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Slide deck from 2/10 event.

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ATS Content Rules Deck [compatibility mode][1]

  1. 1. Content Strategies: Using the rightbait to hook your users» Presented by: » Becki Dilworth Vice President of Digital Strategy Bridgeline Digital » Ann Handley Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs Co-Author, Content Rules» Part 1: Making content a part of your online strategy» Part 2: Tactics to make your content rule» Q&A
  2. 2. About American Technology Services Established 1994 Comprehensive range of IT services Web Site Design & Development o Design - look and feel, structure o Development – CMS implementation, backend system integration, other functionality o Hosting/Management IT Support Services Focus on providing solutions that address business needs 2
  3. 3. iAPPS Product Suite» CODiE Award Winning Web Engagement and Content Marketing Management PlatformIntegrated Platform
  4. 4. PART 1Making content a partof your online strategy
  5. 5. Catching Your Users The Bait: Creating content that attracts your users AND the search engines.
  6. 6. Catching Your Users The Bait: The Hook: Creating How to use content that content to attracts your engage your users AND users once the search they’ve engines. arrived.
  7. 7. Catching Your Users The Bait: The Hook: The Catch: Creating How to use Using the content that content to right tools to attracts your engage your ultimately users AND users once drive your the search they’ve users to your engines. arrived. success metrics.
  8. 8. The Bait The Bait
  9. 9. The BaitYour Target AudienceMake sure you know WHO you want to attract and WHY Persona Who are they? What is their pain? How do you serve them? Would fish everyday Avid fisherman – Show him the latest if he could – but has a heads out at least and greatest – and hard time justifying once a month – has give him tools to continued time and all the gear, reads all create wishlists for the books. expenses to the wife. the wife. Family fisher – Heads Just wants to keep Show him your child- the kids happy. The fishing a couple of sized poles, and offer times each summer, easier the better up books and when it comes to on camping trips with activities to keep the the kids. these stressful trips. kids busy. Cooler fisher – Looking to relax with Books on fishing hot his buddies – but Considers beer as spots, the best bait necessary gear when would love to show for those spots and them a thing or two fishing - heads to the tips for reeling in the lake a few times each about fishing. fish. summer.
  10. 10. The BaitWhat Bait is Best» Analyze your options» See where your audience is SEO Email» Understand how to speak to your audience using that bait Social PPC Offline PR
  11. 11. The BaitSample Bait: SEO The BaitUnderstanding how your audience searches for your products/services
  12. 12. The BaitAttracting Your AudienceMaking sure your audience AND the engines visit you Relevant title – Clearly something that will give me the information I need. Clear, enticing description – Where the fish are biting? Exactly what I’m looking for. Trusted URL – Didn’t know they did fishing reports, but I’ll bite.
  13. 13. The BaitAnatomy Of The BaitCreating the bait that attracts users AND engines Title Tag: Write friendly, digestible headlines using the keywords your audience does. A string of keywords may not suffice – engines need to understand AND users need to click. Meta Description: Front load your keywords – people read the first few words – make sure they interact well with each other. URLs: This example is less than ideal – get your target terms toward the front and make the URL easy to read. Your URL is where you can convey your brand – and trust.
  14. 14. The Hook The Hook The Bait: The Catch: Creating content Using the right that attracts your tools to users AND the ultimately drive search engines. your users to your success metrics.
  15. 15. The HookThe Hard Part: Keeping Them ThereWriting engaging content that is meaningful to your audience » People read differently online » Short, concise, to the point » Call out terms that matter – use those ‘bait’ phrases » Use bullets, emphasize words with <strong> and <em> » What information are they really looking for » How can you address their pain » Avoid ‘forcing the sell’ – you’ll lose them as you reel them in » Leverage related content, with in line links
  16. 16. The HookWrite For Your ONLINE AudiencePeople read differently online – copying and pasting won’t cut it Fishing with Kids: A Guide Guidelines in Getting Kids Started Fishing Recommended Fishing Supplies For youngsters, an hour or two fishing provides quite a • Spincast Reel thrill. And you neednt be a fishing expert to teach a child to • Lightweight fishing rod fish. Simply follow these fishing guidelines: • Bobbers – 1-1/2” diameter • Sinkers – ½-oz. size Begin with spincast equipment. Spincast reels are easy to • Hooks – Sizes 6 to 10 use and are generally trouble free. choose a fishing rod that • Bait is lightweight and flexible, yet rugged enough to survive hard use. A beginners rod should bend freely when shaken. Fishing Rods and Line Select a premium grade fishing line. Beginning fishermen, Fishing rods for kids should be lightweight and flexible – but especially kids, seem to catch the largest fish in the lake. rugged enough to survive hard use. Make sure the rod bends usually its something nearly impossible to unhook, like a 50- freely when shaken. pound catfish. A clear, flexible line, rated to break between 8 and 12 lbs., performs admirably. A 275-yard spool is Select a premium grade fishing line – a clear flexible line plenty. rated to break between 8 and 12 lbs. are best for young fishermen. A 275-yard spool is plenty. Other items youll need to complete a fish-catching system include bobbers (1-1/2" diameter), a few sinkers (1/2-oz. size), a package or two of hooks (sizes 6 to 10), some bait and a few cooperative fish.
  17. 17. The HookPersuasive ContentLeveraging integrated analytics to deliver relevant content What we know: Fishing report: Knoxville, TN Shrek Fishing The user entered from Pole October 30, 2010 Durable and natural search, looking light weight, for “kids fishing pole” perfect for beginning fishermen Where they are: The user visited a page A Kid’s Guide to Fly Tying about fishing reports. Step-by-step guide to teach kids how to tie What can we do flies. now: Offer relevant content based on that segment. Kids fishing poles, links and tips for taking kids fishing. Top times to fish: 9 a.m., 2:30pm, 6 p.m. Local Lakes: Norris, Cherokee, Dale Hollow, Relevance = Douglas, Watts Bar, Center Hill, Kentucky, Persuasive. Pickwick, Watauga.
  18. 18. The Catch The Catch: Using the right tools to ultimately drive your users to your success metrics.
  19. 19. The CatchUnderstanding What You Really Want From Your User » The first question to ask in any online effort – what do you want from your user? » Loyalty/Impressions: Come back to this site for fishing information » Money: Buy a fishing pole from us » Information: Give me your e-mail address so I can continue to market to you » Representation: Tell your friends about the products/information we provide Now that you know what you want, ask your USERS how to get it
  20. 20. The Catch » The UCD (User Centered Design) Process » User Interviews » What kinds of things could a site offer you that you would be willing to provide your e-mail address for? » What kinds of content would prompt you to return to this site frequently? » What are you looking for when making a purchase? » Structure Your Content To Match What Your Users Want » Loyalty: Unique, useful information » Money: Feature products that fit specific needs / budgets » Information: Carrots to prompt user to give information (downloads, updates)
  21. 21. Summary: Reeling Them In » Figure Out What You Want To Catch » Define success metrics up front » Use UCD process to establish content and functional priorities » Make Sure You Have a Good Hook » Content is the key to Web Engagement – don’t just copy and paste » Leverage Persuasive Content tactics » Use The Right Bait » Understand your audience segments » Research how your audience searches for your products/services
  22. 22. PART 2 Tactics to makeyour content rule
  23. 23. Ann Handley• Author, Content Rules• Chief Content Officer,•• Twitter: @marketingprofs
  24. 24. NOT Tina Fey!
  25. 25. Today’s Agenda• It’s true: Your brand is a publisher.• What’s happening now. (Charts! Numbers!)• How can your brand’s content…well, RULE?* BONUS: Free parting gifts!
  26. 26. But first, a story…
  27. 27. “Hey Ann, buy this one!” – Kodak
  28. 28. Which mower is right for you…?
  29. 29. Which grapple skidder…?
  30. 30. The Rules HAVE Changed… Prior to the web, organizations had only two significant choices to attract attention: buy expensive advertising or get third-party ink from the media. But the web has changed the rules.” - David Meerman Scott
  31. 31. Shifting Expectations, Behavior… Your clients are looking for you.
  32. 32. You are a publisher!Now, YOU are thepublisher. As brands, we become media.” – Brian Solis, Engage (Wiley, 2010)
  33. 33. Wait a Sec… I’m a Publisher!?
  34. 34. Kind of like having a baby
  35. 35. …and bearing responsibilityfor them, forever and ever… no matter what.
  36. 36. In other words,it’s worth it.
  37. 37. What Is Content?Merriam-Webster:“Content (noun): Anything created and uploaded to the web; i.e.: the pages of your site; the things you create as marketing (blog posts, videos, photos, whitepapers, podcasts); anything published at outposts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn group page.”
  38. 38. Content Is...“Anything an individual or organization creates and shares to tell their story.” 41
  39. 39. No Expiration Date
  40. 40. “The one who hasthe more engagingcontent wins,” -- Joe Pulizzi (Get Content, Get Customers)
  41. 41. Good Contentis The Soul ofWho You Are
  42. 42. What Engaging ContentWill Do
  43. 43. More visitors…
  44. 44. More links…
  45. 45. More indexed pages…
  46. 46. The State of ContentThe problem: I Don’t know what to say….(Or how to say it.)
  47. 47. The State of ContentThe problem: I Don’t know what to say….(Or how to say it.) It’s often difficult to find topics that have not already saturated the market.”
  48. 48. The State of ContentThe problem: I Don’t know what to say….(Or how to say it.) It’s often difficult to find topics that have not already saturated the market.” “Our biggest challenge is finding things for our potential clients to get excited about.
  49. 49. The State of ContentContentmarketing… … is like sex in high school: Everyone claims they are doing it, but few are doing it well.
  50. 50. So how can your Content Rule?
  51. 51. American ExpressContent as opportunity: Be a resource.
  52. 52. Focus on Helping your reader.
  53. 53. Sharing not shilling.(Lighten up on the promotion.)
  54. 54. Roberts & Durkee law firm
  55. 55. Content before contact.
  56. 56. As opposed to…
  57. 57. Wisconsin Milk Marketing BoardHow does your product live in the world?
  58. 58. Or like this?
  59. 59. Or this? (Use video.)
  60. 60. VitalityTell the stories of your customers.
  61. 61. This means you, too, B2B.
  62. 62. Lose the Frankenspeak, Buzzwordsand Words that Make You SoundLike a Tool...“Impactful” “Learnings” “Synergistic” “Revolutionary” “Proactive” “Drill down” “Incentivizing” Any word that ends in “-ize”“Open the kimono at the end of the day while you are peeling back an onion…”
  63. 63. Have a broader mission.
  64. 64. There’s valuein perspectives,expertsfrom outside yourown company.
  65. 65. …and also within.
  66. 66. Is your stuff compelling tohumans…? Run your web site like a magazine.
  67. 67. Daxko
  68. 68. “Daxko Nation comes to life through our blog (a.k.a. The most intriguing company blog in the Western Hemisphere!)”
  69. 69. Who are these people?Real people with real blog “beats.”
  70. 70. OpenView LabsReimagine what you create into other forms.
  71. 71. Can you create 5 things out of 1 thing? YES!
  72. 72. KinaxisHow about 10 things out of 1 thing?
  73. 73. HubspotCreate triggers to action.
  74. 74. Targeted, specific offer follows each post.
  75. 75. Further the conversation.
  76. 76. Modern ArchitectsCreate momentum: Early stage prospects.
  77. 77. AdmetOther triggers: Warmer prospects.
  78. 78. Blue Sky FactoryBig opportunity for B2B. (Huge.)
  79. 79. Agilent
  80. 80. P&GCreate a campfire.
  81. 81. What do they care about?
  82. 82. Lisa JohnsonFitnessUpdate regularly,with both kindlingand logs.
  83. 83. MarketoWings to soar ( & social validation.)
  84. 84. Moreoptions.
  85. 85. Exact TargetCreate socialobjects.
  86. 86. Growstrongroots.
  87. 87. 2 finalthings
  88. 88. Gary VaynerchukDo at least ONE thing… really, really well.
  89. 89. Have fun
  90. 90. “If you are consuming old media, you are consuming it on your couch.“If you are consuming new media, you are consuming it on your horse.” – Arianna Huffington
  91. 91. What now?Download free stuff:• 12-Point Content Rules Checklist• Content Rules blog post template• chapter:
  92. 92. Thank YouAnn Handleyann@marketingprofs.comTwitter: