Algebra II Classroom and Homework Expectations


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Algebra II Classroom and Homework Expectations

  1. 1. Algebra II Expectations Teaching Method and Classroom Design Algebra II is a student-centered, self paced class. This does not mean the same thing as self-taught; I do not expect students to teach themselves the material. This method of teaching allows students to work at their own pace to really learn the material. Some students will be able to work ahead and move through the curriculum quickly, the majority of students will be at about the same spot, which the class calendar will reflect, and other students will need a little more time to develop the understanding necessary to move through the curriculum. A student-centered, self-paced class allows for all students to be successful. Everything the students are expected to know and will be tested on, will be taught in class. The lessons are shorter than a traditional class, but provide the content necessary for them to be successful. After the lesson, students will have the remainder of the class to work on practice problems (homework). This provides more time for small group and one on one instruction for those students that need it during work time. Students will have designated workdays for them to just work on practice problems, review and ask questions. During this time, some students may need additional instruction on certain concepts or new concepts explained to them so they may advance. This method requires students to be responsible and take charge of their learning. Homework Procedures and Expectations Every student is expected to complete homework assignments for each section. Students are given two worksheet options to choose to complete. The first worksheet is only practice problems for each concept they are expected to know. The second worksheet is a reteaching worksheet with a few worked out problems and explanations of the key concepts. The students are expected to complete as many problems as they need to to understand the concept. Some students may be okay with only completing 5 problems, some students may need to complete the entire worksheet and some may need to complete both worksheets. The homework is graded based on completion. Again the students need to be responsible and take ownership of their learning. At the end of each unit, there are two practice quizzes and a practice test students must complete. The student will need to complete every problem on the practice quizzes and test to receive credit for their homework assignment. These will also be graded on completion. For every homework assignment, students are expected to check their work with the answer keys provided and ask questions, as they need to. The answer keys also demonstrate how to complete the problem with work shown. If students made a simple mistake this should help them see where they went wrong. If a student doesn’t understand what they did wrong on the problem, they are expected to ask for help. Each student has their own folder to keep homework assignments in. About once a week, I will go through all the students’ folders and check work. Students will be notified in advance which homework assignments I will be checking to have sure they have it turned in. If a student is not finished with a homework assignment when I grade it, it will be marked in the grade book as a zero until it is completed. Assignments turned in late will be updated the following week when folders are check again. Available Resources • For each unit, there will be notes left on the board for students to reference after the lesson has been taught. • Moodle Page o Extra online resources and examples o Videos of every lesson taught in class for students to reference before/after the lesson • Answer keys to all the homework assignments in a binder • Computers for students to use Moodle and other online resources • I am available for one on one and/or small group instruction as students need it