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Turning an iPhone Idea into a successful iPhone app. A simple overview of the steps you should follow to get your iPhnoe app idea realised. We are focusing on paid apps and investors that want to see return on investment in the iPhone AppStore.

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  • Do you have a new app idea but no programming skills? Are you an app developer looking for work? Then go to – it is free to register, browse, post and bid on app ideas.

    Happy Developing.

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From Idea To iPhone Application

  1. 1. jTribe Turning an iPhone Idea into a successful iPhone app “Hey, I have this great iPhone app idea!” Prepared by jTribe, 2009
  2. 2. Is this for You? There seems to be no shortage of iPhone app ideas. As an iPhone development company we get asked on a daily basis “How much does it cost to develop my great iPhone idea?” A valid question but not possible to answer without going through a process of validation and scoping. This presentation gives an overview of the basic steps to get from an idea to a product. Prepared by jTribe, 2009
  3. 3. The Process 4-step that lead from an initial idea to the final product that’s available in the AppStore. First there is great idea, right? But how good is the idea really? Is it worth to proceed and invest money in developing an iPhone app? Checking an idea and validating its feasibility is one of the most important steps to avoid spending money on the wrong thing! Once the idea is confirmed as having the right potential the development process can be kicked off. Do it yourself or get the pros in to do it for you. Submitting to Apple and getting the app on users phones is next. Just putting the app in the AppStore wont sell it! Prepared by jTribe, 2009
  4. 4. The Idea “Hey, I have a great iPhone App idea!” So you got a great iPhone application idea. That is obviously the very first step of every great iPhone app. Make sure you know who the end-user will be and what problem it will solve. But even an unconventional “quirky” idea may become a very successful iPhone app. We are not going to tell you how to generate a great idea. We’d rather tell you how to validate and do some sanity checking of you great idea. Manifest your idea with some key principles that describe the core of your idea. Prepared by jTribe, 2009
  5. 5. The Idea Check “...and it actually could work” The critical question is actually what you want to achieve with your iPhone app. Basically there are two ways to get return on an iPhone app. 1) make a million through AppStore sales 2) use it as a marketing tool to promote another service or product In both cases it is crucial to understand the structure and size of your user- base. In the first case the size will determine the dollar-return you can make with the app. In the second case it will determine the marketing effect. Assuming you want to make a million dollars through AppStore sales it is crucial that you understand the iPhone economics. How many iPhone users are there? How much money can I make in my segment? ... If you don’t plan to become number one in the AppStore in the category you target then don’t expect a return of investment. We highly recommend that you ensure that your idea can enter the top 10 apps in the AppStore. Otherwise, consider it a learning exercise. Prepared by jTribe, 2009
  6. 6. Development “Lets get this baby built” So you are convinced that your idea could fly? Then it’s time to get in to the technical part. Development costs money. Great iPhone development cost even more money. If you are really committed to develop the best possible iPhone app then you should move ahead and engage the development process. However, if you have doubts at this stage then don’t waste your money or effort. The development process could fill a book. Assuming that you are not a professional iPhone developer here is a brief summary: Get your scope right. Prepare your wireframes. Get some quotes from iPhone developers. Make a decision and choose the most awesome developers you can afford. Now let the iPhone developers do their magic and make sure they stick to your initial idea. Find a group of beta tester. Submit your iPhone application to the Apple AppStore. Be prepared to wait a couple of weeks before Apple has approved your app. There are many little things that could go wrong in this step so get some professional help. AND DON’T FORGET YOUR MARKETING Prepared by jTribe, 2009
  7. 7. Life in the AppStore “I just made a million $” Great, you got your app in the AppStore. If you have timed your marketing correctly you should have a huge initial boost of app downloads. Make sure you are going to keep the momentum up. Be wise around any prices changes decisions and consider price elasticity. Monitor your app usage. (e.g. Communicate with your app users. (e.g. Use tools and promotion means. Release updates. Keep on top of the curve. If your idea flies then makes sure that you add features users may like. Prepared by jTribe, 2009
  8. 8. Your idea here... jTribe Prepared by jTribe, 2009