Andy warhol 5 (1)


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Andy warhol 5 (1)

  1. 1. Andy Warhol By Molly Eder
  2. 2. Research Questions Andy Warhol was shot on June 3, 1968.• Did this event affect America at all?• What kind of effect did Andy Warhol have on the world?• Did his creativity inspire just the artistic community, or did he have an impact on the rest of society as well?
  3. 3. Early Life
  4. 4. Born Andrew WarholaBorn on August 6, 1928American, but of Slovakian descentMother: Julia VarcholaFather: Ondrej VarcholaLast name “Varchola” was Americanizedinto Warhola; Andy later changed it toWarholGrew up in Oakland in Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania
  5. 5. Contracted many illnesses as a child Chorea (disease of the nervous system) Scarlet fever Hypochondriac (fear of doctors and hospitals)Attended the School of Fine Arts at CarnegieInstitute of Technology (now Carnegie MellonUniversity)Moved to New York City in 1949Gained fame and popularity throughout the 1950s
  6. 6. Artistic Works
  7. 7. General InformationWarhol never exactly told themeanings of his worksArt was repetitiveWorked mostly in his studio in NewYork CityHe named his studio “The Factory”Pop art was the essence of WarholRelied on observations for ideasMade pieces specifically for people andeventsUsed brightly contrasting colorstogether
  8. 8. Silk Screen PrintingMost common type of art Warhol producedUsually done on canvasHow silk screen printing works:1. Select an image2. Crop the picture3. Film positive4. Exposure5. Underpaint6. Final print7. Multiples with different colors
  9. 9. CarsWarhol commonly created many silk screen printsof carsOften depicted car crashesMade the “Art Car” in 1979 Racecar painted with random bursts of color and designsObsessed with car crashes…because his father diedin a car crash when he was just thirteen?
  10. 10. Death and Disaster PaintingsShowed the impact of the most powerful mediaimages during the timeDepicted car crashes, suicides, civil rights fatalities,pictures of the electric chair, riots, and otherunfortunate eventsFocused on violence and deathWHY? Warhol was fascinated about how he couldcapture everyday life and tragedies within a frame
  11. 11. Candy DarlingTranssexual (male to female)Warhol was always open to newideas, including photographing“different” peopleCandy Darling was portrayedmultiple times throughoutWarhol’s worksWarhol in turn played a huge partin Candy’s lifeAndy himself was gay (supposedly)
  12. 12. Warhol had the opportunity to try the moviecamera early in its developmentRecorded, captured, documented, and interviewedOnce recorded himself painting on a canvas-thework is now known as Hammer and Sickle
  13. 13. Interviews and Documentations Warhol had odd interview ideas, such as recording them in a taxi or on a bed Interviewed actors, celebrities, or basically anyone who he found interesting It sometimes seemed a lot like “home videoing” Documented himself in interviews and videos Even the time he donned feminine clothes and makeup as a drag queen for a special photo shoot Videoed a family with children at the beach Created a few television commercials
  14. 14. Recorded short television programs Fashion, makeup, runway shows, male models, celebrities, designersAndy Warhol’s TV Show Usually consisted of interviews with interesting people Warhol was very fascinated by people’s day-to-day lives Lasted two seasonsAndy Warhol’s 15 Minutes Showed people and their opinions Only 4 episodes Warhol created the term “15 minutes of fame”
  15. 15. CollectionsWarhol was a collector of beautiful, common, and unusual objects Plates, curtains, oriental fans, food trays, miniature statues, snow globes
  16. 16. ☩ Silk screen printed crosses, The Last Supper, and angels☩ Was a Ruthenian Rite Catholic
  17. 17. Ten Punching BagsDepicts Jesus on each punching bag with judge written on each multiple times over his face Message: Jesus took the blows Bizarre, controversial, disturbing
  18. 18. New TechniquesTried different things for galleriesAdded dimension to his work First accomplished this by displaying photos and silk screen printings of celebrities and iconic people of the time Later used objects Silver CloudsWanted to attract more viewers
  19. 19. Andy Warhol’s InterviewMagazine collectionInterviewed many famous people Madonna, Shirley Temple, Bette Midler, Cher
  20. 20. Attempted Murder
  21. 21. June 3, 1968Shot by Valerie Solanas while working in hisstudioSuffered multiple injuries Stomach, esophagus, spleen, liver, and lungs Heart was massaged to try to stimulate movement Suffered effects of the shooting health-wise for the rest of his lifeSolanas was arrested the following dayShooting was not greatly publicized -President Kennedy was assassinated justtwo days laterWas eventually made into a movie entitled“I Shot Andy Warhol”
  22. 22. DeathDied on February22, 1987 in NewYork CityDied in his sleepwhile recoveringfrom a gallbladdersurgery
  23. 23. Oral HistoryWith Ms. Biega
  24. 24. Do you think that Andy’s father’s car crashsomewhat prompted or encouraged Andy to create so many works of car accidents? “Maybe…I also think that making art is therapeutic.Artists should feel good about their work. It’s basicallyprocessing events through art. Andy wanted people to notice his work. To achieve this, he created art that made people think about things they normally didn’tthink about, or things they didn’t want to think about, such as death.”
  25. 25. Did religion play a part in Andy’s career?“Andy had a strict religious background. Even if he wasn’t practicing, he never really let go of those beliefs. Therefore, I think that he was rebellious, yet conservative, because of hisbeliefs. For example, many people thought that he was a drug-user and an alcoholic, but Andynever did, probably because of the way he was raised.”
  26. 26. Would you consider Andy Warhol as a pioneer for all artists? “Definitely. He was friends with many celebrities and became one of the biggestartists, mainly because of his pop art. He triedthings that nobody had ever done before. He mixed classy art with modern twists.”
  27. 27. Did Andy’s shooting affect America? Did the shooting, more importantly, affect Andy’s ability to produce art? “The shooting did affect America, but it didn’treally affect Andy’s art. He was already an icon, so it just took his fame to another level. But Idon’t think his artwork really changed at all. Hehad many workers and employees helping. I do think, though, that it affected him mentally. It made him feel vulnerable.”
  28. 28. Research Question Andy Warhol’s shooting affected America, but to anextent. It concerned the art world, but some still did not really care. Andy Warhol was an inspiration to artists, musicians, designers, and so many differentpeople. His works were always sophisticated, but had an edge that made them interesting and set them apart. Andy definitely reached beyond making an impact on just the artistic community; he was an American icon who showed everyone a new perspective to art and to life.