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Jonathan Teague Gsa Info Pack


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GSA Contract Specialist Assistance - GSA Preview - Jonathan Teague

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Jonathan Teague Gsa Info Pack

  1. 1. Helping Small Businesses Do Business With Small Businesses The Federal Government Since 1994. Federal Government Client Proposal Jonathan Teague - GSA Procurement Specialist 7003 Pelham Road, Suite C • Greenville, SC 29615-5727 Office: 864.551.2485 Ext. 3035 • Fax: 864.297.0787 •
  2. 2. GSA preview Dear Client, Thank you for your interest in our consulting services. Here are a few things you should know about doing business with the federal government. How much money does the government spend? The federal government is, first and foremost, a business. They spend more than $43 million per hour - that’s over one billion every day! As the largest purchaser of goods and services in the whole world, they buy everything from paper clips to space ships. Last year they spent $500 billion on contracts for goods and services with companies like yours; this year that amount is expected to triple. What does the Government purchase? The US government employs over one million people and has over 600 agencies; some agencies have more than 170 offices. They own or fund all of the following: courthouses, municipal buildings, post offices, over 94,000 public schools, the Air Force, the Army, the Navy, the Coast Guard, police, railroads, roadways, bridges, over 19,800 airports, over 83 million acres of national parks, and more than half a million vehicles, just to name a few. All of these entities mentioned require constant maintenance and supplies. Why does the government need you? Now, more than ever, the federal government is seeking more sources for its needs due to the economic stimulus plan set in place by President Obama. The government is in need of companies that offer greater efficiency, better performance, better pricing, more progressive technologies and delivery methods than it currently has. Less than 5% of the businesses in the United States do business with the U.S. Government. Your company is exactly what the govern- ment is looking for. The best way to become a preferred service provider or supplier to the federal government is to obtain your GSA schedule. With your interest in our service you’re now one step closer to obtaining these benefits and so much more! Please view the attached for more information, and visit our websites:
  3. 3. What is GSA? GSA is the General Services Administration, the landlord and general store for much of the federal government. If you want to sell your goods and services to the federal government, most government agencies require that you have a GSA Schedule. What is a GSA Schedule? A GSA Schedule is a formal agreement between your company and the federal government. A GSA Schedule is also called a GSA Contract, although GSA doesn’t order anything from you. Government agencies do, and they use the information in that Schedule (Contract) to order from you. What is in a GSA Schedule? Your GSA Schedule has your contract number, the beginning and ending dates of your contract, the FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations) clauses that form the legal basis and rules of your contract, a description of the goods or services your company offers through the Schedule, the maximum rates or prices you may charge the government, prime contractors for each labor category and other items. Why do I need this? To respond to a government requirement, in many cases, the government and its established agen- cies require you to have a GSA schedule. Companies with GSA contracts are favored because it dramatically reduces acquisition lead time and creates more efficiency for agencies. The Schedule has pre-negotiated rates and prices, so proposals are viewed as fair and reasonable. Additionally, in most cases, an award based on a GSA schedule is considered to have been “competed,” an im- portant government requirement. A GSA contract is a powerful calling card even if a government agency does not buy from GSA schedules. Having a GSA contract means that the government “cer- tifies” your company, including its financial system, expertise and past performance. What’s so difficult about processing a GSA proposal anyway? A GSA proposal is comprised of countless steps. The process involves many obstacles including 100+ pages of information, across many documents, which the government has written in a style and format that can often be overwhelming and confusing. Most small companies have spent at least a year, unproductively, trying to understand, decipher and respond to GSA’s densely worded documents. And unfortunately, most of the time these efforts end up fruitless, with a proposal the GSA rejects due to omissions and mistakes. Experience, patience, attention to detail, and excellent written and verbal communication skills are necessary to complete the process and deal with GSA. How much does it cost my company to get a GSA schedule? Without any assistance, taking on this enormous task yourself could cost you thousands in lost revenue and time away from your business, and even then you still might not have a GSA contract. You’ll also be losing money you would have made with a GSA contract had you enlisted profes- sional assistance in filing your proposal. Most small businesses wind up taking 12 to 18 months to do something that we can do accurately in about 30 to 60 days. By using our professional service, you can be making money in a couple months with your GSA contract rather than wrestling with the process unproductively after a year or more.
  4. 4. Services we provide to all of our GSA customers. • Research to determine all NAICS, PSC and FSC codes which apply to your firm. • Assisting customer with the Central Contractor Registry and ORCA requirements - mandatory for Government Contractors and revising these profiles to comply with solicitation. • Determination of the most advantageous Federal Supply Schedule. • Gathering information to support price negotiations. • Review of all applicable FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation) and CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) clauses included in the proposal. • Preparation of all applicable forms, including Representations and Certifications and Technical Proposals required. • Preparation of a Small Business Subcontracting Plan if required via templates. • Research to insure compliance with JWOD requirements where applicable. • Preparation of a proposed Schedule Price List with supporting documentation. • Preparation of Commercial Sales Practice (CSP-1) disclosure and price support documentation. • Delivery of the completed Proposal to the GSA. • Monitoring of Proposal status. • Response to GSA requests for Clarifications and Revisions. • Conducting negotiations with GSA’s assigned Contract Officer/Contract Specialist. • Preparation of the Final Proposal Revision at the close of negotiations. • Post-award tasks. • Preparation of the Contract Price List in the format required by the Contract. • Instructing client’s personnel in marketing to the Federal Government.
  5. 5. Other services we offer: Fed Biz Opps • The U.S. Government is the largest company in the world. Every day the government puts approximately $1 billion in new opportunities out for bid. • On the average, there are over 2,000 new government contracting opportunities available each week in all industry categories. • A Small Business Set-Aside Program (SBSA) was developed to help assure that small businesses are awarded a fair proportion of government contracts by reserving certain government purchases exclusively for participation by small business concerns. • Less than 5% of the businesses in the United States do business with the U.S. Government. We offer a service that emails you all Fed Biz Opps posted in the last week in an easy to search excel sheet. This spreadsheet lists the job requirements and has a link that will take you to the site so you can get more information. This service will save you countless hours of searching. Government Direct Mailing • Studies show that every dollar spent on Direct Mail advertising brings in $10 in sales - a return of more than twice that generated by a direct television ad. • Believe it or not, over 50% of recipients of Direct Mail read it immediately, and of those, over 40% found the information they received useful. • You reach prospects that actually WANT to hear from you. It’s a powerful revenue-building tool. By using Direct Mail to reach out to consumers, businesses can expect sales to increase more than 7%, and that number is still growing today. We have over 4,400 government agencies that we mail your post card to directly. It’s a win-win situation; you get to advertise your products and services and at the same time help the government locate qualified small businesses that they must spend a percentage of their budget on.
  6. 6. GSA Preview 477 Commerce Blvd. Oldsmar, FL 34677 Tel: 813.343.7017 Fax: 813.448.9043 GSA preview Ph: 888.228.5144 Fx: 813.448.9043 GSA Preview does hereby agree to assist the proposed GSA applicant, ____________________________ in applying to become eligible to obtain contracts with GSA. The fee charged for this assistance shall be $_______________ for each solicitation. Payment of this fee shall be due upon the signing of this assistance agreement. GSA Preview shall assist the GSA applicant in completing and processing the appropriate solicitation paperwork based on the proposed applicant’s currently offered products/services. The proposed applicant agrees to promptly provide GSA Preview with all data and information required or necessary to apply to become a GSA contractor, including requesting Dun & Bradstreet-Open Ratings to complete a past performance evaluation. GSA Preview does not assume any liability for denial of GSA contractor status due to incorrect, omitted, or incomplete information or data submitted by the proposed applicant or any denial based on the applicant’s financial condition or business history. However, GSA Preview will utilize all available information to attempt to obtain GSA contractor status for the applicant. It is acknowledged that GSA frequently requests that additional or supplementary information and data be provided during the application review process and that such requests must be fully complied with by the applicant on a timely basis. In the event that an application cannot be submitted to GSA or is otherwise denied by GSA, the proposed applicant’s fee shall be applied to the cost of a listing in the GSA Preview’s Nationwide Guide. It is acknowledged that the applicant’s principals or owners are not presently debarred for the award of federal contracts, and have not within a three year period been convicted, indicted, or had a judgment entered against them for fraud, embezzlement, theft, misrepresentation, tax evasion or any other economic criminal offense. The parties acknowledge that if a GSA contract is awarded to the applicant that GSA agrees to order a minimum of $2,500 during the term of the contract. Under GSA regulations, if a contractor receives total orders in an amount less than $2,500 during the term of the contract, GSA will pay the difference between the amount ordered and $2,500 minimum. GSA Preview agrees that if a contract is awarded to the applicant and the contractor receives total orders during the term of the contract awarded by GSA in an amount less than the amount paid to GSA Preview for application assistance, that it will pay to the contractor, the difference between the $2,500 minimum guaranteed under the GSA contract and the cost of the application assistance up to a maximum amount of $2,500. This guarantee does not apply if the contract is terminated by GSA for cause or if the contract is canceled by the contractor. As part of this assistance agreement, you will be provided with one free month (4 weeks) of our Government opportunity listings beginning on or before submission of your GSA solicitation. This list contains available Federal contracts compiled on a weekly basis and will be sent to you by email. After the one free month, we will continue to send you the Government opportunity listings based on our regular monthly subscription price, however you may cancel your subscription any time by notifying us by phone, fax or mail. _____________________________________ Date: _______________________ GSA Preview The undersigned does hereby agree to above conditions according to the terms stated herein. If payment is to be made by major credit card, this is an express authorization for the charges stated above by the authorized cardholder. By: _________________________________ Date: _______________________ Customer Signature Print Name: _________________________
  7. 7. Questionnaire for GSA Contract Assistance GSA Preview Phone: 813.343.7017 477 Commerce Blvd. Fax: 813.448.9043 Oldsmar, FL 34677 Company Name: Primary Address: Secondary Address: Phone: Fax: Email: Website: Primary Contact: Secondary Contact: Type of Organization: Sole Proprietor Corporation LLC Duns #: Number of Years in Business: State of Incorporation: Federal Employment ID Number (FEIN): Number of Years in Business: Annual Revenue: Area of Operation: List all Products & Services: Business Type (Please circle all that apply): 8(a) Program Participant • Woman Owned • Minority Owned • Veteran Owned • Disabled Veteran Owned Emerging Business/Other Unlisted Type • Hub Zone • Small Business • Small Disadvantaged Business
  8. 8. GSAgsa preview guide PrevIeW GuIde GSA preview What is the GSA Preview Guide? The GSA Preview Guide contains advertisements from qualified small businesses that are registered and ready to do business with the government. There are a total of 55 guides, including 50 state guides, one for the District of Columbia. There are also four specialty nationwide directories, which include GSA Schedule Holders, minority, women, and veteran owned businesses. Who receives the GSA Preview Guide? The GSA Preview Guide is provided to government purchasing agents at thousands of government agencies, prime contractors which are large corporations that hold contracts with the government and to outside interests, which are federally funded organizations like hospitals, universities, airports, colleges, and medical centers. The guides are provided free of charge to all buyers in a book or cd format. We have a research team that works to continually update our existing contacts and to add new federal buyers to our distribution lists. A partial listing of the federal agencies that receive the guides is located in this packet. The GSA Preview Guide offers your small business the tools you need to become a successful government vendor. When you become an advertiser, you get all of the following benefits and more: • Advertising in front of the largest buying market in the world – the federal government! • Customer support center – no charge • EFT – Electronic Transfer Funds set-up assistance – no charge • The government buyers distribution list to use for you pro-active marketing efforts – no charge • Professional advertisement design and web design– optional • Internet listings and hyperlinks – optional
  9. 9. GSA preview The possibilities are endless. It’s an overly abused cliché you’ve probably heard a time or two from companies who only end up offering empty promises. That expression has never resonated more true than with GSA Preview. Our full-service marketing media group was established to offer the ultimate in sales and marketing tools. Our programs have been proven effective not only in Federal Government Procurement, but many other industries as well. Headquartered in a 30,000 square-foot office space that houses our own state-of-the-art print facility, our team consists of more than 400 associates includes sales representatives, TV production writers, editors and camera operators, copywriters, print editors, graphic artists, multimedia professionals and administrators. Our talented group of creative minds, advanced equipment, and endless resources are put to work for you every day. We’re equipped to help you obtain a GSA Schedule and successfully market to the world’s largest buyer, the government. Our mission is to encourage and support the growth and continued success of a broad range of businesses through dynamic sales and marketing tools, accommodating the needs of any company, large or small. And more importantly, never setting a limit on what we can achieve for you.