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Evaluation 1 powerpoint

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 1 - In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?By Nancy, Joe and Josh
  2. 2. Content After Midnight• When researching how best to construct and plan our music video, we studied a lot of music videos. However, we have decided our research on the video ‘Bite My Tongue’ by You Me At Six is the best one to compare our video to, to see how well we use, develop and challenge the forms and conventions of real You Me At Six media products. We have chosen to compare our video to this one because we feel there is a strong mix of similarities and differences between the two videos. Likewise, the song we used is a cover by You Me At Six, so we are keeping to the same band for comparisons.
  3. 3. Content • We decided on a mixture of Narrative and Performance for the style of our music video. We chose to mix these two styles as we felt it would be the best way to appeal to our target audience, whilst making sure we were publicising our new band on the market. We used a Narrative aspect in the video to give our audience something to think about, a storyline to follow. This is similar to real media This shot shows the band products, which often use Narrative aspects in members on puppet strings their videos for similar reasons. For example, in the video ‘Bite My Tongue’ by You Me At Six, the Narrative storyline is that of the band members being on puppet strings, controlled by the leadOne of the close-ups singer. As well as involving theof our lead singer narrative aspect, this video Just one of many close-ups of also focuses a lot of attention YouMeAtSix lead on the lead singer, as does our music video. singer, Josh Francheschi
  4. 4. Content • Close-up of one of the You Me At Six guitarists, compared to one of our guitarist. • We also chose to use a Performance aspect in our video so as to make our target audience aware of the new band we have released onto the market. We used close ups of each of the four band members, similar to the way that You Me At Six have in their ‘Bite My Tongue’ video. Likewise, we have also used more close-ups of our lead singer than of other band members, as this stays in line with regular conventions of rock music videos.A close up of oneour guitarists A close up of the You Me At Six guitarist
  5. 5. Content• The one main difference between our video and the ‘Bite My Tongue’ video is the relationship between the visuals and the lyrics. In their video, there is very little relationship between the visuals and the lyrics, with there being only 2 or 3 examples of where the lyrics match the visuals. Our video, in contrast, has a much greater relationship between the visuals and the lyrics, with the storyline of the song shown through our visuals much more frequently than in ‘Bite My Tongue.’
  6. 6. Location• The song we used for our music video is called ‘Poker Face’ and as a result, we decided to use the theme of poker for our music video. There was a lot of discussion in our group about how best to achieve this This shot shows the theme. We contemplated with the idea of poker table we going into an actual casino and kindly created requesting permission to film there. However, at the time of filming, none of our group was old enough to go into a casino legally, so we scrapped that idea. We then decided to create our own casino in the school drama hall, and this is where the majority of our video was shot. We got a round table from the school common room, covered it with a green table mat to make it represent a poker table. We also This shot shows the tried to get a few packs of cards and a few cards we used in our sets of chips together to make it more shots authentic.
  7. 7. Location• Our fake ‘casino’ is where most of our filming was done, although we used a few different locations. At the beginning of our video, there is a shot of fast This is the shot of the cars moving cars on a on the motorway motorway, which is supposed to show the characters travelling to the casino. The next shots are of the main character & lead singer outside, walking towards the casino, rolling and smoking a cigarette. We chose to use Our shot of the main character smoking in our video to help keep outside smoking it in the rock genre.
  8. 8. Location• Our video keeps in similar comparison to other rock music videos, which quite regularly only use the one location. For example, in the aforementioned ‘Bite My Tongue’ video, they only use one main location, which is the building or studio in which the band are performing. Off of this room you have the control room where the puppeteer spends his time controlling the band. We believe rock music videos only use This shot shows the control a few locations because their videos room, and off of it the main room are more focused on the music and used in the ‘Bite My Tongue’ video the band than on the storyline. It also helps them vary from pop music videos, which often use lots of locations.
  9. 9. Sounds and Visuals• When we created our storyboard for our video, we had most of the video down to match the lyrics, especially in the verses. However, in the production stages of filming and post-production stages of editing, we found it much harder to stick to our storyboard in a way that kept the video flowing. So in the end we decided to have a Then shot of the main mix of matching visuals and non matching character laying down visuals. There are certain lyrics in the song cards on the table such as ‘play the cards with Spades to start’ where we match them to the visuals, as you see the main character laying down a set of spades on the table. Likewise, we matched the lyrics ‘Ill play the one thats on her heart’ to a visual of the camera zooming onto our other main characters’ heart. The shot which zooms into our characters chest
  10. 10. Sounds and Visuals• This is similar to the ‘Bite My Tongue’ video in some ways as when Francheschi sings ‘I can’t hate the ones who made me’ he points at himself on the word ‘me’ and One of the few times in the ‘Bite My when Oli Sykes, a guest artist Tongue’ video where the visuals match the lyrics featuring in the song, sings ‘fuck you’ he holds up his middle finger to the camera.
  11. 11. Sounds and Visuals• We also tried to make sure we kept our shots cut to the beat of the song, which took a lot of time and patience in the editing stage. We thought this would help the video to flow and would also stay within the conventions of your typical rock music video. However, we found when evaluating the ‘Bite My Tongue’ video that that is not always the case. Possibly due to the fast pace of the song, this video only cuts to the beat during the verses, not during the chorus’. Of course, it was not possible to cut every shot to the beat of the song, especially with the effects that we added in the editing process.
  12. 12. Sounds and Visuals• This is another example of where our video challenges the conventions of real media products, as we decided to use several different editing effects to shake up the video a bit. When evaluating ‘Bite My Tongue,’ we noticed that there are very few, if any, effects used on the video. Most of the shots just cut to the next shot with no real transitional effects. By comparison, we have used transitional effects quite regularly in our video, for example in the previously mentioned shot that zooms into our main characters chest, the camera then zooms back out into a different shot. We used this effect to help lead the verse into the chorus smoothly. The shot which zooms into our characters chest
  13. 13. Target Audience• We decided the main target audience for our video would be teenagers/young adults, aged roughly 16-24, and not gender specific. We decided it was important as we were releasing a new band into the industry that we paid a lot of attention to attracting our target audience. We felt the best way to do this was to clearly show the genre of our band through our song choice. By Lower Than Atlantis choosing a song by another rock band, You Me At Six, we would attract fans of them, as well as fans of other Kids In Glass Houses similar bands such as Kids In Glass Houses and Lower Than Atlantis.
  14. 14. Target Audience• We also chose to focus on the costumes of our band, making sure that we kept to the conventions of other bands videos. In this case, we chose to keep the colours of our costume plain and use only black and white, as this kept in comparison with other rock videos. We also chose to have our band members wear black skinny jeans, very commonly worn among our target audience, and white shirts with black skinny ties. To differentiate the lead singer from Here you can see the undone the band member, we chose to give him an bow tie on the main character undone black bow tie instead of the skinny tie. As well as differentiating him from the other band members, this also helped show him as the character in the Narrative part of our video as well, as he looks like he would be fit in at a fancy casino night. Having the bow tie undone also helps show the characters casual attitude throughout the video, which is what frustrates the woman in the video.
  15. 15. Target AudienceWe also helped target our audience by showingseveral long shots and close up shots of theJoe playing the guitar in our videoinstruments used by our band members. Manypeople we would be targeting may be musiciansthemselves, or simply may enjoy playingguitar/drums or singing. This is shown especiallywell in the close-ups of Joe’s guitar and the longsolo done by Jake. By setting our video in a This shot showscasino, we are also appealing to a slightly older Joe playing the guitar in ourage group, maybe 24-30 year olds who may go videoto casinos on corporate nights out. The videomay appeal to them and help publicise theband, which is the whole aim of the musicvideo.