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  1. 1. Gracie, Sharon, Justin
  2. 2. • Brand Background: The Cantina is located in the heart of South Philadelphia on the up and coming trendy street of East Passyunk Ave. Since its opening in 2006, the Cantina has been a staple in the bar scene of Philadelphia. Both a restaurant and a bar, the Cantina offers traditional Mexican food along with a huge selection of traditional Mexican drinks (margaritas, tequila, etc). • Current Situation: The Cantina on East Passyunk Ave. attracts both longtime South Philadelphia locals along with Philadelphia newcomers. Between it’s delicious food, wide variety of alcohol, hip and casual atmosphere, the Cantina has been consistently gaining popularity. • Missed Opportunities: The Cantina has little to no advertising in Philadelphia. Some print ads can be found in Philadelphia newspapers such as The Metro and Philadelphia Weekly, but beyond print advertising there is none. The Cantina’s main form of advertising seems to be through word-of-mouth. The Cantina’s main website is extremely basic and low quality compared to other popular Philadelphia restaurants. While other restaurants have much more information on their websites, the Cantina only shows the menu, hours of operation, and directions. With better advertising and a better more user-friendly website, the Cantina is sure to increase sales.
  3. 3. Main Homepage Dinner Menu
  4. 4.  Competitive Analysis: There are many local restaurants and bars located along the popular East Passyunk Ave and in the surrounding area. Popular restaurants located in the same area such as The Royal Tavern, Adobe Café, and the Pub on Passyunk East all have the same customers as the Cantina, but have much stronger websites. Other websites have began to use social media technology to interact with their customers such as Facebook and Twitter while the Cantina’s website lacks any communication through customers and users.
  5. 5.  Possible Fixes: Even though surrounding Philadelphia restaurants have continued to build their websites into strong user-friendly pages, the Cantina lacks in all departments. Their website needs to be more inviting and user- friendly. The current website is extremely basic with only a few options to browse being the menus and the hours of operation. The Cantina needs their website to communicate and interact with the customer more. Updated pictures of the location also need to be implemented as well. Because the Cantina specializes in authentic and traditional Mexican food, the website should be designed with that in mind. Whether it’s by changing the layout with a more Mexican theme, or playing traditional Mexican music on the website, there is much that can be done. Along with updating the website in general, there could be more interactive features such as a virtual tour of the hip and casual atmosphere, a way to connect with other customers whether it be through Facebook or Twitter, and possibly even a daily discussion board where customers can interact and also find out more information. The Cantina is known for it’s daily specials on the menu, and with a daily discussion board more users will be able to find out about these popular specials.
  6. 6. Home Sweet Homebrew  Background: Home Sweet Homebrew is a seller of beer and wine making supplies that has been in operation since 1986. Owned by George Hummel and Nancy Rigberg, Home Sweet Homebrew provides customers with several beer and wine making kits, grains, hops, malt extracts, yeasts, etc. Home Sweet Homebrew is located at 2008 Sansom Street near Rittenhouse Square.  Current Positioning: Home Sweet Homebrew is one of two homebrew supply stores in Philadelphia. One of the owners, George, is a seasoned award-winning homebrewer who can give advice to anyone interested in the craft of brewing their own beer or wine. With several connections to local bars in the area, Home Sweet Homebrew is a well-known member of the Philadelphia beer community.  Missed Opportunities: Homebrewing is becoming more popular and practiced with a younger crowd in Philadelphia. More and more people are becoming interested in local craft beers and the process in creating them. However, the Home Sweet Homebrew store and website seem dated and boring. While the owners know immense amount of information on homebrewing, their message doesn’t effectively reach and hold the attention of a younger crowd.
  7. 7. Website has no separate pages. Just one long scrolling bar and pictures like these:
  8. 8. Home Sweet Homebrew  Brand Challenges: The biggest challenge that Home Sweet Homebrew has is gaining attention from a younger crown while maintaining their educated and professional attitude towards homebrewing. They need to stand out more in the Philadelphia beer community rather than just being a behind-the-scenes addition.
  9. 9. Competitive Analysis  Barry’s Homebrew Outlet: Barry’s Homebrew Outlet, located in Philadelphia as well, offers similar supplies for making beers and wines. Barry’s is positioned as one of the lowest-priced suppliers in Pennsylvania. Beside information on beer brewing, Barry’s Homebrew Outlet’s website includes recommended BYOBs, Bars, and links to visit. However, Barry’s does not sell online.
  10. 10.  Wine, Barley & Hops Homebrew Supply: Located in Feasterville, Wine, Barley & Hops Homebrew Supply also has everything needed to start brewing your own beer. Other than wines and beers, they also sell sodas, liquors, books, and barware. Their website includes a newsletter and search box but they also do not sell online
  11. 11. Online and Offline Presence  Online: Home Sweet  Offline: Home Homebrew’s only online Sweet Homebrew presence is in their has hardly any website and online offline presence reviews. Their website is bland,tedious to look other than their through and not storefront and their organized. While there participation in is a lot of information brewing on the site, the large competitions. blocks of text and multiple page breaks make it hard to follow.
  12. 12. Possible Fixes  The first thing Home Sweet Homebrew needs to do is update their website and get rid of the one- page format. Each section should appear on a separate page clearly tabbed on the homepage. Also, the pictures on the website need to be of better quality and relate more with the business than the people that run it. The website should contain pictures of the products they actually sell.
  13. 13. Wrap Up  Reformat the webpage to reduce the amount of scrolling  Add new pictures of the products rather than the owners  Update the website for a younger crowd  Give more information about the actual products that are sold
  14. 14.
  15. 15.  Brand Background- Located adjacent to the Liacourous Center Complex, the draught horse has been a Temple University staple since opening. The establishment is a combination bar/restaurant offering a large variety of drink and food menus.  Current Situation- Being one of the few establishments in walking distance of the Temple University campus the draught horse is a popular area that draws on crowds of local residents, Temple students and Temple faculty. They offer daily specials and special events, to further broaden their customer base to groups and professionals.  Missed Opportunities- The draught horse does not have much of a media presence. Being one of the few establishments in the area, it uses word of mouth and social media (Facebook, Twitter, 4Square) to spread its name. Although the name may spread, the establishment has not successfully branded itself. is user friendly, but offers no surplus of quality content.
  16. 16. WELCOME Submit Homepage is dull and unattractive. Redirects you away from site to get information that you would go directly to the site to collect!
  17. 17.  Competitive analysis- The Draught Horse has no real competition on or near the Temple University campus. Maxi’s, a campus bar/restaurant and Pub Webb are the only other drinking establishments in walking distance of Temple’s campus. Both Maxi’s and Pub Webb have a strong online presence and a strong media presence around campus. The websites of the competitors are full of quality content and do not redirect users away from the page.
  18. 18.  Online Presence  Offline Presence  The Draught Horse  The Draught Horse is involved with does not have a Facebok, Twitter and strong presence in 4Square. the area surrounding the bar.
  19. 19.  Possible Fixes- The website needs an immediate redesign. Specifically the content needs to be revamped. The current content is dull and uneventful. The homepage also needs to be more appealing. Although they engage in social media, a call to action should be made in order to get people to sign up and join their networks. A possible newsletter, discussion board or blog should also be included in the establishments branding attempts.