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Top quality Valves & Regulators Provided by JTC


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JTC is known to offer Cyro/Gas Regulators like Beer tap regulators, Automatic changeover, Cryogenic, Cylinder Contents, Inertol, Integrated Vale and Regulator Combination- Oxygen. All our products have been designed for serving dynamic industry applications and requirements of high pressure gas and cryogenic industry. Find all types of Sherwood, Rego valves and regulators from our warehouse!

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Top quality Valves & Regulators Provided by JTC

  1. 1. Welcome To Leading Seller For Valves, Regulators, Cylinders And Balloon Fillers
  2. 2. Visit Us here: JTC Valves Sales boasts of offering a complete line of products for compressed gas industry which includes Valves, Regulators, Balloon fillers, cylinders, and much more. All designed to meet specific requirements of any industry with great ease. Visit our website and let us know your product requirement, enabling us to seek from our well stocked warehouse. This facility boasts our global presence, admired by the clients. About Us
  3. 3. Visit Us here: About Us JTC Valve Sales has been in the industry now for more than five decades. We boast of having combined experience in compressed gas industry. Our commitment is towards offering the customers with only the best quality product lines, above the market standards for highly reasonable prices. Most of the products offered by us are manufactured under the stringent industry guidelines in the USA, catering to the specific requirements of every industry.
  4. 4. Visit Us here: Gas/Cryo Valves JTC Valve Sales stocks MADE IN THE USA valves for use in the industrial, cryogenic, medical, life support, LP, and specialty gas industries. Our valves are designed to meet or exceed all relative use and safety designations.
  5. 5. Visit Us here: Gas/Cryo Valves • Acetylene Valves • Alternative Fuel Valves • Ammonia Valves • ASB Packed Valves • Gas Check Valves • Chlorine Valves • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Valves • Cryogenic Valves • Cylinder Valves • Dual Fuel Valves • Gate Valves • Globe Valves • Industrial Gas Valves • Line Station Valves • LPG Valves • Manifold Valve • Diaphragm Valves • Master Valves • Medical Valves • Needle Valve • Propylene Valves • Refrigerant Valves • Relief Valves • Specialty Gas Valves
  6. 6. Visit Us here: Gas/Cryo Valves
  7. 7. Visit Us here: Valve Repair Parts JTC Valve Sales inventories a large variety of Replacement parts for most of our valves and regulators. In this section you will also find a link to our full line of fuse plugs. Fuse plugs are used as a pressure relief device on some acetylene and other gas cylinders.
  8. 8. Visit Us here: Valve Repair Parts Acetylene Valves Parts Refrigerant Valve Replacement Parts Brass Fusible Plugs Cylinder Fill Adaptors
  9. 9. Visit Us here: Cylinder Coatings JTC Valve Sales inventories two lines of gas cylinder coatings: Aqua-Shield WSR Series - These gas cylinder coatings are high-gloss, single component, very fast dry water-reducible enamels. Aqua-Shield WAS Series - The WAS Series offers the same performance of our standard line, but in a spray-viscosity form. With a lower viscosity, but the same amount of solid paint in each bucket, the WAS Series is ideal for high-volume conventional spray facilities who want to spray straight from the bucket without having to thin a product.
  10. 10. Visit Us here: Gas/Cryo Accessories JTC Valves inventories a complete line of accessories for your valves and cylinders. Products include: Acetylene Cylinder Accessories, Caps and Chains, Cylinder Brackets , Cylinder Carry Handles and Caps , Cylinder Handle Snap Rings and Adapters, Cylinder Safety Plugs, Dip and Syphon Tubes, Fastest, Compressed Gas Cylinder Filling Connectors , Gauges, Manifolds , O Rings , Propane and Acetylene Gas, Plugs , Thread Sealants , Washers
  11. 11. Visit Us here: Gas/Cryo Accessories Cylinder Brackets Cylinder GaugesFastest Compressed Gas Filling Connectors Propane and Acetylene Gas Plugs
  12. 12. Visit Us here: Aluminium Cylinders Whether you need Aluminium cylinders for Welding, Oxygen Therapy, Beverage, Industrial or Specialty Gas applications, JTC Valve Sales stocks a wide variety of high and low pressure aluminium compressed gas cylinders.
  13. 13. Visit Us here: CGA Fittings JTC Valves Sales has a complete line of compressed gas fittings for the alternative fuel, welding, cryogenic, medical and specialty gas markets. Our products include: CGA Nipples, CGA Nuts, Connectors and Couplers, Pipe Thread Adapters, Tee Connectors, Y Connectors, Crosses, Hose Fittings, Hose Nuts, Hose Splicers, Pipe Thread Adapters and also various Repair Kits.
  14. 14. Visit Us here: Balloon Inflators JTC Valve Sales carries a complete line of Helium Balloon Inflators that are designed for Latex and Mylar balloons. Our balloon inflator features include: • Forged brass body, • Plastic or brass hand tight connections, • Replaceable rubber tilt valves, bronze inlet filters, • Brass push down Mylar fill nozzles, • Auto shut off features • Repair parts and accessories are also available.
  15. 15. Visit Us here: Balloon Inflators Latex Balloon Fillers Mylar Balloon Fillers
  16. 16. Visit Us here: Transfer Hoses JTC Valve Sales stocks a wide variety of transfer hoses for the transfer of gas and liquids. We have a complete selection of tranfil options. Our hose line includes specifications for low, medium and high pressure applications. Constructions ranging from stainless steel, monel, rubber hose, thermoplastic hose, and PTFE core hose will meet the needs of virtually any gas application.
  17. 17. Visit Us here: Gas/Cryo Regulators JTC Valve Sales Regulator Line covers your needs whether you need high pressure gas regulators or cryognic. Our regulators include: Automatic Changeover, Cryogenic, Cylinder Contents Test Gauge W/ Hand Tight, Inertrol, Integrated Valve/Regulator Combination - Oxygen, Liquid Cylinder, Low Pressure Regulators, Oxygen Regulators and our newest line of TapRite Beverage/Beer Tap Regulators.
  18. 18. Visit Us here: Gas/Cryo Regulators Automatic Changeover Regulators Low Pressure Gas Regulators Cryogenic Regulators
  19. 19. Visit Us here: Contact Us