAHOO.COM/BLOG HTTP://WWW.AMAZON.COM/GP/PRODUCT/TAGS-ON-PRODUCT/1934947369/REF=TAG_DPP_CUST_EDPP_SA HTTP://GREEN-SUPPLY-CHAIN.BLOGSPOT.COM HTTP://WWW.BELLWETHER-SERVICES.COM/ABOUTUS.HTM