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GS of TX Ok Plains SUCC presentation 2012


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GS of TX Ok Plains SUCC presentation 2012

  1. 1. Welcome to Girl Scout Service Unit Cookie Chair Training Girl Scouts ofTexas Oklahoma Plains
  2. 2. Make adifference in girls’ lives!
  3. 3. All registeredGirl Scouts cansell cookies ifthey haveparentalpermission.
  4. 4. • 2011-12 Program Goals • Continue Cookie University • Expand Cookie Program Aide • Expand Cookie Corps• 2012 Sales Goals • 6% increase in cookie sales over 2011 sale • 2% increase in participation over 2011 sale
  5. 5. How do we sell cookies? Booth Sales Online Marketing Direct Sales/ Order taking
  6. 6. Important Cookie Program DatesCookie Sales Begins January 6 , 2012Cookies Now! events January 7, 2012Girls sell cookies to January 6 – Februarycustomers. 19, 2012
  7. 7. How the Cookie Crumbles22% - Troop/Girl • Girl Recognitions and Cookie Bucks • Troop Profit30% - Cookie Cost and Sale Expense48% - Girl Scout Services • Program and resource materials • Facilities, including camps • Financial aid for membership needs • Program events • Staff who support girls and volunteers
  9. 9. Money MattersSelling Price $3.50 /packageTroop Proceeds .55 /package .60 /package –(C,S,A only – option with no recognitions)
  10. 10. What Is Returning In 2012 5 Core Business Skills Goals for Service Units Service Unit Bonus Cookie Calculator Going Green with Troop Manuals
  11. 11. Teach Business-Building Skills Decision MoneyGoal Setting Making Management Business People Skills Ethics
  12. 12. Service Unit Bonus Structure Why does it matter? What will the bonus do forthe Service Unit.
  13. 13. Money Matters! In 2011 Texas Oklahoma Plains troops earned $1,365,876.45in troops proceeds from the Cookie Sale!
  14. 14. Money Matters! In 2011 Texas Oklahoma Plains Service Units earned $40,118.10in bonuses from the Cookie Sale!
  15. 15. What Is New In 2012Snap UpgradesStreamlined reports for Service Units and Troops to view.Transfer cookies by flavorService Units and Troops will no longer be able to add or delete girls’ names. Girl registration information will be uploaded from the Council registration software.Booth SchedulerBooth Locator
  16. 16. Booth SchedulerCouncil Secured Cookie Booth Locations Cookie Booth locations that are secured by the Council. Troops will request a set number of locations through the Booth Scheduler in SNAP. Round 1: Fort Worth Region will be November 15 -27, each troop may select two locations. Round 2: Fort Worth Region will be December 1 -10, each Troop may select two locations. Round 3: Fort Worth Region will be January 6 to February 19th, troops may secure unlimited locations. Clean up Sales for these locations will also be available starting January 6.
  17. 17. Booth Scheduler Council Secured Cookie Booth Locations Notifications Cookie Booth process will be run through SNAP. Emails will go out from SNAP to notify Troops which booth location/date/time they have received. Troop Cookie Chair will need to print the email confirmation and have it with him/her on the day of the Cookie Booth as confirmation of their Booth date/time/location. Note: Troop Cookie Chairs must complete their Profile inSNAP, or they will not receive an email notification about their booth assignments.
  18. 18. Troop Cookie Booth Troops are encouraged to secure Cookie Booths on their own, in addition to Council Secured locations. Troops should include cookies for their booth sales for the first two weeks in their initial order. Troops should request cookies at least one week prior to their booth sale. When a troop has a troop secured date/time/location theyneed to go into SNAP through the Booth Scheduler and―Request a New Location‖. Troop Cookie Chairs will receive a confirmation email for their booth request.
  19. 19. Calendar:Shows the booth schedule dates
  20. 20. Search by Store Name or by Zip Code
  21. 21. 1) From the Snapshot screen within the Calendar2) Within the Schedule Booth Sales page under the Cookies Icon
  22. 22. Booth LocatorPotential customers can go to the GS-TOP or GSUSA website and enter their zip code for booth locations .Any Council Secured or Troop Secured Booth Locations within that zip code will pop up showing the address and location on a map.Potential customers can then go during those time periods to purchase Girl Scout Cookies.
  23. 23. Booth Sales verses Clean up Sales Are ways to sell directly to the public. Booth Sales held January 7 – February 19 Troop earns .55 cents per package sold. Clean up Sales are the 3 weekends after the sales ends Troops earns $ 1.00 per package sold. Variety and assortments vary based on availability. Why Participate?
  24. 24. Booth Etiquette PledgeSome Examples of what is in the Booth Etiquette Pledge We will not complain about any of the rules that a business sets and will promise to follow them. When a double booking occurs at a business, troop volunteers will demonstrative the Girl Scout Promise and Law and come up with a mutually agreed upon solution to the problem demonstrating sound business ethics to the Girl Scouts. As a troop we will be identifiable as Girl Scouts and wear a Membership Pin, uniform or other Girl Scout clothing and have neat and clean appearances. At all times we are a representative of Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains, Inc. and will obey and live by the Girl Scout Promise and Law.
  25. 25. It’s As Easy As… Training your Troop Cookie Chairs in your Service Unit
  26. 26. • What is the Key to Cookie Sale Success?• It’s as easy as…….
  27. 27. Always Set GoalsGirl Planning• Creates environment for success• Teaches valuable life skills• Motivates girls by personalizing goals• Set troop and individual goals, it’s a team thing!
  28. 28.
  29. 29. Set goals, create goalchart, track progress
  30. 30. Create a contact list, send e-cards and collect orders!
  31. 31. Be @ parent meeting• Family support is essential – Parent Permission Signed• Helps family adults ―see‖ benefits for their daughter• 5 Business-building skills that last a life time – Goal Setting – Decision Making – Money Management – People Skills – Business Ethics
  32. 32. Family Planning MeetingReview the 5 Business Skills Review Key Dates Talk about Safety Review Products and sample the Shortbread cookie Have girls share troop goals Set up troop cookie network Talk about other resources on web Have Fun!
  33. 33. Key Points for Family Training Have FUN! How To Get Help Online Resources Skill Building Goals Cookies SafetyDates
  34. 34. Communicate!Girl/Adult Partnership• Girls who set goals sell 37% more cookies than girls who don’t• Hold troop progress meetings – Keep girls excited – Help with problem-solving• Communicate throughout the sale
  35. 35. Do Have Booth Sales• Girls who go beyond friends & family sell over 35% more• 88% of folks who are asked to buy cookies do so• But only 60% of folks are ever asked!• Win-win for girls, family adults and consumers• Girl can sell 30 to 40 packages of cookies per hour.
  36. 36. Booth Sale Support Traditional venues Grocery Stores Retail Stores $3.50 box FUN IDEAS Hair and nail salons High school and college athletic events Churches Cookie caravans ht Office buildings afternoon breaks Hold a ―Cookie Garage Sale‖ Think outside the cookie box! This material has been prepared by Interbake Foods solely for the internal use of customer and contains confidential and trade secret information. The use, dissemination or copying of all or part of this material by any other party is strictly prohibited and is subject to the economic espionage act of 1996.
  37. 37. Marketing tools to boost your sales!
  38. 38. As Easy as…….Always set GoalsBe sure to have aParent MeetingCommunicatethroughout the saleDo have BoothSales
  39. 39. MM $2.5 $1.5 $1.0 $0.5 $0This material has been prepared by Interbake Foods solely for the internal use of customer and contains confidential and trade secret information. The use,dissemination or copying of all or part of this material by any other party is strictly prohibited and is subject to the economic espionage act of 1996.
  40. 40. America’s Best Cookies!Thanks-A-Lot™ Shout Outs!™ Shortbread Lemonades™ Thin Mints Peanut Butter Patties® Caramel deLites® Peanut Butter Sandwich
  41. 41. Volunteer Guides by Program Level
  42. 42. Completeonlinecookieexperiencefor girls!
  43. 43. Before the Sale Where do I get information on troops that willparticipate? What materials will troops need to make the salesuccessful? How will I set up for delivery day? Reserve your delivery location Seek Volunteers Recheck delivery location and volunteers the week of delivery Assign Volunteers Tasks
  44. 44. Action: T=Troop C=Cupboard B= BankTroop is checked as Active D=Delivery Station Double check that the information is correct Check or change Contact and email information
  45. 45. Cookies 2012Inventory Management for theService Unit Cookie Chair.
  46. 46. Why and how do we manage inventory?Who owns the cookies in your ServiceUnit?Assisting New Troops with Initial Orders.Assisting existing Troops with InitialOrders.Planning for Service Unit Cupboard.Troop planning for first two weekends onCookie Orders
  47. 47. How do SU Goals Relate to Inventory Management? Why are you the Service Unit CookieChair? No really – Why? Inventory management (YOU!!) Sales increase +10% over Last Year’s Service Unit numbers End of sale inventory return less than 1.5% of total inventory picked up throughout sale
  48. 48. Step 1: Initial Orders From Troops Troop Initial Orders are due to SU Cookie Chair12/5 Distribute Last Year sales numbers to troops by your November Service Unit Meetings Initial Orders must be input by Troops into SNAP  Cookies Now! at the Fort Worth Zoo  2 Week booth sale supply  Troops should not ―Commit‖ in SNAP New Troop Guidance
  49. 49. Cookies Now! At the Fort Worth ZooChanges to Cookies Now! at the Fort Worth Zoo: 4 Cases of Thin Mints 2 Cases of Caramel deLites 2 Cases of Peanut Butter Patties 1 Case of Lemonades 1 Case of Peanut butter Sandwiches 1 Case Shortbreads 1 Case of Thanks-A-Lot No Shout Outs will be given out at Cookies Now!TOTAL of 12 Cases given this year!!Last Date for Cookies Now! Money MUST be turned in or cookies exchangedreturned by January 17th.
  50. 50. New Troop Ordering Suggestion A good initial order for ―NEW‖ Girls in a troop would be the following: 24 boxes of Thin Mints 12 boxes of Caramel deLites 12 boxes of Peanut Butter Patties 6 boxes of Lemonades 6 boxes of Peanut butter Sandwiches 6 boxes Shortbreads 6 boxes of Thanks-A-Lot 3 boxes of Shout Outs TOTAL of 75 Boxes for their initial o
  51. 51. SNAP – Troop Initial Order Under Cookies select Initial Order Have troops input as ―Booth‖ in Cases at the bottom. They will need to ―Save‖ not ―Commit‖
  52. 52. Step 2: Initial Orders from Service UnitsSU Initial Orders are due to Council 12/8 Tools: ABC Cookie Calculator You will need the following: SNAP Troop Initial Orders input into SNAP Input cupboard order (finalized by council) Number of Girls going to Cookies Now! Last Years Troop sales This Year’s Sales Goal (Given to you from Council)
  53. 53. Step 3: Inventory Management Throughout the SalePlanning For EVERYTHING!!!! Troop reorders / Booth Sale requests Difference Booth Sale dates/times at least 2 weeks in advance Troop reorders to SU no later than 7 PM Sunday(suggested). SU Cookie needs SU reorders to council by 9:00- 10:00 PM Sunday (no exception).Communication Within your SU SU’s to Council SU’s to other SU’s
  54. 54. Weekly Inventory Counts and Reorder Form Service Unit Cookie Chair Inventory Report & Cookie Request Form Sundays Due To: Judy Treacy Date: 01/16/11 Instructions: Due Date: 11:59 PM Each Sunday during the sale 1. Fill in all "Pink" Cells All Blue cells will autopopulate Service Unit Number: Contact Person: Phone: E-mail: Please complete form in full. E-mail requests (send as attachment) to Judy Treacy by 9:00 PM! # of Shout Dates booths TAL Outs LEM Short Brd TM PBP CD PBS Totals Monday SundayCurrent SU Cupboard Inventory(in Packages) 01/10/11 01/16/11 0* Zoo Returns through 01/16 * This line is only used during(In Packages) 01/10/11 01/16/11 0 the first two weeksTotal Inventory (Lines 13+14)(In Packages) 01/10/11 01/16/11 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0Packages needed to fill trooporders (In Packages) 01/10/11 01/16/11 0Upcoming Weeks Booth SalesRequest (In Packages) 01/17/11 01/23/11 0Difference Current Inventory VS. Positive Number: You will have this many packagesNeeded Inventory (In Packages) 01/10/11 01/16/11 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 left after fulfilling orders.Case Conversion 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Negative Number: You are short packages.Total Council Request (In Cases) 01/17/11 01/23/11 0Following Weeks Booth Sales (InPackages) 01/24/11 01/30/11 0 Lines 24-27 will help council project whatAdditional Weeks Give Dates (In needs to be ordered in the coming weeks.Packages) 01/31/11 02/06/11 0 Please provide this information even if it isAdditional Weeks Give Dates (In an estimate. The council will not hold youPackages) 02/07/11 02/13/11 0 to these numbers.Additional Weeks Give Dates (InPackages) 02/14/11 02/20/11 0
  55. 55. It all comes down to:
  56. 56. Step 4: Inventory Management at the end of the SaleFinal 3 weeks planning Mottos: Take it or Leave It!! I Like to Move It, Move It!! Call Me!! I’m alive!!
  57. 57. Cookie Now! at the Fort Worth Zoo •Each girl will receive: 4 cases of Thin Mints; and 2 cases of Caramel deLites; and 2 cases of Peanut Butter PattiesJanuary 7, 2012 1 cases of all other flavors except• General Public 10-4 Shout Outs!• FASTPASS opens at 9 The total for each girl is 12 cases with a special line No substitutions throughout the day •All Cookies Now! Money MUST be turned in or cookies exchanged or returned by January 17th.
  58. 58. Cookie Now! at the Fort Worth ZooSpecial Zoo Rates - please promote to your troops to purchasetickets starting in December in the Retail Shops.Tickets purchased are good for any day in the month of January
  59. 59. New Regional Top Cookie Sellers Regional Top Sellers will be award to three girls in the Fort Worth Region. Will receive their choice of: A family four pack of tickets for a day at Six Flags over Texas A family four pack of tickets for a day at Hurricane Harbor E-reader Other options may be available at a later date Three Top Council Sellers A Council Top Seller cannot be a Regional Top Seller
  60. 60. Project Troop to TroopCustomers sponsor packages of Girl 2011 Project Troop to Troop FactsScout Cookies that are sent to our men •Over 26,000 packages of Girl Scout Cookies wereand women in uniform. sponsored in GS-TOP. •The cookies were delivered by nonprofit agencies to servicemen and women stateside and overseas. •Cookies have been distributed to the following organization throughout the council: Airborne Angels Blue Star Mom’s Cannon Air Force Base Dyess Air Force Base Helping our Heroes Socks for Soldiers Sheppard Air Force Base USO welcomed home military personnel at DFW Airport VFW
  61. 61. Initial Delivery DayHow many cookies will you need?Where will you get that information?Who will help on Delivery Day?Working with troops on that day.Delivery Day pick up is for initial orders and not additional cookies to be picked up.Service Unit Cupboard Hours of operation Busiest days for cupboards are Thursday to Sunday evening
  62. 62. Types of Receipts
  63. 63. During the SaleReview Procedures for additional cookie pick upWhy we do not deviate from these procedures?Count, count and recount—Keeping up withproductWhere do we get additional product Other Service Units Council Weekly inventory counts and reorders due to Judy by 9 to 10 PM on Sunday evening via email
  64. 64. Deposit Slips Troop Date of Number DepositElectronic StampBank has stampedthe date time andamount directly ontothe deposit slips. ORIf the bank givesyou a separatedeposit receipt that Depositalso needs to be Totalsturned in with the Number ofdeposit slip for checksvalidation. deposited
  65. 65. End of SaleWhen should we close the Service UnitCupboard?Organize Troop Sale informationSchedule times for turning in of troop paperworkAssemble each troop’s paperworkKeep record of Project Troop to Troop Cookies Virtual Cookies are cookies that the council surplus Actual Cookies are cookies that the troops will deliveryCollect bank deposit stampsSchedule time with Regional Office to turn in finalpaperwork
  66. 66. Outstanding Balances and Collections Difference between Girl/Parent and Troop Delinquency New procedures: Series of 3 letters will be sent out approximately every 30 days (Need Receipts and deposit slips for proof of payment, electronic stamped) 1st letter is ―you have an outstanding balance‖. 2nd letter repeat of previous letter giving them another 30 days. 3rd letter is from the CFAO of GS-TOP stating they are going to collection and will affect their credit history. Payment plan can be set up to cover 3 months of installments, if they miss a payment then it is sent directly to collections.
  67. 67. New Outstanding Balance