Ai show the ground networking and interoperablity


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Ai show the ground networking and interoperablity

  1. 1. An Idea: The Ground: Networking andInteroperable I/O
  2. 2. Full line of Interoperable I/O Wide range of I/O to meet demanding applications from machine to harsh duty process control • All distributed I/O on PROFINET • Small form factor, granular I/O, SIL3 Machine Safety I/O for Higher machine control solutions Performance • Modular and high density rack I/O for large machine & infrastructure process control • Harsh duty I/O for process applications High availability across the portfolio, rugged designs for harsh environments • MRP protocol (ring topology) delivers cut-proof network to I/O and other devices Uptime • Intrinsic safety, low power consumption, wide temperature range, conformal coated solutions overcome extreme environmental constraints Fully distributed system reduces wiring, $ installation, and long term support costs • Distributed I/O architecture reduces wiring & installation costs Lower TCO • OEMs easily ship machine segments, easily connect I/O on site via ethernet cable • Fully distributed system simplifies future control system upgrades 2 2 GE Title or job number 6/3/2012
  3. 3. Networking and Interoperable I/O New PROFINET enabled Slice IO • PACSystems RSTi IO distributed Slice IO for high performance machine IO on PROFINET New PROFINET enabled SIL3 Machine Safety IO • VersaSafe IO delivers SIL3 safety to machine applications without separate controllers RX3i IO on PROFINET • High density, high performance IO for distributed applications PAC8000 Process IO on PROFINET • Harsh environment IO on PROFINET 3 3 GE Title or job number 6/3/2012
  4. 4. I/O Designed to Meet Your Application PACSystems RSTi • Target Applications: Highly Distributed Discrete and Process Applications • Description: Small form factor, modular, granular I/O on a high speed bus • Key Benefits: Reduced panel space, rugged design, meets global standards VersaSafe • Target Applications: Machine Safety • Description: SIL3 Machine Safety I/O for machine control solutions • Key Benefits: Integrated safety controller and I/O simplifies application VersaMax • Target Applications: Distributed high concentration of I/O • Description: High density modular I/O • Key Benefits: Increased uptime with media redundancy and hot swap RX3i • Target Applications: Mission critical discrete and process • Description: Rack I/O with advanced diagnostics • Key Benefits: Flexibility with a wide range of standard and advanced I/O PAC8000 • Target Applications: Harsh hazardous environments, process and safety • Description: Process I/O • Key Benefits: Designed for applications that are corrosive or explosive 4 and extremes of temperature, shock and vibration. GE Title or job number 6/3/2012
  5. 5. PACSystems RSTi Highly versatile, extremely robust, complete line of compact slice I/O modules with seamless integrationFEATURES BENEFITS CAPABILITIESPROFINET High speed I/O throughput with • High Performance 100Mbps network interface withConnectivity connectivity to hundreds of built in switch third party devices • Supports up to 32 modules or 512 I/O per dropSystem Increased UPTIME by isolatingDiagnostics system failures quickly. • Slide and lock modules with removable terminalPowerful Reduced development time blocks for easy installationIntegration Tools with Proficy Machine Edition • Right Size the application with 2, 4, 8 or 16 point tools I/O modules to meet the needs of the application“Build as You Go” The granular design enables • Diverse line of discrete and analog I/O including “Right Sizing” the application Thermocouple and RTD that results in minimum • Motion control with High Speed Counters, SSI, installation cost and panel PWM and Pulse space. • Interface to scales and bar code readers with theRugged Design The rugged design of the RSTi serial communications modules “slide and lock” provides an • Network Independence: PROFINET, PROFIBUS, easy secure installation. DeviceNet, Modbus serial and Ethernet, EtherCAT, EthernetIP, CANOpen, CC-Link 5 GE Title or job number 6/3/2012
  6. 6. VersaSafe SIL3 TUV Certified Distributed Safety Solution perfectly integrated in PACSystemsFEATURES BENEFITS CAPABILITIESPROFINET Distributed safe communication • High Performance 100Mbps network interfaceConnectivity via an open standard network • Supports up 400 standard and safe I/O per dropSafety Shorter Time to Market dueDiagnostics simplified engineering • Removable terminal blocks for easy maintenancePowerful Reduced training efforts • Configurable Single- / or Dual-channelIntegration ToolsComplete Library Risk reduction due to pre- • Complies to all global standardsof Safety certified safety logicFunction Blocks • Logic with a combination of standard and safe I/ORedundant Fiber Best reliability for rough • Single Point Of Connect for logic and configurationNetwork industrial environmentBest Scalability “One solution fits for all” • Simulation of the safety logic • Network Selection: PROFINET or PROFIBUS 6 GE Title or job number 6/3/2012
  7. 7. VersaMax Modular I/O providing increased uptime with its built in media redundancy and hot swap supportFEATURES BENEFITS CAPABILITIESPROFINET High speed I/O throughput • High Performance 100Mbps cooper or fiberConnectivity with connectivity to hundreds network interface with built-in switch of third party devices • Supports up to 8 modules or 256 I/O per drop• Hot Swap I/O Increased UPTIME• MRP • Flexible wiring with box, barrier or spring clamp• Redundant P/S terminationFiber network Minimizes electrical noise • Maximize space with 32 point I/O modules for high impact on the network concentrated device locationsPrecision Analog High resolution, isolated • Diverse line of discrete, analog, isolated and non analog minimize waste isolated I/O modulesPROFINET One I/O bus Ethernet cable for • Simplified wiring and configuration using theModbus and connecting to Modbus and PROFINET to Modbus Master proxy andPROFIBUS Proxy PROFIBUS slave devices PROFIBUS Master proxy modules • Network Independence: PROFINET, Ethernet EGD, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, Modbus TCP, Genius 7 GE Title or job number 6/3/2012
  8. 8. RX3i Rack-based I/O provides high-performance I/O capability for a wide range of applicationsFEATURES BENEFITS CAPABILITIES1Gbps High speed I/O throughput • High Performance 1Gbps network interface with 4PROFINET with connectivity to hundreds port switch for both copper and fiberConnectivity of third party devices • Supports up to 14 modules or 448 I/O per drop• Hot Swap I/O Increased UPTIME• MRP • 8, 16 or 32 point modules to meet the needs of the application• Redundant P/SFour port Reduces panel space and • Diverse line of discrete, analog, isolated and nonCooper/Fiber fiber network is ideal for isolated I/O modulesnetwork switch electrical noise challenged • Advanced Modules: Power Monitoring, Servo, applications SBC, HARTHigh performance Increases yield and reduces • Serial communications to third party devicesprecision analog scrap supports Modbus Master/Slave, DNPAdvanced Reduces downtime by Master/Slave, Serial Read/Write and toolkit forDiagnostics pinpointing faults quickly custom protocolsHigh Performance Increased productivity and • PROFIBUS Master, DeviceNet moduleMotion machine cycle times • Network Independence: PROFINET and Ethernet EGD 8 GE Title or job number 6/3/2012
  9. 9. PAC8000 Process I/O Modular I/O for harsh and hazardous applicationsFEATURES BENEFITS CAPABILITIESPROFINET High speed I/O throughput or • Operates in the toughest environments: -40oC toConnectivity or dedicated connection to +70oC ambient, G3 corrosion resistance, 30gPlug-in rugged PAC8000 Controller shock, 5g vibration, 95% humidityControllers family • Operates in Zone 2 / Div 2 hazardous (ATEX)Comprehensive Increase uptime by isolating areas and optionally connect to intrinsically safe (Exi) and increased safety (Exe) field wiring.Diagnostics system failures quicklyEnvironmental Operate in the harshest • Up to 1024 I/O per node – mixing Intrinsic Safety,Performance environments low power and high power I/O on the same node if requiredHART Capability For better asset management and more accurate control • Bussed Field Power simplifies power connectionsInnovative Wiring Simplify cabinet design and and full featured field terminals reduce interposing terminal needsConnections buildHazardous Area Use in all process • Serial communications to third party devicesMounting and environments • SIL2 PAC8000 SafetyNet also availableField Wiring • Low power consumption for remote/ unmanned applications 9 GE Title or job number 6/3/2012