Reality check power point


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Reality check power point

  1. 1. Reality Check Are You On Track To Graduate?
  2. 2. Graduation Requirements Handout
  3. 3. Reality Check Discussion • How do you obtain “credit” for a course you are taking? • According to these graduation requirements: • • • • • • How many math credits are required for graduation? How many English credits are necessary for graduation? What is the minimum amount of credits needed in order to graduate? What is one class you know you will still need to complete before graduation? What credit totals are needed to be promoted to 10th grade? What credit totals are needed to be promoted to 11th grade? • Based on the short-term, quarter one goals we set, are you on track to meet your academic goals? • Have you visited your counselor for credit evaluation and discussed your future educational plans?
  4. 4. Homework • Review your personal goals and see if they are in line with overall plan for graduation. • Complete the Reality Check – Graduation Requirements handout and submit via Online Learning