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Doing A Standup


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Published in: Art & Photos, Business
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Doing A Standup

  1. 1. Doing a Standup If you are working by yourself as a video journalist
  2. 2. Position camera on the tripod and ensure the lens is level with your eyes. Do a white balance
  3. 3. Zoom out as far as you can go - this is an easy lens angle to find and will work best with non graduated lens (like the ones on the VX2000, PD150 and XL1s). If you have a more professional camera and lens you'll have to experiment with angles. The wide lens will ensure focus isn't so critical and will make sure the viewer can see some of the background.
  4. 4. Frame the background Tilt the camera down slightly from the horizontal - this will stop you having acres of space above your head, which will make you look short.
  5. 5. Switch to Auto exposure and auto sound levels. Start recording.
  6. 6. Take 2 steps back from the camera and place a marker by your feet (a battery or notebook will do). Stand in the shot for a few seconds. Review the tape to make sure your framing is correct. (adjust if it isn't).
  7. 7. Focus on the marker and reframe shot. (When you stand by the marker you will now be in focus). Lock the tripod head so that the camera doesn't tilt up or down while recording.
  8. 8. Start recording - again Do your piece to camera Once you've done it - check it. The day you don't check it, will be the day there is a loony waving to his mum in the back of your shot.