The Toronto Entertainment District PlacePrint DNA


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The Toronto Entertainment District PlacePrint DNA

  1. 1.   The  Toronto   Entertainment  District     PlacePrint  DNA   Advancing  the  story  of  the  Toronto   Entertainment  District     November  2011         1  
  2. 2. Define  or   A  Be  Defined.   Reputation   Can  Only  Confusion   Be  Earned.    to  Clarity.     2  
  3. 3.   Contents   Why  PlacePrint?                 4   Intent                     5   Current  story  that  dominates  about  the  TED     6   A  quick  note  on  reckoning  with  perceptions     9   Unique  Defining  Characteristics           10-­‐15   ‘Torontoness’  of  Toronto             16   Towards  a  new  story               18   Unifying  DNA                 20   Symbolic  Actions                 23   Final  Words                   29   Project  Description                 31   The  short-­‐term  ‘TED’  for  ‘Toronto  Entertainment     3   District’  is  used  throughout  this  book.  
  4. 4. Why  PlacePrint?   And   why   do   we   matter?   Those   places   that   clearly     answer   these   questions   and   meaningfully   differentiate  Standing   out   from   the   themselves   in   the   crowded   marketplace   will   have   much  crowd   and   standing   for   greater   opportunities   to   prosper   culturally   and  something   has   never   economically  and  live  up  to  their  true  potential.    been  more  important  for    places.   Places   big   or   Your  DNA  PlacePrint  book  is  a  relevant  and  purposeful  small   are   fiercely   interpretation   of   your   community,   captured   in   a  competing   for   attention,  business,   visitors,   narrative   platform.   The   story   of   a   place   can   mean  shoppers,   talent,   different   things   to   different   people,   but   the   important  resources  and  the  like.     aspect   is   that   these   interpretations   are   derived   from  Places   need   to   answer   the   same   platform.   The   proposed   ‘on   brand’   symbolic  these   fundamental   actions  breathe  life  into  your  story  and  make  it  stronger,  questions   for   the   world:   truer  and  easier  to  spread.  Who   are   we?   Why  choose   us?       ‘A  place  should  reveal  its  personality,  emphasize  its     sense  of  purpose  and  play  to  its  strengths.’-­‐  JT  Singh   4  
  5. 5. Intent   To   align   the   competitive   DNA   of   the   place   with   the   experience   that   is   perceptibly   authentic.  Also  to  replace  current  unhelpful   perceptions  with  more  accurate,  up-­‐to-­‐date   and   compelling   ones   and   to   create   certain   fresh   perceptions   where   there   were   none   before.     And   most   importantly,   to   answer   the   questions:   Why   choose   the   Toronto   Entertainment   District?   Where   is   it   going?   And  why  does  it  matter  or  exist?         5  
  6. 6. The  Current  story  that   • Over   the   past   decade   media   stories   have   been   ample   about   ‘clubland’  dominates  about   TED   being   out   of   control   and   about   violent  incidents  within  or  around  the   ‘Entertainment  District’.    The   dominating   images   of   TED   in   the   • The   residential   community   of   the  minds  of  people  are  nightclubs  and  rowdy   area  that  is  growing  exponentially  has  young  people.   been   actively   vocal   about   their  The   TED   is   a   district,   which   supports   an   intolerance   for   the   performance  abundance   of   culturally   intriguing   standards   of   clubs   and   uncivil  businesses   and   opportunities   and   is   so   behaviors  of  club  goers.  much  more  than  clubs  that   have   tarnished   • Chic   pubs   and   lounges   dripping   with  its   reputation   and   all   in   spite   of   the   fact   character   have   been   popping   up  that   the   number   of   clubs   have   actually   along   Ossington   Ave.,   College   St.   W.  decreased   substantially   over   the   years.   and  King  St.W.  and  now  these  places  Nevertheless,   the   area   continues   to   be   have   become   the   epicentre   of   classy  narrowly   and   firmly   associated   with   clubs   nightlife.   This   has   further   relegated  that   attract   aggressive   and   very   the   entertainment   district   to   being  intoxicated  youths.   the   place   for   sketchy   drink   fests.   6  
  7. 7. Reputation  is  what  people  say   “Nobody  about  you  when  you’re  not  around.     from   Toronto     goes   to   the   “I   don’t   go   clubbing,   so   I   don’t     “The   TED   only   comes   alive     TED.   Its   only   even   think   about   clubs.   What   on   Friday   and   Saturday     comes  to  my  mind  when  I  think   nights.   Any   other   times   its   for   tourists     of   the   TED   are   theatres,   TIFF   dead.”     and  905ers.”     and  some  good  restaurants.”     “I   don’t   feel     “The   TED   is   where   safe   in   the     19   year   olds   or   20   “The   TED   is   the   perfect   example   of   TED.   It’s   full     something’s   go   to   Toronto’s   inferiority   complex.   Toronto   of     drunk   idiots   and   party.”   is  always  trying  to  ape  NYC.”       douchebags.”       “There’s   nothing   to   do   “The   district   would   definitely   be   more     south   of   King   St.   This   is     attractive   if   it   played   up   more   on   it.”   Toronto’s  cultural  diversity.”       7  
  8. 8. Where?  Given   that   clubs   are   the   over-­‐riding   graphic   of   the   ‘Entertainment   District’  association   of   the   place,   many   people   encompassing  only  the  warehouse  area.  tend   to   perceive   the   location   of   the   This   again   goes   to   show   how   firmly  district   as   only   the   warehouse   area   ingrained  it  is  in  the  minds  of  people  and  (Richmond   and   Adelaide/Peter   and   even  to  the  media  that  TED  is  singularly  Richmond,   etc)   But   in   fact,   the   Toronto   all   about   clubs.Entertainment   District   encompasses   a  significant   part   of   the   Downtown   area,  generally   bounded   by   the   Financial  District   to   the   east,   Queen   Street   West  to   the   north,   Spadina   Avenue   to   the  west,   and   the   Gardiner   Expressway   and  Harbourfront  to  the  south.  An  article  published  not  too  long  ago  by  the   Toronto   Star   in   May   2011   shows   a     8  
  9. 9. A  Note  on  Reckoning  with  Perceptions    It  is  good  to  realize  upfront  an  essential   and   stronger   associations   that   come   to  truth   about   perceptions,   which   is   that   dominate  and  replace  the  old  ones.    they  cannot  be  erased;  they  can  only  be    created  or  replaced.     When   dealing   with   a   weak   or   negative     reputation.  the  significant  factor  to  bear  For   example,   if   someone   says   to   you,   in  mind  when  attempting  to  correct  it  is  “Picture   a   hotdog,”   you   will   picture   a   not   whether   the   story   is   necessarily  hotdog,  involuntarily.  If  the  person  then   truer   than   what   people   already   believe;  says,   “Okay,   stop   picturing   that   hotdog,”   all   that   really   matters   is   whether   it   is  it   will   not   remove   the   image   in   your   interesting   and   more   more  mind.   Contrarily,   if   they   were   to   say,  “Picture   a   white   bowl   with   vanilla   ice   relevant   than   what   people   already  cream  in  it  and  chocolate  syrup  on  top,”   believe.  Unless  it  is,  they  simply  will  not  You   would   no   longer   be   thinking   of   a   transfer   their   interest   and   will   continue  hotdog.     to   believe   what   they   have   always     believed.      Getting   rid   of   unwanted   perceptions,  then,   should   be   seen   as   fostering   new     9  
  10. 10. The  Toronto    Entertainment  District     =  Entertainment  +   Culture                           10  
  11. 11. Every  Successful  City  Needs  an  Entertainment  District!  The   overwhelming   reality   core,  it  is  a  natural  magnet  for  people  who  are  seeking  of  the  district  is  that  it  is   great  and  interesting  experiences.  a   place   where   people   go   The   planned   John   St   Cultural   Corridor   will   further  to  take  in  culture  and   connect  and  build  relationships  among  the  cultural  and  entertainment.   The   entertainment   assets   within   the   district   ecology.   This  place  is  a  well-­‐recognized,   will   create   an   “experience   dialogue”   that  compact,   mixed-­‐use   encourages  further  exploration  and  improve  the  ‘sense  district   in   which   a   high   of  place’  and  the  quality  of  the  visitor  interaction.    concentration   of   cultural   All  in  all,  the  Toronto  Entertainment  District  is  the  soul  and/or   entertainment   of   the   city   because   it   is   a   place   where  venues   creates   multiple   culture/entertainment   is   king   and   it   is   located   in   the  attractions   within   a   downtown   core.   Since   culture   and   entertainment   are  defined  destination.  With   often  the  key  drivers  for  the  image  of  a  city,  this  makes  so   many   things   to   do   and   the   district   as   also   the   face   of   Toronto.   This   is   an  see   all   clustered   important   point   to   keep   in   mind   if   Toronto   wants   to  together   and   located   raise   its   international   status   and   become   a   stronger  purely   in   the   downtown   magnet  for  investment,  tourism  and  global  talent.     11  
  12. 12.     12  
  13. 13. Without   a   doubt,   the   area   will   be  Live  with  Culture   almost   unrecognizable   in   just   a   few  TED  is  the  most  exciting  place  to  live   years’  time.  in   Toronto   hands   down.   Toronto’s   So   with   all   the   restaurants,   bars,  Entertainment  District  is  undergoing   clubs,   theatres,   transit   and   cultural  yet   another   exciting   transformation   institutions   that   are   already   major  and   is   poised   to   become   the   city’s   draws  for  the  district,  it  is  clear  that  premier  place  to  work,  play  and  live.   the   additional   investments   to   come  The   Toronto   International   Film   will   only   serve   to   make   the  Festival   Lightbox   ignited   a   major   Entertainment   District   an   even  turning   point   for   the   Entertainment   better   place   to   call   “home.”   The  District.   Today   there   are   a   multitude   numbers   tell   the   story:   In   2008,  of   newly   planned   luxury   condo   3,500   people   lived   in   the   area.  towers   that   will   breathe   even   more   Today,   there   are   10,000.   And   that  life   into   the   flourishing   district.   will  double  in  the  next  five  years.       13  
  14. 14. The  Toronto   Entertainment  District   =  Knowledge  +   Creative  Businesses       14  
  15. 15. The   Toronto   Entertainment   District   also   the   creative   energy   when   at   work   and  has   a   vibrant   business   community   be  able  to  conveniently  participate  more  located   in   elegantly   designed   office   so   after   work.   The   combination   of   left-­‐towers   as   well   as   transformed   and   brain   office   tower   workers   and   right-­‐preserved   historic   manufacturing   brain   creative   workers   of   the   warehouse  warehouses,   office   lofts   and   artists   lofts,   gives   off   a   unique   vibe   that   is  studios.   sophisticated  and  hip  at  the  same  time.    It’s   awesome   to   be   able   to   work   in   the   The   TED   is   going   to   through   massive  core   of   the   city   where   culture/   changes   currently   as   more   condos,  entertainment   is   king!   It’s   known   to   be   hotels,   the   John   St   transformation   and  ‘cool’  to  work  in  the  TED  even  if  the  line   so  much  more  is  being  built  up.  In  a  few  of   work   isn’t   related   to   the   years   from   now,   this   area   will   be   an  creative/culture   industries.   Businesses   even   more   exciting   and   vibrant,   and   as   a  and   district   employee’s   love   having   their   result   the   local   businesses/employees  work   situated   here   because   they   can   will   love   and   appreciate   working   here  reasonably   work   and   play   at   the   same   even  more.time.  This   is  a   place  where   they   can   take  in   culture,   be   entertained   and   be   part   of     15  
  16. 16. A  Note  on   genius’   or     ‘authentic   purpose’   of   the   city.   The   Entertainment   district   of   Toronto   should   be   Reckoning  with   ‘Torontoish’   (opposed   to   a   NYC   ‘wanabee’   as   its   known  to  be),  because  Toronto  potentially  can  be   the   most  competitive  in,  where  no  competition  in  the   ‘Torontoness’   world  can  beat  us,  is  in  purely  being  ‘Torontoish’. of  Toronto!   The   ‘Torontoness’   of   Toronto   is   its   unique   talent   for   ‘Embracing   the   World’.   Embracing   means  Without   a   doubt,   the   integrating   and   mixing,   so   that   there   is   a   unique  Toronto   cross-­‐pollination   of   the   diversity   of:   cultures,  Entertainment   District   religions,   lifestyles,   neighborhoods,   business,  is  the   face   and   soul   politics,  academia  and  culture/entertainment  that  for   the   whole   city   of   is  uniquely  clustered  right  in  the  core  of  the  city.    Toronto.   Hence,   it   is   The   TED   already   possesses   a   multitude   of   proof-­‐fundamental   that   the   points  that  symbolizes  Toronto’s  unique  knack  for  district   strongly   ‘lives   ‘embracing  the  world;  but  nonetheless,  this  story  and   breathes’   or   needs  to  always  be  pro-­‐actively  strengthened  and  reflects   the   ‘real   authenticated.   16  
  17. 17. "Miami   has   more   immigrants   than   else.”-­‐Ratna   Omidvar,   President   of  anywhere  else  in  the  world,  but  guess   the  Maytree  Foundation  what?   Theyre   all   Cubans,    Birmingham   is   also   very   high   on   the   “The   background   buzz   of  diversity  scale,  but  its  all  from  two  or   conversations  in  other  languages  had  three   parts   of   the   world.   London   become   so   commonplace   to   me   that  comes   close   to   us,   but   Londons   it   took   me   a   while   riding   the   tube   in  diversity   is   predicated   very   much   on   London  before  I  realized  that  Toronto  the   foreign   expatriate   worker   who   was   far   more   diverse.   Partly,   it   was  has   chosen   to   relocate   in   London,   the   languages   themselves   (mostly  whereas  we  are  citizen-­‐based."   European   languages   in   London   and  New   York   is   probably   somewhere   languages   from   all   over   the   world   in  close   to   us,   though   its   not   really   up   Toronto)   but   it   was   more   than   that.  where   we   are.   In   the   GTA,   we   are   In   London,   the   different   languages  close   to   50   per   cent   visible   minorities.   are   always   spoken   by   tourists.   In  I  dont  think  New  York  is  up  there.  We   Toronto,   it’s   almost   always  are   going   to   be   a   majority   minority   residents.”-­‐Kevin   Stolarick,   Martin  city  very  soon.  More  than  half  of  this   Prosperity   Institute.citys   residents   were   born   somewhere     17  
  18. 18. Towards  a  Unique  and  Compelling  Story…   “Entertaining  the   World!”  Entertaining:  To  hold  the  attention  of  pleasantly  or  agreeably;  divert;  amuse.  Consists  of  any  activity,  which  provides  a  diversion  or  permits  people  to  amuse  themselves  in  their  leisure  time.    The  World:  Everyone.  All  dynamics.  People-­‐the  public,  business,  Government,  etc.  Toronto  is  the  world!  Toronto  is  a  city  that  is  uniquely  comprised  of  a  globally  comprehensive  diversity.  Over  half  the  population  comes  from  allover  the  world.       18  
  19. 19. The   Toronto   Entertainment   District   overwhelmingly   represents   the   idea   of  ‘Entertaining   the   World.’   In   no   other   neighbourhood   in  Toronto   can   you   find   such   a   combination   of   clustered   entertainment,  knowledge   based   businesses   and   a   robust   residential   community.   Its   DNA   is  based   on   providing   cultural   and   entertaining   experiences  for   the   ‘world’,   which  is   represented   by   the   diverse   residents,   workers,   and   local/international  visitors.   The   TED   is   a   powerful   platform   or   ‘collision   zone’   where   Toronto  makes   the   very   most   of   its   diversity   from   a   creative,   cultural   and   economical  standpoint.  “Torontos   unmatched   globally   comprehensive   diversity   has   unknowingly  been  cultivating  a  new  global  mindset  and  a  unique  kind  of  creativity,  which  can   only   exist   in   this   city.   It   is  truly   a   pioneering   culture   of   its   own,   and   if  further   accelerated,   it   has   the   potential   to   function   as   an   important   counterpoint   to   the  economic   and   social  image  of  this  city.  “-­‐JT  Singh     19  
  20. 20. The  Toronto         Entertainment  Districts     Unifying  DNA     Message   Office  Towers   Work hard,   Creative  Businesses     District  Employees   Play harderEveryone:  Residents,   Businesses,  District  Employees,  local  and   Condos  international  visitors,   Entertaining Residents   etc.   Message Message   the World!   Hotels     Great     Live with Experiences Culture   20  
  21. 21.   This  story  or  its  title  (DNA)  is  not  a  branding  claim,  slogan,   tagline  or  an  advertising  campaign.  This  is  who  you  are!  And     everything  you  do  from  now  on  should  be  true  to  who  you  are.  Your   PlacePrint  book  is  a  purposeful  narrative,  along  with  an  actionable   strategy  to  meaningfully  position  the  TED  in  the  ‘minds  of  people’.   The  three  messages  are  key  interpretations  of  the  TED  story. What   makes  them  useful  is  the  fact  that  they  all  are  reminiscent  of   “Entertaining  the  World”.  E  ach  of  them  is  a  variation  of  the  main   story  because  it  is  one  s   tory  interpreted  differently.  They  can  be   used  by  the  many  players  and  partners  of  the  community  to  make   the  TED  story  stronger,  truer  and  easier  to  spread.  All  efforts       (marketing,  branding,  development,  street-­‐scaping  and  etc)  should   always  be  in  alignment  with  your  Unifying  DNA.   G     21  
  22. 22. Your   PlacePrint   DNA   is   the   foundation   that   can  sharpen  focus,  tighten  alignment,  hone  execution  and   -­‐   in   the   process   –   deliver   better   results.  Consistently  building  a  compelling  and  clear  story  in  the  minds  of  people  gives  your  place  a  ‘unique  place   dividend’.   This   simply   means   that   people  and  business  will  be  attracted  more,  stay  longer,  spend  more  money,  and  come  back  more  often.  In   other   words,   greater   socio-­‐economic   and  cultural  prosperity!     22  
  23. 23. Symbolic  ActionsThe  following  proposed  symbolic  actions  are  meant  to  make  the  story  of  the  TED   stronger,   truer,   and   easier   to   spread.   The   portfolio   of   ideas   that   follow  doesn’t   exactly   constitute   a   grand   strategy   but   rather   it   is   an   attempt   to  spark   the   imagination   and   experimentation   with   multiple   creative  approaches   that   can   be   rapidly   prototyped,   tested,   and   communicated   as  part   of   a   more   definitive   strategy.   Your   PlacePrint   is   meant   to   be   a   working  document   where   ideas   can   be   continually   revised   or   added   through   co-­‐authorship.     Food  for  Thought  and   Action…     23  
  24. 24. Idea  1:    Happy  Hour  The   TED   should   have   a   ‘Happy   Hour   Special’   where   many   of   the   businesses  have   promotions   anytime   between   the   hours   of   4pm   to   7pm   when  neighbourhood   employees   get   off   work.   Going   through   the   streets   of   the  Entertainment   district   can   be   a   vibrant   experience,   especially   after   a   long   day  at  the  office.  Offering  Happy  Hour  Specials  is  a  great  way  to  keep  the  many  workers  around  that  usually  escapes  the  district.  This  will  coax  them  to  stick  around  after  work  and  unwind  at  the  many  great  places  that  the  TED  has  to  offer.  Idea:  Free  WiFi    The  whole  of  the  Toronto  Entertainment  District  should  have  free  WiFi  for  the  many   residents,   neighbourhood   employees,   visitors,   and   tourists.   This   is   a  great  way  to  attract  people  to  the  area  and  keep  them  around  longer.  This  is  also  a  great  way  to  share  information  about  special  events  happening  in  the  TED  as  when  people  log  in,  the  TED  website  will  be  the  homepage.     24  
  25. 25. Idea:  David  Pecaut  Square  should  symbolize  Diversity  The  large  public  space  —  bounded  by  Roy  Thomson  Hall,  Metro  Hall,  King  St.  W.  and  Wellington  St.  W.  —  was  renamed  for  the  late  city-­‐building  guru,  David  Pecaut  in  April  2011.   David   Pecaut   played   a   major   role   in   creating   Luminato   and   appropriately,   the  Luminato   has   moved   its   hub   for   free   concerts   and   celebrations   to   this   square.   This  square  should  ultimately  be  redesigned  and  reborn  as  the  perpetually  beating  heart  of  Toronto’s   diverse   entertainment   district.   David   Pecaut   was   also   Toronto’s   most  influential  advocate  for  diversity  and  therefore  the  square  should  creatively  symbolize  the  diversity  of  Toronto.  For  example,  why  not  have  an  iconic  ‘statue  of  diversity’.  This  statue   should   be   so   iconic   and   remarkable   that   it   should   become   internationally  known  as  the  symbol  for  Toronto  -­‐  similar  to  as  the  Statue  of  Liberty  is  for  NYC.  Idea:  Improve  Way-­‐finding  Firstly   there   isn’t   a   single   updated   or   compelling   map   of   the   Toronto  Entertainment  District  available  on  the  Internet.  This  is  problematic  since  the  key  reputational  issue  with  the  district  is  that  people  don’t  have  a  collective  mental   map   of   the   place.   A   simple   and   compellingly   designed   map   that   is     25  
  26. 26. easily   available   online   and   at   various   locations   within   the  district   would   be   helpful   and   is   standardly   important.   In  addition  to  the  map,  there  also  needs  to  be  more  creative  and   compelling   way-­‐finding   techniques   implemented  through  out  the  district.  For  example,  the  current  banners  that   are   being   used   are   ineffective   and   not   clear.   The  picture   on   the   right   shows   one   of   the   banners,   and   the  picture   on   it   looks   a   starfish   if   anything.   They   should   be  redesigned   so   that   they   make   it   clearer   of   which   part   of  the  TED  people  are  in  and  what  that  particular  area  primarily  offers.  Overall  the  ‘brand  identity’  should  be  redesigned  so  it  exemplifies  “Entertaining  the  world”  and  consistent  community  markers  should  be  placed  through  out  the  district  to  further  define  the  destination.    Idea:  Cultural  Food  Vendors  The  ‘Toronto  a  La  Cart’  street  food  stands  should  be  most  visible  in  the  TED.  This  is  a  place  where  many  people  flock  to  for  street  food,  especially  during  the  clubbing  hours.     26  
  27. 27. As   of   right   now,   there   are   only   typical   hotdog   stands. Instead   there   should   be   food  vendors   though   out   the   district   that   reflects   the   vibrancy   of   Torontos   remarkable  diversity.  These  vendors  can  also  help  change  our  food  culture  by  demonstrating  that  fast  food  can  be  healthy,  interesting  and  personal.  Idea:  Diverse  Street  Musicians  The  TED  is  the  soul  of  Toronto  and  nothing  amplifies  the  soul  and  life  of  the  streets  more  than  street  performers.  Diverse  musicians  should  be  encouraged  and  incentivised  to  perform  in  key  areas  of  the  district  on  the  regular  basis.  The   more   diverse   the   musicians,   the   more   it   will   symbolize   Toronto’s  uniqueness  and  the  more  attractive  the  district  will  become.  Idea:  ‘International’  Outdoor  Movie  Screenings  This  year  TIFF  and  the  BIA  presented  free  outdoor  screenings  of  classic  screen  musicals  at  David  Pecaut  Square.  This  is  an  amazing  series  of  events  but  these  events   would   be   greater   if   every   week   a   different   movie   from   a   different  country  could  be  played.    This  would  be  more  aligned  to  the  DNA  of  the  place.     27  
  28. 28. Idea:   Encourage   local   restaurants   to   serve   a   few   dishes   of   ‘inter-­‐cultural’  cuisine.  Victor   restaurant   at   the   Le   Germain   Hotel   which   is   located   in   the   TED  perfectly   understands   Toronto   as   a   city   that   makes   the   very   most   of   its  diversity.   The   restaurant   serves   unique   dishes   that   cross-­‐mingle   flavours   of  different  cultures.  What’s  more  is  that  the  executive  chef  David  Christian  has  also   created   the   ‘Toronto   Spice’   that   contains   international   spices   all  integrated   within   one   perfect   spice.   This   is   a   powerful   and   compelling  symbolic   action   and   it   should   be   spread   throughout   the   district   and  eventually  the  whole  city,  as  David  Chrystian  is  more  than  willing  to  share  it.  Share   your   ideas!...   The   ideas   must   directly   or  indirectly   coincide   with   the   TED’s   ‘Unifying   DNA’  because   the   aim   is   to   make   the   ‘TED’   story   stronger,  truer,  and  easier  to  spread!       28  
  29. 29. Final  words…  The  value  that  visitors  logically  expect  from   the  Toronto   Entertainment   District   is   real  entertainment   and   culture   that   reflects   the  global   nature   of   Toronto.   “Value”   is   “the  promise  and  delivery  of  an  experience.”  And  if  your   brand   promises   an   experience,   your  destination  better  deliver!  If   an   ‘Entertainment   District’   is   all   ‘nicey-­‐nicey’,   then  that  means,  it  is  not  interesting  enough.  Remember  –  ‘a  little  bad  is  good’.   29  
  30. 30. Your  PlacePrint  DNA  is  not  something   that  should  be  allowed  to  sit  on  a  shelf   to  be  admired.  Rather,  it  can  be  a   catalyst  for  stimulating  creativity,   synergy,  engagement  and  strategy  in   ways  that  drive  results.  Once  you   know  WHO  you  are,  everything   changes  for  the  best!       30  
  31. 31. (politicians,  business  leaders,  BIA  members,  civic  organizations,  Project   and  etc.)    Description     •  Street  surveys  with  locals  young  and  old,  visitors  and  people   living  outside  the  neighborhood       •   Deep   tissue   exploratory   research   mostly   on   foot   and   public  A   great   deal   of   inquiry,   transit  and  sometimes  the  car.  To  truly  experience  a  place,  I  do  considerations,   and   thought   it   the   Jane   Jacobs   way   which   is   to   walk,   walk   and   walk.   I   am  went   into   formulating   this   rather   militant   about   the   importance—the   necessities—of  report.   The   first   step   exploring   like   this.   Until   I   learn   a   place   with   my   feet,   I   never  consisted   of   research   from   really   feel   like   I   know   it.   I   went   everywhere   in   the   area   and  publications,   white   papers,   took   a   tonne   photos,   notes   and   meaningfully   mingled   with   the  newspapers,   books,   and   locals  along  the  way  to  get  a  real  sense  of  the  place.    statistical   sources.   While   •   Engaged   in   a   workshop.   In   the   workshop   we   established   a  this   provided   a   “black   and   baseline  view  –  What’s  working  and  what  are  the  pain  points.  white”   picture,   the   “color”   Also   we   developed   and   discussed   scenarios   of   what   the  was   filled   with   insights   overarching  ‘DNA’  can  be  for  the  area  and  considered  how  to  derived   from   an   outside   build  on  current  strengths  and  address  gaps.    perspective:         Once   it   was   creatively   determined   on   what   could   and   should  •   Less   formal   interviews  with   ‘man-­‐on-­‐the-­‐street’   be   the   story,   then   practical   symbolic   actions   were   devised   that  and  also  in-­‐depth  interviews   can   inspire   further   discussion   and   make   the   story   stronger,  with   local   opinion   leaders   truer  and  easier  to  spread.     31  
  32. 32.     JT  Singh  is  a  think  and  do   tank  providing  innovative     and  actionable  insights.       We  help  places  evade     sameness  by  enabling     them  to  become  relevant,   unique  and  productively     creative.    WWW.JTSINGH.COM     The  Toronto  Entertainment  District  BIA   commissioned  this  project.       32