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Cloud World Innovation In The Cloud Static


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Cloud World Innovation In The Cloud Static

  1. 1. Innovation in the Cloud Matt Greeley Founder & CEO Brightidea Inc. Twitter: @brightidea
  2. 2. S Source: Innovation in the Cloud
  3. 3. PC Innovation in the Cloud
  4. 4. How to Recognize a “Native” Cloud Apps  Entirely New Problems Solved!  Much Broader in Scope and Scale (10X)  Inter-Company Collaboration (Emp, Cust & Parts)  Social Apps with a Large Number of End-Users  Simple to Use, Easy to Learn, Point Solutions  Self-Service Setup, Configurable & Mashable PC  Rely on External Services Available on the Web Innovation in the Cloud
  5. 5. Innovation in the Cloud Matt Greeley Founder & CEO Brightidea Inc. Twitter: @Brightidea
  6. 6. FAILURE TO INNOVATE IS A CRITICAL BUSINESS CHALLENGE * 82% of the S&P 500 from 1957 are Out of Business.
  7. 7. Brightidea: Market Leader in Innovation A Better Way to Manage the Innovation Process Innovation Crowdsourcing Cross-Functional Scorecarding & Multi-Phase Stage-Gate Idea Portal Initial Go/No-Go Development Enterprise Innovation Management (EIM) Just like CRM software supports and monitors the sales pipeline - from lead to contract; EIM products support and monitor the innovation pipeline - from idea to launch. WWW.BRIGHTIDEA.COM
  8. 8. Brightidea: Brightidea, Inc. Market Leader in Innovation The Global Leader in On-Demand Innovation Management Brightidea, Inc. Customers: 250+ Employees: 35 Status: Private, Closely-Held, Profitable Locations: San Francisco & New York Team: ex-IBM, Oracle, Accenture, KPMG, Parature, CareerBuilder, BroadChoice. Brightidea sells software specifically-designed to automate, accelerate and Track the innovation process in large, complex organizations. WWW.BRIGHTIDEA.COM
  9. 9. The Market Leader: 250+ Subscribers Spanning All Verticals WWW.BRIGHTIDEA.COM
  10. 10. Brightidea: Market On-Demand Product Suite Leader in Innovation Collect Decide Execute Community system for Idea Idea Routing and Scorecarding Distributed Team and Project Collection and Voting with large system accelerates cross-functional Tracking by stage of Innovation groups of Customers, Employees decision making and fosters cross- Process, Financial Projections or Partners. silo collaboration. and Launch date WWW.BRIGHTIDEA.COM
  11. 11. Common Use Cases of the Brightidea Suite WWW.BRIGHTIDEA.COM
  12. 12. What is Driving Companies to Innovation Software?  Facing Crisis Point with Accelerating Change  Execs Concerned with Silos & Agility  Companies Deploying Corporate Social Networks, Need a Real Purpose and an ROI  Recognizing of Innovation as a Process that can be Managed  Global Recession & Failing Corporations WWW.BRIGHTIDEA.COM
  13. 13. Innovation in the Cloud Matt Greeley Founder & CEO Brightidea Inc. Twitter: @Brightidea
  14. 14. Adobe: Customer Co-Creation Case Study Captures and prioritizes customer feedback for Software Products. • Product Management & Product Marketing Seeking to better engage end-users and early adopters • SaaS Product Continuously evolving products need continuous input streams • Customer Feedback Capture Voice of Customer through Enhancement Requests • Skinnable and Scalable Separate sites for each product, each skinned to be brand relevant. • Rapid Adoption Over 1,000 active users on Acrobat WebStorm in 90 days. Live Site: WWW.BRIGHTIDEA.COM
  15. 15. Experian: Managing a Global Innovation Pipeline Manages a Billion Dollar Pipeline - Tracking all Innovation Work Globally with Brightidea’s products • Fragmented Culture and Process Growth through acquisition, many different NPD processes, Excel • Idea Harvest Focal point for culture of innovation and collaboration • Quantify the Pipeline $1 Billion Dollars in Potential revenue, over 400 Projects Tracked • Executive Visibility Dashboards viewed by CEO in BU leadership meetings and used investor relations • Global Roll-Out Expanded to over 30 countries around the world. “ Brightidea is critical to our business.” Laura DeSoto SVP Synergy & Innovation, Experian WWW.BRIGHTIDEA.COM
  16. 16. Innovation in the Cloud Matt Greeley Founder & CEO Brightidea Inc. Twitter: @Brightidea