APSOTW - King of shaves Strategy document


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A Strategy assignment for Andrew Hovells and APSOTW, RE: King of shaves

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APSOTW - King of shaves Strategy document

  1. 1. KING OF SHAVESLet’s teach Australian’s to appreciate & love the art of shaving.Let’s generate discussion towards creating a culture of what itmeans to become king in their everyday lives starting witha kings shave.JUSTIN THOR HOYER | JTHOYER@GMAIL.COM @JTHOYER
  2. 2. SHAVINGS CURRENT CULTURE IN AUSTRALIACurrently, Australian brands are focussed on getting a quick, close shave.ButMost men have a hate/hate/hate relationship with shaving, particularly if they’rehairy beasts and work in jobs in which a daily shave is expected.If you’re an office worker, the pain of shaving may also be exacerbated by the factyou’ve got to wear a collar and tie, which can be like snapping handcuffs on tosunburned wrists when you’ve got a sweaty neck rash. (source) All underlined text is a link to an example
  3. 3. HOW WE ARE GOING TO CHANGE ITShaving itself doesn’t get much buzz unless people are purposely discussingsomeone’s good looks, or bad shaving job. Hot or not..?So why not get this discussion leveraged through social media(Facebook, Twitter, YouTube).Create a widespread Australian experienceBuilding respectability and quality of shaving like that of a” made man”. A “king”.A “respected face”. A “man in charge” face. As likened to getting a shave from acareer Brooklyn barber. Or at the oldest and most respected barbers of London.And allowing Australian’s to take that finished shaving result to their home, withquality products that give them a kings shave.The get must always be worth more than the give, both rationally and socially. All underlined text is a link to an example
  4. 4. KEY AREAS TO TAKE NOTEBarriersTimeA great shave comes from completing three tasks therefore taking longer than usual.• The Prime - a face wash or hot towel• The Shave - a sharp razor that gets the job done well, and• The Protect - treating the skin after havinig been shavedCostThe King of Shaves products are generally 20% ($2-$10) more expensive thantheir competitors.AwarenessAs King of Shaves is relatively new to australia it’s not so well known in comparison to theAustralian price competitive razor focussed market. All underlined text is a link to an example
  5. 5. KEY AREAS TO TAKE NOTEOpportunitiesShaving in Australia is about getting the job done quickly and cost effectively, usually consistingof grabbing foam, shaving and using a towel to wipe away the foam. We need to educateshavers in a way that showcase the worth of a kings shave even if the actual shave itself takeslonger...(longer process = better shave, and will probably cause you to shave less often).Prime and protectAppreciating that a good shaving experience on its own doesn’t create good skin, King ofShaves took on the challenge of men’s skin care as well. Consisting of face washes (becauseremoving bacteria before shaving is important), scrubs (to help prevent any pesky ingrown hairs),moisturisers (for a more supple and finessed finish) and a line specifically designed forsensitive skin.Male consumers are definitely more on the practical side.“Men generally want to know how to use the products correctly. They need more education ontheir routine but they don’t really want to know the key ingredients. They just want to know how itwill benefit them and also if the products really work.” All underlined text is a link to an example
  6. 6. WHO WE ARE GOING TO FOCUS ONMenJohnny Young • Recent to shaving (either getting what Malcom • Has been shaving for a while16-20’s the dad uses/used or what mum will Trendsetter • Knows the difference between buy them) Late 20’s-30’s products (knowledge of ingredients) • Wants to experiment and discover themselves through their growth, May have been to a “cut-throat” for so being told to shave is probably a professional job in the past (would authoritarian and annoying definitely be open to the idea of it)Henry Middle • Takes his time with the little40’s + things (personal time - Possibly Women only personal time - that and the Kathy Newbie • shaves in the shower bathroom) 14-20’s • Possibly can’t afford waxing/ladies • Wants cheaper as he’s getting frugal, expensive products but realises quality and is willing • Queen of shaves to make a smart choice, not just a cheap one. All underlined text is a link to an example
  7. 7. CREATE AWARENESSWhat we are trying to achieve through thisWe are going to create buzz through paid media by showcasing the King of Shavesideology and possibly include the gameplay of a competition and drive traffic tothe owned media available to King of Shaves. (KoS website, Facebook, Twitter,YouTube)TV Print ads Banner ads“Even though there are these new FHM: To add to various target rich sites.multiple ways, what we’re seeing is Readership 231,000it is happening in addition to, not at Ave income 60k+the expense of traditional televisionviewing. GQ: Readership 100k“They’re (viewers are) spending more ave income $128Ktime in front of the traditional televisionscreens and the time they’re spending The Australianon these other devices is on top of 212kthat,” Ms Buchanan said.Source. The Sunday Times 356K All underlined text is a link to an example
  8. 8. HOW TO IMMERSE THE TARGET IN OUR MESSAGEKing of shaves com.au com.au/blog/ Facebook page Twitter account Youtube page (Lady barber) Webpage expansion through edmIf we can create enough conversation, engagement and interaction with the brand,this will hopefully lead to the future consideration of the brand when purchasing. All underlined text is a link to an example
  9. 9. EVERYONE HAS A NUMBERWhat’s the ask?To consider the King of Shaves brand and try King of Shaves products.What is a conversion?Increased participation in the brand,Will create a movement with the King of Shaves ideology andLead to increased product sales.King of Shaves is currently at 9 percent market share.Gillette dominates the world razor industry with 72 percent market share.Schick is the second largest but a meager 15 percent share followed byBIC 6 percent market share.We want to double our percentage within two years and take the number two spot. All underlined text is a link to an example