Networking for your first job


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Networking for your first job

  1. 1. Networking for Your First Job An overview of techniques you can use to find your next position.
  2. 2. Basic Job Search  Where to look to find Open Positions  eRecruiting /  Job Aggregators  This sites crawl the web for postings and add them to their database allowing you to search across many companies at one time     Big Job Boards - and there were two  These are paid sites and the two largest by far:  
  3. 3. Searching Sites: allows for both basic and complexsearching of job postings. The Basic search findsjobs by keywords, industry and location.Advanced Search Options are similar to Google’s With all of these words  Show jobs from Job With the exact phrase Boards Or Companies With at least one of  Salary estimate these words  Location – By Radius With none of these words  Age of Posting With these words in  Number per page the title  Sort by Relevance or From this company Date Show jobs of type – FT,
  4. 4. Searching Sites: simplyhired.comSimplyhired begins with a very basic search. Afteryou enter your search criteria there are a group offilters allow you to pinpoint your search. Here arethe key features you can leverage: Create an email alert  Search by Job Type Save the Search  Education Search by Keywords  Add Special Filters Limit results by  Include or Exclude location Job Boards Filter by Posting date  Exclude Recruiters By Title  Track your Searches Limit results by
  5. 5. Alternative Places to Find a Job  Search for jobs  Join Speical Interest Groups  Job Postings here are free and targeted  Free to post your resume  Job Postings are free in most cities Facebook Marketplace USA&gc=01002&r=30 Search for Jos on Google  Sample job search string:  economics resume|cv -"sample resume" "great benefits"|"apply to"|"submit resume"|intitle:jobs|intitle:careers
  6. 6. How to Change Your Odds The key is to stand out in the selection process and not be lost in an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Use the internet to research what type of responsibilities interest you and who is currently doing or has done it the past. These are people who can offer advice on what skills the company is looking for, who the hiring manager for a particular group maybe and how they were able to navigate the hiring process and land their present job.
  7. 7. How to Start Networking Leverage the UMass Minuteman Mentors Program Join Linkedin  Build out a full profile  Include contact information on your profile. Use (at) and (dot) in your email address. Example: john.turnberg AT gmail dot com  Send invites to a few of your friends in Linkedin  Go all in and invite 100‟s of recruiters   Use your expanded network to find new contacts  Leverage Alumni  Search to find a person who was experience in the role:  Search for additional people
  8. 8. Contact People! Send a Message in Linkedin Send a Message through Facebook  Search for people and match their pictures, school or company  Simply „Message‟ the person with a thoughtful, professional message Find their email addresses at work  Search on Google for: Name +”@company”  Try common email patterns  “”  Call the person‟s office and ask for them
  9. 9. Take Control and Make it Happen  Don‟t be afraid to connect people by email or by phone  Stay in contact with people  The best time to network is before you need a job  Today is the second best time to begin networking  Just because someone does not respond, does not mean they have forgotten you  It can take weeks to months for people to reply to you  In recruiting, only 30% of messages are returned when calling from a top tier company. Set your expectations appropriately and ensure when you do connect your pitch/message clearly describes your value statement.