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Mtp 3 lesson 1


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Mtp 3 lesson 1

  1. 1. The Multimedia Thematic Project Part IV Jocelyn Stewart CMP/555 March 18, 2013 Mark Clauberg
  2. 2. Today, I will be to determine the role of digital media in my life. What qualities do you need to be successful? What role does digital media play in your life? Take out your composition notebook. Login Media Digital Media Simile Consume • Planner • Bellwork • Discussion • Video • Discussion • Activity • Wrap-up Ask your parent what are their concerns about your internet usage. Environment Communicators
  3. 3. Today, I will Determine the role of digital media in my life. Learn about the 24/7, social nature of digital media Learn that it is important to act responsibly when carrying out relationships over digital media Objective
  4. 4. What is media? Give some examples of media. What is digital media? Give some examples of digital media. What is the difference between. Class Discussion
  5. 5. What does “consume media” mean? What are examples of things you do with one-way media, such as TVs or radios? What are some of the ways that people communicate with or share with others over digital media? Check up
  6. 6. Media Digital media Simile Consume Vocabulary
  7. 7. Video
  8. 8. What media did you see? What type of digital media was shown? What are some things you learned from the video? Video Reflection
  9. 9. What role does digital media play in your life?
  10. 10. Actions My Feelings My Parent’s Feelings Concept Map
  11. 11. Are digital media a small, medium, or big part of your life? What kind of impact do digital media have on you (a little, some, a lot)? What are your favorite and least-favorite things to do with digital media? Do you connect with others or create things with digital media? Questions to Consider
  12. 12. My media life is like a ________________ because ________________________ Simile Track Meet I’m exhausted at the end of the day
  13. 13. What are digital media? What is the difference between media and digital media? What are two important characteristics of digital media? How does your media usage impact others? Review