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A mobile journalism portfolio


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My presentation of my final project thus far for assignment 3 as part of unit ATS3656.

Published in: News & Politics, Education
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A mobile journalism portfolio

  1. 1. ATS3656Assignment 3Student ID: 22053980 Jacqueline Duong
  2. 2. CONTENT SUMMARY• Story about the impact of multiple schoolsmerging to form one larger school• Worsened in some areas because of population growthbut diminishing facilities• Government putting funding on holdSTORY CHOICE and SIGNIFICANCE•The story is timely and has newsworthiness becausethere were a number of reports about a shortage ofschools in the area•It is significant because it affects differentcommunities across Melbourne
  3. 3. AUDIO VISUAL SUMMARY Includes video vox pop and photos Photos were hard to come by because the school was not really keen to have photos of its general grounds taken while students were around Vox pop was challenging because not many students around uni understood what school mergers were Asking people is always a challenge because they are reluctant to appear in video and/or online
  4. 4. CONTENT SUMMARY Many animals abandoned, homeless or not adequately cared for Want to look at why this occurs (frequency, circumstances, consequences) Examine the programs and initiatives that exist to counter these problems Look at whether these programs are effective and if there is more that could be done
  5. 5. AUDIO VISUAL PLANS Record audio of interview with ‘talent’ to create audio grabs (about 2 mins) Could have different views in audio Photos of animal hospitals and facilities Graphs and data images of problems that exist as well as charting effectiveness of programs
  6. 6. STORY CHOICE and SOURCES No ‘break through’ news piece, but always prevalent, especially in local newspapers Different spin on issues: rather than another report about animal cruelty, look at reasons why it is happening Research for education campaigns, facts and figures about frequency of occurrence and effectiveness of programs Interviews with RSPCA, Lort-Smith Animal hospital, Vet students and animal rights advocates
  7. 7.  New report shows drug usage is not diminishing, experts saying war on drugs is failing Briefly look at who is using drugs, what type and why Maybe photos of ‘nightclub’ and ‘drug’ scene in Melbourne Has a lot of timeliness and relevance with multiple reports in the news Interview health experts and potential casual users
  8. 8. STORY SUMMARY Feature story relates to the hard news about drug use in our communities Examine victim’s perspective: people who have used drugs as well as family members who have been impacted by others using Effectiveness of programs implemented and debate about decriminalisation A culture of drug use?
  9. 9. AUDIO VISUAL PLANS Interview from victim’s perspective to draw human interest element Have audio grabs and video on top of photos and potentially reporting Photos of drug rehabilitation centres Vox pop of society, either in audio format or in print with photos
  10. 10. STORY CHOICE and SOURCES Significant because very current and newsworthy, affects many parts of society Wanted to highlight different perspective – drug users are not all ‘bad people’ who actively choose to live their lives like that Sources are health professionals, drug experts, rehab clinic personnel, victims and family of victims
  11. 11.  Finding suitable ideas that were newsworthy and had enough depth to write a feature and investigative story Doing preliminary research to find potential sources and information Using new software and technology Keeping up with lecture content and theories of electronic journalism as a DE student Putting theory into practice and applying hands on experience to put together effective news stories