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Complete overview of RACO alarm autodialer product lines. If you would like to download this presentation please contact me.

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  • This presentation has been developed to be used in sales presentations and at trade shows. It is also a wonderful training and/or refreshing tool.
  • Raco feels that they have a product line that you will find is a valuable asset to the applications you find in your marketplace.
  • Since 1948, Raco has been known for solid, reliable products. It has frequently set the standard in the alarm monitoring/reporting industry. You will find opportunities in: Oil & Gas - pipelines; Electric utility - substations; Railroad - treatment stations; Water - plant and pumping stations; Waste Water - plant & lift stations; Agricultural - watering, weather monitoring & hatcheries; HVAC/Refrigeration - computer rooms, clean rooms, cold storage; Chemical - storage levels, leakage, hi & lo levels in a medium. Also, with any of these, you may have intrusion alarming. That is because the Keyword with all these market processes is UNATTENDED equipment.
  • With all the previous processes, you have 5 basic applications served by 5 product packages. It is best to work from the customer applications to the product packages using these charts. You typically know what you are trying to do and need to arrive at a “best fit” choice of product. These charts in the application section are meant to help with that process. The products are: The Chatterbox , a vintage alarm notification unit. You will find a lot of loyal customers for this product. The Guard-It , a newer unit focused on the simple applications, but with the maximum functionality and reliability that can be put in a small package. The Verbatim is the current standard in the marketplace. It has a lot of options and flexibility to fit most any applications. The Catalyst and Verbatim Gateway were developed for the Automation networks. The Catalyst is the newest of Raco’s product line, and you will find it has many new functions. The Verbatim Gateway has been in the marketplace for some time and is the automation network extension to the standard Verbatim. The Applications listed here are: Alarm Notification is event-driven, but may include: analog inputs, runtime monitoring, pulse counting. This is the basic function of all autodialers. SCADA/ RTU application means the Raco unit serves as an RTU to either Raco SCADA Software or another Manufacturer’s HMI. Data Logging can be as simple as an event printer or a full process variable data file to a central computer. PLC Annunciation means the unit connects to a PLC network protocol for inputs to the dialer. Process Control is mostly on/off and is usually a manual function performed by a person remotely by telephone. Some automatic actuation is available. By examining the product features to meet these applications, you will get an overview of the Raco product line. You will see that some product options change the main purpose of the unit.
  • Alarm Monitoring & Notification, a Core feature of Raco's product line, makes use of customer-supplied sensors attached to a Raco Automatic Dialing Alarm Monitor. When an alarm is detected by one or more of these sensors, the unit begins calling a list of phone numbers to deliver a verbal message with the location and nature of the alarm. These calls continue through the list and even repeat the list until a proper acknowledgement is made. At any time, personnel can call the unit for the current status of that station.
  • This chart compares the basic features that are concerned with the alarm notification application. Many of these features are frequently written in a job specification. You will almost always start with the number and type of inputs to the autodialer. Physical inputs are hardwired direct to the autodialer. The digital inputs are always dry contact inputs. The Raco unit supplies the 5 or 10 VDC to the switches. Remote channels are using a network protocol to communicate to the dialer by a cable. The Verbatim Gateway has 2 ports for 2 cables. There are 2 types of Physical control outputs . All are NC/NO functions. The local alarm relay is activated when the dialer is in the unacknowledged alarm condition. The optional 4 or 8 outputs are activated by a person entering a code by telephone. Destination types are always by telephone and reflect the devices listed here that the autodialer is calling. The Catalyst is under a continuing development in this area to expand the list. The # of Destinations varies with each unit. Also, with the Verbatim & Catalyst products, the number shown is a library of numbers. You can assign any part of the list to different inputs. Local and Remote programming is in front of the unit or by telephone from a convenient location. In the case of the Catalyst, this includes remote computer programming if a good telephone data connection can be made.
  • Report functionality refers the type of recorded message and the data format to computer, pager or fax. Battery backup is used for reporting when the site experiences a power failure. Phone # Autodialing capability is the possible length of the dialing string to handle paging systems, outside lines, access/pin numbers, and area codes. Voice Alarm Message capability from a digital memory is standard in all Raco autodialers. All Raco autodialers have digital Recordable Voice Message capability, except the vintage Chatterbox, which uses prerecorded synthesized voice library of words. And, all Raco products have the user programming kept in a non-volatile memory .
  • The Environmental specifications are based on the presence of a battery. Optional NEMA-4x enclosures and heater/thermostats are available for outside or other more severe conditions. The UL standard shown here relates to unexpected high voltage on the telephone line. To meet requirements for a 508A panel shop, an optional external power supply is necessary on all products except the Guard-It, which is already built this way. Power failure monitoring is a standard, built-in feature on all Raco dialers. If the power that supplies the dialer is the power that is to be monitored, then the user does not need to use one of the inputs. The Verbatim with a SCADA card or a Catalyst unit can be programmed with software on a PC. The Catalyst requires the “Alarmware” software to program most functions. The Alarmware is also used to copy programming to successive units or perform firmware upgrades. Alarmware also has Tutorials and a Wizard to assist programming. All of the other following applications are built on these basic feature packages for each product.
  • By taking two of Raco's alarm notification units and configuring properly, you can add RTU functionality for a variety of SCADA/HMI systems. Raco's own proven DOS SCADA System provides an easy-to-use economical place for the RTUs to call and store all monitored information. The system can also poll and reconfigure the RTUs at the operators convenience. This same functionality can be provided to other SCADA/HMI systems through the DDE Server software. This Software does not store data, but serves the function of passing it though to client systems.
  • The Verbatim with an optional SCADA card reports all events to a central computer system. The DOS SCADA package provides basic functionality for tracking system-wide events and keeping a history. It is currently used by several large cities and many midsized utilities. The product package also works with several SCADA/HMI packages through the DDE Server software package. The Catalyst for SCADA is a special 256 channel unit that has a configuration of channels 1-32 for digital inputs only and channels 33-48 for analog inputs only. However, this is the only unit that will communicate to a Network and also to a SCADA System.
  • When you add the proper options to the Verbatim unit, it will log all events to a local or central printer. The Catalyst unit will log all events and data log analog signals. Both of these functions are retained in memory. This data can be sent to a variety of destinations such as fax machine, printers, and computers. The format of these reports is timed, dated, and compatible with most analysis and history reporting formats.
  • Under the Data logging feature, there are two types of logs to consider. Event logging: Event log for a record of alarms with a time and date stamped. All the units on this chart can perform this function. All can print the events to a local printer. The Verbatim units with a SCADA card sends these events to a log in the SCADA software. The Catalyst unit logs all events into onboard memory and can be uploaded to Alarmware. Data Logging: The Catalyst also can be set up to data log any or all analog inputs at a user-designated sample rate between every 10 seconds to every 24 hours. This log is maintained in the Catalyst memory and sent to a standard computer file. In a format such as CSV or CDF, the data can then be imported into standard software programs such as Excel or a commercial report generator. The log can be retrieved from the Catalyst by calling the unit, scheduling the unit to call on a set schedule, or the unit can be set with a “high water mark” to start calling when memory is X% full. Where X is set by the user.
  • Three of Raco's products are built to communicate with PLCs and PLC type devices. By using standard serial industrial protocols, the units communicate with the attached devices. This allows the units to read or write the specific addresses desired. Voice messages can be then played back over a PA system or telephone devices in alarm conditions.
  • This family of product configurations addresses the network systems with a quantity of alarms, events or analog signals that need to be monitored. They may have an HMI or may be an unattended unit process. The Verbatim and Verbatim Gateway are both very similar products, except the Gateway can also address Modbus plus and Rockwell protocols (DF-1 & DH 485) and is usually what we start with for a new unit. The Verbatim can have the Modbus Card added as an upgrade to an existing Unit. Both come in 32, 64 or 96 Remote channel versions. Both are configured by front panel keypad or telephone keypad only. The Catalyst unit is Raco’s latest product for this application and has larger monitoring capacity all around. It can be supplied with 56, 96 or 256 remote channel capacity. It internally logs all events and can perform process variable data logging. It has multiple Reporting capabilities and is software programmable.
  • A variety of relay control options are available to the various Raco products. These range from personnel-directed to automatic activation during alarm conditions. Some of these controls are momentary and some are latching.
  • There are 3 types of control outputs : Remote Supervisory Control, Local Alarm Relay, and Remote Channel. The Remote Supervisory Control option is available with 4 or 8 Relay NC/NO outputs. These outputs are activated by a person entering a code at the front panel keypad or by telephone. The Local Alarm Relay is activated automatically when the dialer is in the unacknowledged alarm condition. Both the Remote Supervisory Control and the Local Alarm are only available on the Verbatim and Gateway products. The Remote Channel Outputs are activated by “writing” to an address by a person or automatically by the dialer. As you can see by the chart, each product has a different combination of capabilities in this area.
  • Let us focus on the products themselves. In summary, the family of products reliably serves several functions to communicate the status of unattended equipment to the customer. The customer can be notified of undesirable conditions, use available history to determine maintenance schedules, review the process performance or collect data for reporting to a regulatory agency. He may also activate control at the site by telephone.
  • The 4th generation Chatterbox has been around since 1985, and its name has become synonymous with the word “autodialer” to some customers. This vintage product is know for reliability and simplicity for the alarm reporting function.
  • The Chatterbox can be supplied with 4 or 8 dry contact inputs. To either, you can add one analog input that is scaled to a specified range of a variable. This analog input then has user-settable high and low set points for alarming. This product calls the same list of up to 8 telephone numbers for all alarms. The messages are constructed from a library of words prerecorded in a synthesized voice . This is a straight-forward, affordable autodialer for the alarm reporting function.
  • The Guard-It is the low-cost choice for simpler alarm applications. It is still an industrial grade unit with all the necessary features for solid performance under the same conditions as Raco’s other products. This unit, packaged with a cell phone, is suitable for many remote applications where land lines are not easily available. The packaging can be adapted for OEM applications or kept as is for private labeling.
  • The Guard-It has 4 universal inputs . The programming is accomplished using any standard touch tone phone. Each input channel can programmed in the field for the NO, NC, analog 4-20 ma, or inactive. The user records the station identification message and each channel message. Also, up to 8 telephone numbers to any standard telephone number . This includes numeric paging systems. After programming, the touch tone phone is removed, leaving the unit tamper resistant. This product is used in a many computer rooms, clean rooms and other environmental monitoring applications.
  • The Verbatim is the standard of the marketplace. It earned its reputation because of the full list of features and the flexibility of functions. This product can be ordered with options from a large menu to meet a wide range of specific needs. This all-in-one system supplies functionality in alarm reporting, remote control, SCADA and communications with PLC system networks . Any quantity of these units can become a network of its own for dispersed processes of any size.
  • To cover some of the basic and more popular features; This product can be supplied with the 4, 8, 16, 24, or 32 dry contact inputs. To any one of those choices, you can also add 1, 4, 8 or 16 analog inputs for up to a total of 48 total inputs. Each of these inputs can be programmed to call any combination of phone numbers from a list of 16 numbers . Each of these inputs has its own user-recorded message . Programming is performed at the unit front panel keypad, microphone & speaker, or by any touch tone telephone from anywhere. Remote control function enables you to turn equipment on or off from any location with a touch tone phone. Also, if you want all this to be reported and controlled from a central system, you can utilize RTU functionality at anytime. Other features are also available. This product is the most versatile, reliable unit to fit many different applications. The durability is backed up with a 5 year warranty.
  • The Catalyst is Raco’s newest product. The first integrated, interactive, data logging and alarm notification system . It is focused on the network systems and designed to handle the broad spectrum of functions to be communicated in a variety of formats to an number of destinations. Supplied with Alarmware software, it is a powerful product for integrators, service operations, and other customer organizations with the need to efficiently program this product. It has a five year warranty It is a product system and is a true leap forward in design.
  • The Catalyst has all the normal functions of a standard Autodialer plus onboard data & event logging in separate files. It can log this information on any or all of up to 256 designated points on a network. By dialing the unit’s phone number with a computer, you can access any point for real-time value and change any programming from wherever you are. It can direct information as specified to any of 96 destinations for voice messaging or data. This includes telephones, cell phones, pagers, fax machines or computers . This product uses Modbus RTU master protocol to interface with any PLC or device with a Modbus slave interface. It also uses Raco’s Alarmware software for programming and to perform field upgrades. Alarmware also allows integrators or OEMs to copy programming from one system to another, saving setup time for repeat systems. The durability is backed up with a 5 year warranty.
  • The Verbatim Gateway performs autodialing functions just like a Verbatim but adds network communications from PLC systems for inputs. This was the first unit to have this functionality. It is a known product to integrators and engineers. This product saves a lot of wiring when the inputs are already wired to a PLC. It also has been frequently used to backup HMI/SCADA systems for when the PC is unattended.
  • The Verbatim Gateway has expandable physical inputs like the Verbatim as well as remote channel inputs. The product can be supplied with 32, 64, or 96 remote channel input via Modbus, Modbus plus or Rockwell DF-1 and DH485 protocols. These remote inputs can be any combination of analog or discrete addresses. The gateway has two communication ports so that it can interface with two different networks systems. This allows for different protocols for each network. Programming can be done locally using front panel keypad, or remotely using any touch tone telephone . Each of these inputs has its own user recorded message. The durability is backed up with a 5 year warranty.
  • AlarmAgent.com is an innovative approach to equipment monitoring — providing the user with full access to data from their computer, or any other Web-enabled device. This means that data is always close at and, and can be accessed easily and quickly — even on the go. The information is stored on a secure Web site, and backed up through redundant systems in separate geographic locations, providing security and dependability.
  • The AlarmAgent.com system provides features specifically designed to streamline the monitoring and notification process. •  An easy-to-use Web site portal puts all of AlarmAgent.com’s functionality right at your fingertips. • Choose among several notification methods, and ensure that alarms get answered by adding unlimited names to your call list.
  • Raco has set up several web addresses to make information easily accessible and available. Raco representatives are ready and anxious to address the remote monitoring and data logging requirements of its customers and prospects.
  • RACO Product Line Presentation

    1. 2. Welcome to the RACO Product Overview! During the following presentation you will learn about RACO’s remote monitoring and data logging solutions. The presentation addresses everything from application types to RACO’s product line to product capabilities.
    2. 3. For more than 50 years, RACO products have met and exceeded remote monitoring and data logging needs in a wide variety of industries including: oil and gas, electric utility, railroad, water and waste, agricultural, HVAC and refrigeration, building management, chemical, pulp and paper, and security. RACO products provide monitoring and reporting functions for unattended equipment in a broad range of applications from temperature monitoring to pipeline reading.
    3. 4. Use the following chart as a guide to help you identify a “best fit” solution for your application. The chart tells you the types of applications each product is capable of supporting. Click on the application type of your choice to review a comparison chart for each of the application’s supporting products. Alarm Autodialing/Notification SCADA/RTU Data Logging PLC Annunciation Process Control Chatterbox Guard-It Verbatim Catalyst VerbatimGateway Applications Supported Alarm Agent.com Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes No No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
    4. 5. Alarm monitoring and notification are the core of RACO’s product line. Customer-supplied sensors are attached to the inputs of the RACO Automatic Dialing Alarm Monitor (ADAM). When an alarm condition is detected at one or more sensors, the system automatically begins calling a list of telephone numbers and delivers a verbal notification of the location and nature of the alarm. The system will continue to place phone calls until authorized personnel acknowledge the alarm condition. For additional convenience, any system may be called and interrogated remotely by telephone by authorized users.
    5. 6. Application Features Guard-It Cataly st VerbatimGateway Verbatim Chatterbo x Part 2 of chart | Part 3 of chart Part 1 Alarm Autodialing/ Notification Alarm Agent.com Remote Channel Destination Types Program- ming Availability (Local/ Remote) Physical Inputs Control Outputs # of Destination Locations No 56, up to 256 channels (optional) 32, up to 96 channels (optional) Yes, up to 96 channels No No Land line phone, cellular phone, numeric pager, voice mail system Land line phone, cellular phone, alpha-numeric pager, computer, fax, voice mail system, E-mail Land line phone, cellular phone, numeric pager, voice mail system Land line phone, cellular phone, numeric pager, computer, voice mail system, Responder and Verbatim Land line phone, cellular phone, numeric pager, voice mail system Land line phone, cellular phone, alphanumeric pager, E-mail, simple message service, AlarmAgent.com web portal Local Local and remote Local and remote Local and remote Local and remote Local and remote No, 1 local alarm relay 4 or 8 optional, 1 local alarm relay 4 or 8 optional, 1 local alarm relay No, 1 local alarm relay Any remote channel can be an output 2 digital output 96 8 16 16 8 999 4 universal 4 universal 4 digital, expandable to 32. Up to 16 analog (optional) 4 digital, expandable to 8. 1 analog (optional) 8 digital, 2 analog 4 digital, expandable to 32. Up to 16 analog (optional)
    6. 7. Part 1 of chart | Part 3 of chart Application Features Part 2 Alarm Autodialing/ Notification Guard-It Cataly st VerbatimGateway Verbatim Chatterbo x Alarm Agent.com Battery Backup (# of hours) Report Function- ality Phone #s Autodialing Voice Alarm Messages Record- able Voice Message Non-Volatile Memory 20 hours (optional) 10 hours 13 hours 20 hours 6 hours 24 hours Reports alarm conditions via digitally recorded voice messages Reports alarm conditions via digitally recorded voice messages, a central computer, or fax, alphanumeric pager, E-mail Reports alarm conditions via digitally recorded voice messages Reports alarm conditions via digitally recorded voice messages and a central computer Reports alarm conditions via synthesized voice messages Reports alarm conditions via text to speech, alphanumeric pager, simple message service, E-mail, AlarmAgent.com web portal 8 program- mable, 60 digits each 96 program- mable, 255 digits each 16 program- mable, 60 digits each 16 program- mable, 60 digits each 8 program- mable, 16 digits each 999 program- mable, 255 digits each Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes, via text to speech Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    7. 8. Part 1 of chart | Part 2 of chart Application Features Downloadable pdf of entire Alarm Autodialing Notification chart Part 3 Alarm Autodialing/ Notification Guard-It Cataly st VerbatimGateway Verbatim Chatterbo x Alarm Agent.com UL Approval Environ- mental Power Failure Monitoring Software Program- mable Complies with UL Standards: 1459, 1950 Complies with UL Standards: 1459, 1950 Complies with UL Standards: 1459, 1950 Complies with UL Standards: 1459, 1950 Complies with UL Standards: 1459, 1950 None Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes (standard) No Yes (optional) No Yes Temp: 20 to 130 degree F. Humidity: 0 - 95% non-condensing Temp: 20 to 130 degree F. Humidity: 0 - 95% non-condensing Temp: 20 to 130 degree F. Humidity: 0 - 95% non-condensing Temp: 20 to 130 degree F. Humidity: 0 - 95% non-condensing Temp: 20 to 130 degree F. Humidity: 0 - 95% non-condensing Temp: -30 to +150 degree F. Humidity: 0 - 95% non-condensing
    8. 9. The RACO systems on the following chart have, in addition to their alarm notification functions, the ability to communicate with RACO engineered SCADA/MMI software systems. RACO’s DOS SCADA system is field-proven and has been in use since 1989. This program can be used over the dialup telephone network to interrogate and program Verbatim RTUs, log alarm events for later analysis, and poll selected Verbatim RTUs for data collection. RACO plans to release a Windows-based version of the SCADA software in the future.
    9. 10. Application Features Catalyst Verbatim SCADA/RTU Downloadable pdf of entire SCADA/RTU chart AlarmAgent.com Internal Modem Remote Channel SCADA Software Interface Software Program- mable Maximum # of RTUs in System Yes Yes, 256 channels Alarmware Yes (optional) No DOS SCADA Yes, Alarmware Yes, DOS SCADA 256 Alarmware - unlimited Yes No AlarmAgent.com web portal Yes, AlarmAgent.com web portal Unlimited
    10. 11. The RACO systems on the following chart have, in addition to their alarm notification functions, the ability to log events to a variety of external devices. The Catalyst has the ability to perform data logging, which involves sampling designated input values and conditions on a scheduled interval. This data can be sent in preformatted reports to a fax machine, E-mail, a computer running third party communications programs, or to RACO’s Alarmware software. AlarmAgent.com retains all information transmitted by each RTU for a period of 3 months. Data includes alarm events, start-up/shut down, historical run time and other designated information. This data is sent to AlarmAgent.com.
    11. 12. Downloadable pdf of entire Data Logging chart Application Features Catalyst VerbatimGateway Verbatim Data Logging Alarm Agent.com Remote Channel Physical Inputs Event Logging Data Logging Time/Date Stamped Software Interface Remote Data Collection 32 digital input, 16 analog input 4 universal 32 digital input, 16 analog input 8 digital input, 2 analog input Yes, up to 96 Yes, up to 256 Yes, up to 96 No Yes, via printer Yes, via printer or software interface Yes, via printer Yes, via AlarmAgent.com web portal None Yes, 740,000 samples None Yes, up to 40 samples per day Yes Yes Yes Yes None Yes None Yes None Alarmware, OPS 32, XL Reporter None Yes, AlarmAgent.com analytical interface included
    12. 13. In addition to their alarm notification functions, the RACO systems on the following chart have the ability to monitor and annunciate alarms and statuses stored within the PLC or PLC-type device memory. Through a serial connection, these products use standard industrial protocols to communicate with the attached devices. Using standard protocol addressing they are able to read and write to any available address in the attached device. Voice messages can be recorded in the RACO system for each monitored address and are played back over the user’s local PA system or telephone to ensure clarity in emergency situations.
    13. 14. Downloadable pdf of entire PLC Annunciation chart Application Features Catalyst VerbatimGateway Verbatim PLC Annunciation Direct Connection to Industrial Network Remote Channel Audio Output to Public Address System Allow Remote Read/Write to PLC Addresses Software Programm- able Yes, up to 96 channels Yes, up to 256 channels Yes, up to 96 channels Yes, MODBUS master - RTU Protocol only Yes, MODBUS master - RTU Protocol only Yes, MODBUS master RTU protocol, MODBUS Plus, Rockwell Automation, DF1 and DH485 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
    14. 15. The RACO systems on the following chart have, in addition to their alarm notification functions, the ability to automatically activate a slave relay during an alarm event. The more advanced systems can activate this same slave relay or provide momentary or latching control choices. These optional relay operations can be controlled using the keypad on the front of the system, using a telephone handset over the telephone system after entering a PIN, or by computer using a RACO software solution.
    15. 16. Downloadable pdf of entire Process Control chart Application Features Catalyst VerbatimGateway Verbatim Process Control AlarmAgent.com Local Alarm Relay Output Remote Digital Output/Analog Output Physical - Local or Remote Control Software - Local or Remote Control Yes, up to 8 physical digital output. Up to 96 remote channel digital output/analog output Yes, up to 256 remote channel digital output/analog output Yes, up to 8 physical digital output. Up to 96 remote channel digital output/analog output Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Remote only Yes No Yes, up to 2 physical digital output No No Yes
    16. 17. RACO offers a complete line of high quality, reliable remote communications systems, annunciators, and RTUs for alarm autodialing, remote monitoring, reporting, and control.
    17. 18. RACO’s Chatterbox keeps you in touch with your distant facility as easily as picking up a telephone. The Chatterbox was introduced in 1985 as our original Automatic Dialing and Remote Monitoring System. The Chatterbox helped RACO become the pioneer in solid state, synthesized voice autodialing. It is now in its fourth generation, and thousands are in use at water and wastewater plants across the nation. Product Overview
    18. 19. System Features <ul><li>Furnished with 4 contact channels, expandable up to 8 contact channels </li></ul><ul><li>Automatically calls up to 8 phone numbers upon receipt of an alarm condition </li></ul><ul><li>Alarm conditions reported via synthesized voice messages </li></ul><ul><li>Options allow monitoring of a single analog input, with user-programmable high and low set points </li></ul>
    19. 20. The RACO Guard-It is a low cost autodialer with flexible features for dependable alarm autodialing and remote monitoring. This system is ideal for bundling with OEM packaged systems requiring remote monitoring and alarm reporting. Product Overview
    20. 21. System Features <ul><li>Monitors up to 4 universal (analog or digital) input channels </li></ul><ul><li>Can call 8 preprogrammed phone numbers over a standard telephone line to provide alarm information in the form of a digitally recorded voice message </li></ul><ul><li>Calls any standard phone, pager, cellular phone or voice mail </li></ul><ul><li>User can call for a status report from any remote phone </li></ul><ul><li>Field programmable by the user at the system’s control panel via a standard touch tone phone handset </li></ul>
    21. 22. The RACO Verbatim is the most technologically advanced Alarm Autodialing and Remote Monitoring System available, offering operational and programming features unavailable in any other system. It’s an all-in-one system with autodialer alarm, remote monitoring, supervisory control, SCADA, and a PLC network interface. RACO Verbatim Systems can be arranged in a variety of ways to meet specific monitoring, reporting, and control requirements in large and small networks. Product Overview
    22. 23. System Features <ul><li>Furnished with 4 contact channels, modularly expandable to 32 contact channels and up to 16 analog channels </li></ul><ul><li>Can be programmed to automatically dial up to 16 different phone numbers, each up to 60 digits long </li></ul><ul><li>User digitally records speech messages </li></ul><ul><li>Can be programmed easily from a control panel, touch tone phone or standard telephone line; also remotely programmable via any touch tone phone over a standard telephone line </li></ul><ul><li>Provides the operator with the ability to turn equipment on or off from any phone, anywhere </li></ul><ul><li>Can function as an RTU </li></ul>
    23. 24. “ This new system represents a leap forward in the design of a monitoring and reporting system that offers economy, together with flexibility, reliability, and uncomplicated functionality.” – James Brown (VP of Marketing, RACO) The Catalyst is the first integrated, interactive data logging and alarm notification system in our line of reliable, remote communication systems. It’s designed to handle a broad spectrum of remote monitoring, reporting, and control applications ranging from a single RTU to a multi-station network. Product Overview
    24. 25. System Features <ul><li>Data and event logging, alarm notification, and status checking from a single package solution </li></ul><ul><li>Monitors up to 256 points from pumps to PLCs for extensive data and event logging information </li></ul><ul><li>Real-time 2-way communication using phone, fax, cell phone, pager or E-mail </li></ul><ul><li>Communication to as many as 96 user destinations, including a central computer </li></ul><ul><li>Interfaces with any PLC or with any other device using Modicon's Modbus protocol software, programmable and upgradeable from remote locations using RACO's free Alarmware configuration software </li></ul>
    25. 26. The Verbatim Gateway doubles as an alarm autodialer and a PLC interface. As an autodialer, the Verbatim Gateway incorporates all of the advanced features of the Verbatim System. As a PLC interface, it serves as a remote MMI for Allen-Bradley and Modicon compatible PLC networks. This system offers a cost-effective way to add alarm autodialing to a PLC-based MMI/SCADA system. Product Overview
    26. 27. System Features <ul><li>Has all of the inputs and outputs of a Verbatim system plus up to 96 external PLC registers for PLC monitoring </li></ul><ul><li>Like the Verbatim, the Verbatim Gateway: -  Is furnished with 4 contact channels, modularly        expandable to 32 contact channels and up to 16        analog channels -  Can be programmed to automatically dial up to 16  different phone numbers, each up to 60 digits long -  Allows the user to digitally record speech messages </li></ul><ul><li>Allows user to check PLC network status, modify alarm criteria and monitoring points, and alter process variables at any time from a computer or touch-tone phone </li></ul>
    27. 28. AlarmAgent.com allows users to collect, access and easily view data from their monitored equipment, from any Internet-connected appliance via a secure central Web site. All hardware and interface software has been internally designed and developed by RACO engineers to be used exclusively for AlarmAgent.com “ The addition of this wireless service allows RACO to provide our customers with the exact solution their remote communication situation requires, while maintaining the level of customer support and service they have come to expect from RACO.” – James Brown (VP of Marketing, RACO) Product Overview
    28. 29. System Features <ul><li>Alarm notification, event logging and RTU status checking from a secure, central web portal </li></ul><ul><li>Quick, easy system overview, configuration and programming from AlarmAgent.com portal </li></ul><ul><li>Alarm notification by telephone, E-mail, simple message service (SMS) and alphanumeric pager </li></ul><ul><li>Online pump station efficiency monitoring and reporting showing tabulated and graphical data </li></ul><ul><li>RTU offers 2 analog / 8 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs </li></ul><ul><li>Infinite number of names available on call list </li></ul>
    29. 30. The following are a list of references should you have questions regarding RACO or RACO products: <ul><li>RACO's Support Center, a place where you can find the answers you need quickly and easily, at racoman .com/support </li></ul><ul><li>If you would like a RACO literature package sent to you, fill out the form at racoman .com/information </li></ul><ul><li>O r simply contact us at: 1400-62nd Street, Emeryville, CA 94608 </li></ul>Phone: (510) 658-6713 Fax: (510) 658-3153 www.racoman.com