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Who is Jason Theodor?

This is an "about me" presentation I'm working into my blogs ( and It is a work in progress and some items require explanation and/or context. Please feel free to ask questions.

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Who is Jason Theodor?

  1. 1. who is jason theodor? < and what do i do?
  2. 2. < my friends call me jted
  3. 3. jason theodor is online < lol omg brb imho ttyl ;-)
  4. 4. connected title goeson your favourite web 2.0 site look for ‘jted’ here < like to stay on look for ‘jted’ or ‘jtheodor’ goito any site and the leading edge of technology + communication
  5. 5. 2 blogs tumblr twitter flickr vimeo delicious slideshare current maintenance < my habits change + evolve + adapt as new products and services are released
  6. 6. brand dashboards < i like to monitor brands by creating universes on
  7. 7. jason theodor is a brand < millions and millions served
  8. 8. brands are the intangible sum of their attributes < i am more than just a logo, product, or service.
  9. 9. general motors < the gm brand: still attempting unification
  10. 10. samples and examples < gm, rogers, art gallery of ontario
  11. 11. • you can’t do everything yourself • motivate others through respect • technology can do anything if you don’t say ‘no’ • clients are vulnerable humans too • smart > cool what i learned at MacLaren McCann < where’s the brief?
  12. 12. yahoo! < the yahoo! brand: fun, irreverent, too many exclamation marks
  13. 13. samples and examples < thumb wrestling luchadors fight for mail supremacy
  14. 14. samples and examples < multiple channels, multiple touch-points
  15. 15. “We spent the greater part of the morning creating thumb wrestlers and destroying each other.” — Ad Rants wrestlers get press < Ad Rants thinks Canadians are weird
  16. 16. owned media yahoo!306,, video banners, pre-rolls, flickr bought media google ads, video banners, pre- rolls, ooh video billboards earned media blog widget, poster, mini thumb wrestler, sparing mat media types < there’s a bit more than just tv and radio…
  17. 17. a few more items < random odds and ends
  18. 18. tinkling the ivories < bathroom posters for yahoo! music canada’s streaming music service
  19. 19. the evolution of ogilvy < i was the guy who suggested we put this on YouTube
  20. 20. samples + examples < lots and lots of video
  21. 21. • measure everything • gain trust & respect of clients to do great work • ceo’s and gm’s are vulnerable humans too • david created systems & culture from scratch • always bring candy to brainstorming sessions what i learned at Ogilvy < “the customer is not an idiot. the customer is your wife.” — david o.
  22. 22. < an attempt to channel ogilvy + create a mentoring poster
  23. 23. L A I T N E ID F N O C the future of banking is now < the brand i’m not at liberty to discuss it, but it’s very big and very money
  24. 24. “you have to die a few times before you can become immortal” what i learned at Critical Mass < still learning
  25. 25. jason theodor is a creative < in advertising the word ‘creative’ can be used as an adjective or a noun!
  26. 26. { writer consultant director jason theodor is a creative speaker teacher multi-disciplinary < 5 employees in 1
  27. 27. creative systems < also known as b.s., or brain storming, techniques
  28. 28. 1. darkroom 2. 10 ideas in 10 minutes 3. the law of 1% 4. mind mapping 5. the looking glass 6. content on content 7. misassociationalism 8. asynchronous orbits creative systems < these methods have been tested exclusively on humans
  29. 29. the creative method < repeat infinitum
  30. 30. 1. induce (blow it up) 2. analyze (find the patterns) 3. synthesize (mash it together) 4. deduct (define what works) the creative method < now in four easy to follow steps
  31. 31. creative organization < we’re all just ripples in a flat pond
  32. 32. The ‘pond’ is a flat structure with the brand in the centre. Disciplines share overlapping spheres of influence & responsibility. Everyone is accessible, knowledge is shared, work is viewed in progress, and ideas come from anywhere. the creative world is flat < collaboration is encouraged + responsibility is expected
  33. 33. creative culture < how to assemble a revolution
  34. 34. created 1% to share ideas (900 hits/day) created Review Club sharing and reviewing ideas < i set up some initiatives to encourage inspiration
  35. 35. high jr.staff X low high work experience sr.staff time spent online low creative cross-pollination < the best way to give juniors experience and seniors more exposure to emerging media
  36. 36. thank you <