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Historical Perspectives on Women: Library Research


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Historical Perspectives on Women: Library Research

  1. 1. WGST 2P91LIBRARY TIPS ANDTRICKSJennifer Thiessen, Liaison Librarian for Women’s and GenderStudiesFebruary 2013
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda Searching for articles Choosing the best database  Historical Abstracts/America: History & Life  MLA International Bibliography  Feminae  Gender Studies Database Group Work: Explore topic—e.g. witchcraft Discussion Writing Tips/Help
  3. 3. Group Work Explore your assigned database by searching for resources on a topic of your choosing  Databases:  Historical Abstracts/America:History & Life  MLA International Bibliography  Feminae  Gender Studies
  4. 4. Guiding questions… Your task as a group: Explore your database using the following questions to guide your investigation. Ideas for searching: witchcraft, eugenics, suffrage What is included in the database?  Subject coverage? Date coverage? Can you get peer-reviewed articles? How? How can you get to the full text of an article? Other tips on making your search better?
  5. 5. AMERICA: HISTORY &LIFE/HISTORICAL ABSTRACTS America: History & Life  History of Canada and the U.S.  Coverage: prehistory – present Historical Abstracts  History of all countries EXCEPT Canada and the U.S.  Coverage: 1450-present (i.e., won’t cover early middle ages) Both databases contain journal articles
  7. 7. MLA INTERNATIONALBIBLIOGRAPHY  journals, series, books, working papers, conference proceedings  modern language, literature, linguistics, and folklore
  8. 8. FEMINAE covers journal articles, book reviews, and essays in books about women, sexuality, and gender during the Middle Ages
  9. 9. FEMINAESearch Results1. Record Number: 28004Author(s): Scudieri, Novello, Check Library CatalogueContributor(s):Title :A Trial for Witchcraft at Todi (1428)Source: Medieval Italy: Texts in Translation Edited by Katherine L. Jansen, Joanna Drell, and Frances Andrews .University of Pennsylvania Press, 2009. Pages 203 - 215.Year of Publication: 2009.24. Record Number: 9340Author(s): Broedel, Hans Peter.Contributor(s):Title :To Preserve the Manly Form from So Vile a Crime: Ecclesiastical Anti-Sodomitic Rhetoric and the Genderingof Witchcraft in the "Malleus Maleficarum" [Broedel argues that Heinrich Krämer, the author, with the help of JacobSprenger, of the "Malleus maleficarum," adopted the language and critiques of sodomy to describe witchcraft, thusmaking it a crime of deviant sexuality. Since women were naturally pSource: Essays in Medieval Studies (Full Text via Project Muse) 19 (2002): 136-148. Link InfoYear of Publication: 2002. Click for full text
  10. 10. GENDER STUDIESDATABASE  Interdisciplinary  gender-related topics: womens studies, mens studies, ethnic studies, health, sexual diversity  Also good for historical topics.
  11. 11. Summary of Search Tips Use the * symbol to search for alternate endings (e.g., work* = worker, workers, working, etc.) Note: this doesn’t work in Feminae! Use the ? symbol to search for different spellings (e.g., wom?n = women, woman) Note: this doesn’t work in Feminae! Pay attention to limits (e.g., peer-reviewed journals, language, historical period) Narrow/focus your search by using subject terms/descriptors
  12. 12. Questions? Women’s and Gender Studies Research Guide  Library Help  Help Desk  Jennifer Thiessen  Please fill out evaluation form: