Naxal Reconstruction of Stories


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TYBMM Journalism, Editing project of reconstruction of stories of Naxals and layout. Comments most welcome on

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Naxal Reconstruction of Stories

  3. 3. Naxalism Increasing Naxal Influence The greatest internal security threat THE CONTRADICTION:(left)The rising threat: young naxalites under training, (right) decreasing strength of the CRPF. India, despite being a very vast coun- of west Bengal. In Naxalbari, a militant referred to as the “red corridor”. As if try, has been able to maintain its demo- section of the communist party of India 2009, the Naxalites or Maoists are active cratic status since independence in 1947, (Maoist) - CPI (M), led by charu majum across approximately 220 districts in whereas its neighbours hither to been un- twenty states of India. able to prove their regard for democratic values. Not that the democratic states of India has never been threatened, but it NAX-AXE In recent times Maoist are focusing on recruiting school dropouts especially from the tri junction of Orissa, Chhattis- has succeeded in quelling the disruptive dar and kanu sanyal, attacked the police garh and Andhra Pradesh. Their recruit- forces both from outside and inside from on May 25, 1967 to avenge the death of ment mainly focus on tribals from Koyas time to time. farmer, killed over a land dispute. The in Koraput, Vanda in Malkangiri, Paraja Nobody can deny the fact that India same year, the Naxalites organized the all in Kandh, Bhuyan in Sundergarh, San- has left no stone unturned to deal, with India coordination committee of commu- thal in Mayorbhanj. external threats like jihad terrorism and nist revolutionaries (AICCCR), and later The extremists take young internal threat like Maoism-whether the on broke away from the CPI (M). The Indian state has been succeed in tackling believers in the ideology formed the boys and girls from indi- these two threats up to a satisfactory communist party of India (Marxist gent families, give them level or not is a matter of debate. Leninist). Initially, they confined their rudimentary education Maoism that has acquired a bad name activities to west Bengal only but gradu- and enlist them as politi- for itself is in fact another name for Nax- ally, they expanded their reach and cal members of CPI - M alism that came into existence as an ide- spread to other parts of India. It is due t ology over four decades ago. Naxalism their strong presence in the rural parts of An Intelligence official owes its name to the place of its origin- central and eastern India that vast In recent times Maoist are focus- Naxalbari, a village in the northern part swathes of the country are collectively ing on recruiting school dropouts espe-
  4. 4. cially from the tri junction of Orissa, helicopters - all of which the centre Top Maoist Sabyasachi Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh. Their promised to increase in the fight against recruitment mainly focus on tribals from the Naxals- it’s the ideology that matters Panda’s wife held Koyas in Koraput, Vanda in Malkangiri, the most. Prime Minister Manmohan Wife of Top Maoist leader Sabyasachi Paraja in Kandh, Bhuyan in Sundergarh, Singh who chaired the Chief Ministers’ Panda, and other two co- workers of Santhal in Mayorbhanj. meets in New Delhi to find ways to Milli Kishore Jena and Sangram Bhol , According to intelligence officials The were physically produced before the extremists take young boys and girls Banpur Court with tight security on Fri- from indigent families, give them rudi- day. Earlier the hearing was conducted mentary education and enlist them as po- through Video Conferencing. Police litical members of CPI – M” After brain force were deployed in the way from washing the youngsters for years they Bhubaneswar to Banpur. gain a sense of empowerment and be- About 6 Inspectors, 9Sub-Inspectors and cause of their extremist activities they 17 ASIs were deployed headed by DSPs turned into professional revolutionaries. of Khurdha and Balugan. The Court was The indoctrination of children begins examined thoroughly by the anti bomb from the age of 14, initially they are squad .The out side of the court was given a mere job and gradually are crowded to see Milli Panda. Dharnurd- trained into a hard core Maoist. har Das, father of Milli was present in According to police estimates there are the Court. 300 to 500 hardcore Maoists in Orissa. A As the sections mentioned in the Charge few days ago, again an armed Maoist sheet are important and not coming killed a teacher suspecting him to be a Wife of CRPF jawan under Banpur Court , the Magistrate police informer in Gotiguda. sheds tears over her hus- Rina Choudhury shifted the case to The incident took place in night, when band’s dead body Khurdha Additional District Judge over 30 Maoists attacked the school and Court for hearing. asked Ghasi Kendruka, (35), to come out tackle the Naxal, where Bihar CM Nitish It is to be mentioned here that on 14th and slit his throat in nearby mango or- Kumar and his Chhattisgarh counterpart January this year evening the Police had chard. After which they left posters and Raman Singh presented their theories to seized maoist posters from a Bolero letters claiming their responsibility and tackle the issue. Nitish was adamant, No- OR 02 BA 5327 and arrested manage to escape, said the official. “Naxals cannot be overpowered with Kishore Jena and Sangram Bhol. Basing They are no more restricted to a partic- guns”. Singh was equally unbending, on the information from them, the Po- ular area. They are spreading their web as “Only guns are the answer”. lice had arrested Subhashree Panda alias far as possible. recently they called a Nitish underlined that “Naxals are a Milli from a rented house at Hansapal week long bandh in tribal districts of part of our society even though they have that night. Milli were produced before Gadchiroli and Gondia, bordering Chhat- been misled into following the path of vi- Banpur Court. The investing Crime tisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Andhra olence”. He further claimed that “En- Branch submitted their Charge Sheet on Pradesh- to commemorate the death an- forcement action alone leads to wider 13th July. niversary of Naxalite founder, Charu Ma- alienation, making heroes out of the ex- “She is a prize catch. Her arrest is a jumder, who died in police custody in tremist organization and leads to only severe jolt to the Maoist movement 1972. They distributed pamphlets and symptomatic treatment, leaving the un- leaflets in the area and warned the people derlined diseases to reappear in a more in Orissa,” a senior police, request- do not defy the bandh call. They have virulent form”. Singh, however, have op- ing anonymity, told “The ET”. “appealed” to the locals to ensure that the posite claim. Recently, Mamata Banerjee bandh is a success. made a visit to Lalgarh where she got Siddhartha Panda, brother of the Another case in Bihar, where, Maoist stuck on her own comment after she dreaded Maoist leader, however said killed seven cops in which the improper made a statement in Lalgarh claiming the couple had snapped links with reinforcement of CRPF is blamed. This Azad’s death as “murder”. their respective families since long. was the second Maoist strike. In another “Whatever I have said in Lalgarh I Siddhartha, a native of Nayagarh, is attack in south Chhattisgarh, five security have said as a Trinamool congress chief. a local BJD leader. men including three border security force But I am proud that I have visited Lal- troopers died at the hands of the rebels. garh”. Incidentally, after this, the top The Bihar conflict, in which nine police Maoist leader Kishenji, alias Koteswar Whatever I have said in men were injured, to place 160 kms Rao, hold news agency that he would Lalgarh I have said as a southeast of Patna. Four security who prefer a three month ceasefire by both took part in combat are missing. The en- sides and talk for peace on this Mamata Trinamool congress chief. counter continued for more than 6 hours said, “if they(Maoists) responded to the But I am proud that I have in a hilly forested area. “A CRPF unit has president’s and PM’s appeal its good for been rushed to the Sheetalkorasi hills to country. Let the problem be solved visited Lalgarh. secure the bodies of the seven police men through the democratic process”. She killed in the encounter and recover the also hinted at her willingness to mediate missing police men”, said Lalan Prasad; with the Maoist. “All problems should be Mamata Banerjee Munger Divisional Commissioner. settled through negotiation”, she said. More than the men weapons and the
  5. 5. The Red Corridor: Naxal affected areas all over in India. The demand of the situation is a multi amined and understood well. All possible the democratic method and came to pronged approach. If the violent inces- measures should be taken to put an end power in Kerala and West Bengal. They sant of the Naxalites are to be con- to this social aberration. The Naxalite should give up day dreaming about demned, every critic of the government should be convinced to join the main- India’s transformation into an Indian ought not to be labeled as a Maoist. stream and the authorities should explore Marxist State. There is absolutely no sense of being a the possibilities of accommodating the pro or anti Maoist. The situation calls for Naxalites a radical party in the medical a very objective approach. All the aspects process. The Naxalites should follow the of the Maoist phenomenon should be ex- path of the left parties which opted for Naxal violence in Orissa from the year 2003-07