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LPS Title Presentation by Coach JT


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If you are in in the Title and Escrow Services industry you need to check out what educate2earn and Coach JT are doing to help Real Estate Agents and Title Marketing Reps EXPLODE their business!!!

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LPS Title Presentation by Coach JT

  1. 1. Prepared For:Tyler, Robert, Mary and LPS
  2. 2. The Educate2Earn Mission To Double Your Sales By: 1. Developing agent RELATIONSHIPS through CE 2. Delivering Systems to Build TRUST 3. Building Your Online Identity 4. Increasing the value YOU provide 5. Putting YOU in Front of MORE RE agents3
  3. 3. What We Help You To Double Your Sales By: 1. How do you meet RE agents today? 2. Do they come see you? For how long? 3. How do you get the next appt? 4. What is your Online Identity? 5. What is your USP to agents? 6. How many agents have you been in front of YTD?4
  4. 4. Another Brick in the Wall...Gone 10 Minute No Automated Professional No 3hr Presentations Power Points & Marketing Teaching CE Class Office Visits Follow Up System Follow Up Handouts Materials Proven Plan No No Prepared Every Coaching Unprepared ProvidedMarketing Plan Support Time NoShow How to Create NoPre-Game Controlled UnsureMassive Adding About& Build Your Identity Value to GrowOnline Identity Walk Through Setting Outcome Business
  5. 5. Old Way vs. Better Way 10 Minute Me a s u ra b le Ma rke tin g Meetings Au to m a te d Fo llow Up S ys te m P ro fe s s io n a l P o we r P o in ts & 1 s t Cla s s Ha n d o u tsProblems with Current Method 3h r P re s e n ta tio n Time to set up Time to reschedule Lack of focused attention How many agents can you visit Always Chase, Chase, Chase
  6. 6. Do You Know… CE Re q u ire m e n ts fo r Ca lifo rn iaLic e n s e d Ag e n ts 45 h o u rs in 4 ye a rs . Th e b re a kd o wn is : 496,000 12 h o u rs c o n tin u in g e d u c a tio n Ethics Trust Fund Housing Ho m e S a le s Fair Housing 1 – 6h r c la s s c o ve rin gS . Ca l – 184,606 Ethics Agency Trust Fund Housing Fair Housing 1 – 3h r c la s s in ris k m a n a g e m e n t 18 c lo c k h o u rs o f c o n s u m e r p ro te c tio n Re m a in in g c lo c k h o u rs c a n b e re la te d to Consumer services Consumer protection
  7. 7. Our CE CoursesBehind The Scenes in MortgageLendingDown Payment Assistance &The ConsumerFHA/VA Loans- What RealtorsNeed to KnowUnderstanding FICO & ManagingCreditHome Affordable ForeclosureAlternative ProgramIntroduction to Section 8 HousingUnderstanding Short Sales &REOs in ArizonaUnderstanding FHA/VADistressed Property Options
  8. 8. Case Study 2 Classes per Month Your Current +Agent Database 52 25 Agents per Class 50 Agents per Month X 12 Months (One Year) 600 Agents per Year
  9. 9. Mark Taylor3 Classes per MonthAverage attendance per Class 65 AgentsBiggest Class 408 Agents198 Agents per Month being touched2,340 Agents per Year added to “opt in” database216 One on One personal meetings since January520,000 in gross commissions FY 201010
  11. 11. WHAT TO LAUNCH AT MEETINGS 1, 2 & 3
  12. 12. ACTIVERAIN CLICK! Our primary goal is to empower the real estate professional, and as an extension, educate and empower the consumer.
  13. 13. ePROPERTYSITES CLICK! ePropertySites wrote the book when it comes to marketing your property on the Internet. We finessed their systems to get Agents to work with you exclusively.
  14. 14. FACEBOOK CLICK! We help you show Agents how to leverage Facebook
  15. 15. GOOGLE CLICK! Want to be on the first page of Google? Take a look at the clips and notice Fred “Chip” Kron & Educate2Earn. We are always on the first page. Let us show you how to help your Realtors and you get on the first page.
  16. 16. YOUTUBE CLICK! We have many Educate2Earn clips on YouTube. We will show you how to communicate to Agents and Consumers to want to use you daily.
  17. 17. Do You Want Responses Like This? (September 30, 2010 – HAFA CE Class – 53 Attendees)18
  18. 18. More Results!!! (From September 30, 2010 – HAFA CE Class – Cont.)19
  19. 19. Are You Ready For a PROVEN Plan That Will…1. Make sure you Succeed!2. Build You a LONG-TERM steady source of income!3. Double YOUR income!
  20. 20. See What Real Estate Agents Are Saying
  21. 21. Thank You Co n ta c t Co a c h J TFa c e b o o k.c o m /Co a c h J T Ce ll: (480) 286-2384 e Ma il:J T@J Tth e Co a c h .c o m