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Pre-observation Form Oct 2013


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Published in: Education
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Pre-observation Form Oct 2013

  1. 1. Pre-Observation Conference Form Professional Growth Phase Name: Jessica Tentinger School: Urbandale High School Period: 5th Hour Administrator: Tim Carver Grade/Subject: Algebra II 1. List the lesson objectives/benchmark(s) and Iowa Teaching Standard and Criteria. Objectives: Students will be able to: • Solve systems in three variable by elimination • Solve systems in three variable by substitution Iowa Teaching Standards and Criteria • Standard 2: Demonstrates competence in content knowledge appropriate to the teaching position. • Standard 3: Demonstrates competence in planning and preparation for instruction. • Standard 4: Uses strategies to deliver instruction that meets the multiple learning needs of students. • Standard 6: Demonstrates competence in classroom management. 2. Describe briefly the strategy(s) you plan on incorporating into the lesson. Some students will be working independently on material while I give direct instruction to part of the class. After the direct instruction the rest of the class will work independently or in small groups on the material while I walk around and offer further assistance to those that need it. Students have access to online materials through my Moodle. Usually the Chrome books are available in the room for them to use; however, today they will only have access to the computers in the pod. 3. What learning activities/strategy(s) will you use during the lesson? Direct Instruction and small group work. 4. Describe briefly how you will check for student understanding of the lesson objectives. Informally throughout the lesson by asking student questions. Informally through homework graded based on completion. Formally on the Chapter 3 Test. 5. Describe the data you would like the administrator to collect. Engagement of students for both the students apart of the lesson and during work time. 6. Please note any special circumstances the administrator should know about (e.g., you have a student with a disability the influences the choice of activities you can use). Teacher’s Signature Date Administrator’s Signature Date Copies of this form are kept by the administrator and the teacher. Urbandale Community School District Teacher Evaluation, 2006