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Citation Management


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An introduction to citation management options.

Published in: Education
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Citation Management

  1. 1. Struggling with Citations? There's a Tool for That! Jennifer Thiessen, Liaison Librarian Bibliography by Alexandre Duret-Lutz
  2. 2. For Today: • Why and how to use citation management tools. • Identify options for citation management. • Obtain hands-on experience. • Learn quick and dirty options. • Where to go for help and more info.
  3. 3. How do you keep track of articles, books, websites?
  4. 4. What and Why Citation management software can help you: • Import citations from databases and websites. • Build and organize bibliographies in almost any style (APA, MLA). • Format citations for papers. • Annotate citations. • Save and organize PDFs, websites and other files.
  5. 5. The Concept: * optional * produce bibliography database or website reference(s) bibliographic management software export
  6. 6. Options
  7. 7. RefWorks • Library ending RefWorks subscription. • Migrate your citations to another tool by June 1, 2015. • Many options available! • More info and help: Sólsetur ....Sunset by Álfheiður Magnúsdóttir
  8. 8. How to choose? How many citations do you have? Do you use Microsoft Word or something else? Do you work from multiple computers? Do you work offline? Try: The Right Tool by Emily
  9. 9. For today…
  10. 10. Zotero • Free (300MB); $20/yr (2GB) • Desktop software option (Zotero Standalone) and/or web-based • Extension for Firefox • Add-on/connector for Chrome • Video demo
  11. 11. Export directly from browser
  12. 12. Gathering Citations Zotero browser tool checks for citation information on a webpage. You’ll see different icons depending on what you’re looking at: • book icon: • journal article icon: • multiple citations (e.g. a page of search results): >> Select icon to add citation to your Zotero library
  13. 13. Organizing Citations • Citations can be sorted into different folders, called Collections • Citations can sit in more than one Collection at a time • All citations appear in the My Library collection
  14. 14. Endnote Basic • Free • Website only • 2GB storage
  15. 15. Endnote Basic • Import citations from most library databases • Can also import manually • Organize citations in groups • Cite While You Write™ Plug-In
  16. 16. Endnote vs. Zotero Tool Endnote BASIC Zotero Cost Free Free Access Web-based: Citation quality Varies Varies Writing & citing Plug-in for Word Plug-ins for Word, Open Office PDF storage & annotation Yes; limited annotation Yes; also allows tagging Sharing Via Endnote groups Via Zotero groups Importing options Direct web import Web import via browser Exporting options Multiple formats supported Multiple formats supported
  17. 17. Let’s try it out… • Choose Zotero or Endnote Basic OR
  18. 18. Import a citation • Do a search in SuperSearch (Library website) • Choose a few articles
  19. 19. Just need a quick citation? • Many databases have a cite option • Citation generators – Usually one at a time – Can paste into document – Will not save
  20. 20. Zotero Help • User guide: • Help docs: • Zotero Forums:
  21. 21. Endnote Basic Help • Getting Started Guide (available when you log into Endnote Basic) • Endnote Basic Quick Start (Western Libraries): ebasicquickstartguide.html
  22. 22. Help and more info • • Visit the Help Desk in the Library • Contact Jennifer at