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a tour of several popular tensorflow models


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we walk through several popular tensorflow models
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a tour of several popular tensorflow models

  2. 2. CHAR-RNN “I'm not going anywhere. I will bring the poorly educated back bigger and better. It's an incredible movement. ” “We're losing companies, the economy. We are going to save it. We're going to bring the party. Let's Make America Great Again” “I want to thank the volunteers. They've been unbelievable, they work like endlessly, you know, they don't want to die. My leadership is good”
  3. 3. CHAR-RNN character level language modeling W-O-R-D, not WORD good for NLP original implementation from karpathy in python: dozens of implementations, including several in tensorflow
  4. 4. CHAR-RNN 1vanilla (image classification) 2 sequence output (image -> text) 3 sequence input ( sentiment analysis) 4 seq2seq (machine translation) 5 synced seq2seq (video classification)
  5. 5. CHAR-RNN RNN - recurrent because they perform the same task for every element of a sequence; typically 2-3 layers LSTM - long short term memory similar, state is calculated differently
  6. 6. CHAR-RNN DATA input is raw, large bodies of text. 1 MB+ minimum. modeling any kind of sequential data people have tried: linux source code,shakespeare, trump speeches, obama speeches,MIDI music, chinese, and more easy to find data to test with ideas for data you would like to try it on?
  7. 7. CHAR-RNN APPLICATIONS chat bots new “works of arts” music generation foundation for many other networks that involve text or images
  8. 8. CHAR-RNN MORE INFO TF version: awesome explanation: effectiveness/ seq2seq: arbitrary length input sequences that output arbitrary length outputs live version to play with: tensorflow tutorial: ex.html
  9. 9. NEURALSTYLE Paint images in the style of any painting
  10. 10. A NEURAL ALGORITHM OF ARTISTIC STYLE paper: The key finding of this paper is that the representations of content and style in the CNNs are separable. CNNs - convolutional Neural Network
  11. 11. high layers in the network act as the content of the image style computed from multiple layers’ filter responses
  12. 12. NEURALSTYLE - OVERVIEW original version written in torch/lua: tensorflow version: style online test model:
  13. 13. NEURAL STYLE DATA VGG - 16 convolutional and 5 pooling layers of the 19 layer VGGNetwork. it won imagenet in 2014 older network for object classification, not considered state of the art transfer learning computation time
  14. 14. VGG Network
  15. 15. FUTURE REVISIONS style transfer while retaining color image analogies
  18. 18. BAD MESSUPS
  19. 19. SHOW AND TELL DATA flickr30k ~150k captions on ~30k images: after1 year, a baby has taken in approximately 260 million images.
  20. 20. SHOW AND TELL many versions,popular one by Andrew Karpathy written in python/lua: tensorflow version: online model to test: paper:
  21. 21. SHOW AND TELL APPLICATIONS facebook has deployed this as image captioning software for the blind search engine indexing systems for movies “storytelling” art:
  22. 22. LINKS char-rnn: live version: tensorflow char-rnn tutorial: nt-neural-networks neuralstyle: live version: show and tell: live version:
  23. 23. –John Dewey “Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination.” Jason Toy test and use models: @jtoy QUESTIONS?