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EEL409 Presentation


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My board game eportfolio project

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EEL409 Presentation

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  3. 3. What’s manageable?<br />Distance Education <br />What help can I get?<br />Using technology<br />Something visual<br />ePortfolios maybe?<br />What would benefit my students?<br />Maybe Interact based?<br />Learning about my subjects<br />No PowerPoints!!<br />What could I build on?<br />A board game!!!<br />
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  7. 7. I had to revise a technology -based subject (Introduction to Educational Computing)<br />I had been working with ePortfolios at the school I had been teaching at <br />CSU was in the process of rolling out an ePortfolio tool across the university<br />I was excited by the challenge of making a board game to present my ideas<br />