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Ww2 powerpoint propaganda


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Ww2 powerpoint propaganda

  1. 1. World War IIRacism & Propaganda
  2. 2. Propaganda 1.Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. 2.The dissemination of such information as a political strategy.
  3. 3. Posters, Songs, & Rallies•Office of War Information 1942-1945•Encouraged Americans to support thewar in many ways
  4. 4. Anti-Japanese Propaganda• Newspapers, magazines, posters, and films portrayed the Japanese as evil monsters and monkeys—the Japanese were dehumanized as America’s enemy.
  5. 5. History• Anti-Japanese sentiment existed during the yellow-peril of the late 19th Century, rose to new heights during WWII, and during the 1980s.• Magazines, newspapers, and government agencies, fueled the anti-Japanese sentiment during the Second World War. • Life Magazine, May 1944
  6. 6. Racist anti-Japanese propaganda during World War II relied on the notion that racewas a biological construction, and that there were biological differences betweenthe Japanese and Chinese races, even down to the amount of facial hair they’reable to grow (see Life Magazine above)..
  7. 7. Time Magazine “How to Tell Your Friends From the Japs”“Japanese—except for wrestlers—are seldom fat; they often dry upand grow lean as they age.”“Japanese are hesitant, nervous inconversation, laugh loudly at thewrong time.” December 22, 1941
  8. 8. Conflicting images
  9. 9. Government & Hollywood• President Roosevelt set up the Office of War Information (1942-1945)• Bureau of Motion Pictures• Frank Capra, director, worked directly under George Marshall to promote the war
  10. 10. Movie clips•• Why We Fight•• (Donald duck)•• (Bugs Bunny)••• Purple Heart (1944)•• Gung Ho (1943)
  11. 11. Movie Clips•• Government film 1945