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SOA Suite 11g Project Experience - FDUG Meeting - November 14 2013


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Presentation delivered by Jeremy Treague and Mike Moran at the Oracle Fusion Development User Group Meeting in Milwaukee, WI on November 14th, 2013. The presentation describes experiences implementing Oracle SOA Suite 11g at Schreiber Foods.

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SOA Suite 11g Project Experience - FDUG Meeting - November 14 2013

  1. 1. SOA Suite 11g Project Experience Jeremy Treague – Schreiber Foods Mike Moran – Zirous Oracle Fusion Development User Group (FDUG) November 14, 2013
  2. 2. Agenda Schreiber Foods Overview Why We Invested in SOA SOA Suite 11g Architecture / Topology First SOA 11g Projects Challenges & Successes Lessons Learned Next Steps
  3. 3. “Cheesy” SOA Humor
  4. 4. About Schreiber Foods • • • • • Customer-brand dairy manufacturer Founded in 1945 Home Office: Green Bay, WI > 5,700 employee owners (“partners”) Many domestic and international locations
  5. 5. About Schreiber (continued) Production Facilities Tempe, AZ Carthage, MO (2) Clinton, MO (2) Fullerton, CA Monett, MO Mt. Vernon, MO Shippensburg, PA Stephenville, TX Logan, UT Smithfield, UT Green Bay, WI Richland Center, WI (2) West Bend, WI Distribution Facilities De Pere, WI Carthage, MO (2) Fullerton, CA Logan, UT Richland Center, WI Shippensburg, PA Stephenville, TX West Bend, WI
  6. 6. About Schreiber (continued) International Production Facilities Austria Brazil Bulgaria Czech Republic Germany India Mexico Portugal Uruguay
  7. 7. Schreiber’s Products Process Cheese Natural Cheese Specialty Cheese String Cheese Cream Cheese Yogurt
  8. 8. Schreiber’s Market Segments • • • • • • • • • • Retail Foodservice Distributors Chain restaurants Government U.S. Military Schools Dairy ingredients Contract manufacturing Redistribution for customers
  9. 9. About Zirous • Oracle Gold Partner • Over 25 years in business • Located in Des Moines with consultants throughout the Midwest.
  10. 10. Zirous Practice Areas
  11. 11. How Zirous can help with SOA • Governance • Zirous can help set up a governance framework within your organization • Standards • Zirous can help implement a standards compliant approach • Value • Zirous can help demonstrate SOA value proposition • Implementation • Zirous can help get a SOA implementation up and running from concept to go live.
  12. 12. Schreiber’s Oracle Tech Stack Database • Oracle Database (9i-11g) • Active Data Guard Middleware • SOA Suite 11g ( • Enterprise Content Management 11g • Business Intelligence 11g • Weblogic Server • Data Integrator • Web Center Portal 11g & Oracle Identity Management Applications • E-Business Suite (R12.1.3) • Hyperion • ADF (Custom Web Apps) Enterprise Management • Enterprise Manager Grid Control 12c
  13. 13. Current Integration Landscape Heterogeneous Technology Environment Tightlycoupled applications (point-to-point integrations) Applications span many physical locations Change = Slow + Difficult
  14. 14. SOA Suite 11g Topology
  15. 15. First SOA Integration Project • Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Implementation • Helps decision makers determine how current conditions on plant floor can be optimized to improve production output • Automates and standardizes plant processes • Key Benefits • Improved accuracy, traceability, quality, and food safety • Reduced change-over time and rework • On-line visibility to SOPs and work instructions
  16. 16. Integration Options • MES Integration technology options • Flat File • Database • Web Service • SOA Architecture options • Point to point • Canonical Data Models and EBOs
  17. 17. Integration Approach • Canonical Data Model and EBOs • Requestor/ Business Service/ Provider • Hybrid approach • From ERP - Canonical Models • From MES - Application Messages • Chosen for performance and maintainability • All plants are treated like one logical system
  18. 18. Plant Adaptor & Routing Pattern
  19. 19. Second SOA Integration Project • Plant lab sample automation project • Sample measurements written to SQL Server database by 3rd Party application attached to lab instruments • Used SOA 11g to record sample measurements in Oracle Quality module in real-time • Eliminated manual work by lab technicians, opportunities for sample measurement errors/omissions
  20. 20. Second SOA Integration Project
  21. 21. Current Deployment (2 Projects) • 60 composites • BPEL & Mediator • Database Adapter • Event Delivery Network (EDN) • User Messaging Service • Composite instances per day (Production) • 70,000 (current daily average) • 2 million (projected at project completion)
  22. 22. Challenges • ERP was upgraded during project (11i -> R12) • Designed for R12, wrote throwaway shims for 11i. • PL/SQL wrappers for 11i converted R12 concepts • Watch your namespaces! • Especially in XML fragments and XML to/from String • Duplicate messages (polling DB adaptor) • Used “distributed polling” for Oracle databases • Used “reserved value” for MS SQL Server • Polling column defined as “bit” data type
  23. 23. Challenges (continued)
  24. 24. Challenges (continued)
  25. 25. Challenges (continued) • SOA EM Console Slowness / Stuck Threads • Tuned EM Settings • Installed and scheduled SOA purge procedure • “Dangling composite” issue • Applied SOA 11g PS5 Bundle Patch 7 ( • Patch 16702086 (see Oracle Doc ID 1485949.1)
  26. 26. Challenges (continued) We configured these display options to improve EM console performance
  27. 27. Challenges (continued) • Deployments Hanging in Production • Deploy to a new revision
  28. 28. SOA 11g Successes • MES Project Phases 1 & 2 have gone live • Integrations have already been reused for a new project • Problems have been easy to diagnose • Integrations have been easy to enhance/extend • Able to integrate additional plants very quickly • Run time performance has been very good
  29. 29. Lessons Learned • Expect to make mistakes (allow time for refactoring) • Avoid unnecessary perfectionism • Partner beginning developers with more experienced developers • Partner developers with strong business process owners / SMEs • Invest in common services and reusable patterns • Standardize exception handling • Successful SOA projects are more than drawing pictures
  30. 30. Lessons Learned (continued) • Have access to a cross-disciplinary team • Work hand-in-hand with the business and technical people • Put effort in developing sane and flexible data models BEFORE development • Standardize what you can, wrap what you can’t • Use BPEL as glue not a programming language • BPEL should be used as an Orchestration language not for complex programming logic • Use Oracle Support resources proactively
  31. 31. Next Steps • • • • • • MES plant rollouts SOA foundation for portal and mobile app integration Integration technology decision matrix SOA performance testing / benchmarking Automate SOA build / deployment process Evaluate other SOA Suite components • • • • Human Workflow Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) Oracle Service Bus (OSB) Oracle B2B • Understand what’s new in SOA Suite 12c • Managed File Transfer (MFT)
  32. 32. Helpful References • SOA 11g Installation, Maintenance, and Administration Guide (Doc ID 1384379.1) • SOA 11g: Bundle Patch Reference (Doc ID 1485949.1) • Oracle SOA Blog: • SOA Community Blog: • Oracle Technology Network uite/overview/index.html • Oracle SOA Suite 11g Samples me